Abilities into PHB tables

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Abilities into PHB tables

Post by capmarvel »

As an experiment, I've tried adding an Abilities column to the Class tables in the PHB. I like this better as you can see the Abilities they get at each level instead of having to read all the text above the table.

Can someone tell me if that has been done before and if so where? Thanks!

Here is my quick example I did earlier today:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W8ZXOl ... sp=sharing

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Re: Abilities into PHB tables

Post by Grandpa »

VERY nice and exactly how I envisioned it when you mentioned it.

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Re: Abilities into PHB tables

Post by Fizz »

Hrmmm.... i don't know... looks a little bit 3E'ish to me... ;)

I don't know of anyone else who has done this. I can see it being useful, particularly as a quick reference table. So go for it.


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Re: Abilities into PHB tables

Post by serleran »

I believe a similar thing was done for the original C&C character sheets (the ones that were per class/Prime) but I have not looked in quite some time.

Even if it was, your effort is not diminished. It is helpful to have an "at a glance" sort of thing, if you want to plan ahead or even to just make "advanced characters" (those starting at a level above 1.)

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Re: Abilities into PHB tables

Post by Kayolan »

Sadly, the image is no longer available.

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Re: Abilities into PHB tables

Post by Raudie »

I like the idea.

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