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Starting a new Mystara mini-campaign

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:34 pm
by mostrojoe
After 13 years I am ready to DMing again. I am very rusted so hope it will be fine.
While I have some Ahirde products, I have a great collection of Mystara material, the only official D&D World I ever played in. No Forgotten (never find it interesting), no Ravenloft (never had occasions) and absolutely no Eberron. So I proposed the players the very first so iconic D&D setting of Mystara.

While I was tempted by the classic 80s modules, I choose to use modules I never played. I am starting with the early 90s "Eye of Traldar".
I Did the conversions of the pre-made characters proposed in the module, so I gave the Elf a multi-class fighter/wizard approach.
That means that if the elf wants to cast spells he has to get rid of the chainmail obviously.

Any other suggestions?