Official list of changes (PHB 4th) ?

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gideon_thorne wrote:
See, with or without the new spells, in my campaign illusionists could conceivably convince others that they were clerics and heal them.

Rangers and barbarians could hunt, track, perform leatherworking and tanning on animals.

Classes, depending on their primes can have all sorts of background skills. This is worked out by the player deciding what the emphasis on their class is, with a good backstory.

So we can have fighters who are siege engineers, wizards who understand construction, rogues who are more tomb raider than thief, the list goes on.

And yet, none of this is codified into any sort of official rule.

Amen to that, Peter.

The longer I'm at this gamin' business, the less I want rules to codify that crap for me.

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