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Aufstrag-3.jpg (923.43 KiB) Viewed 2068 times
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by DMSamuel »


I think that just became my new background. It has replaced Dogs playing D&D, which is quite a feat!
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by mgtremaine »

zoinks... I think I failed my morale check. Let's turn back.

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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Lurker »


Coooooooolllllllll !
mgtremaine wrote:zoinks... I think I failed my morale check. Let's turn back.
Rgr that!
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Go0gleplex »

*looks up...and up...and up...*

Yeah. I think I'm going home now.
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Rhuvein »


If I were a 20th level fighter, I would turn back and go home to catch prairie dogs! :o
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Re: Aufstrag

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Wow. I guess that's what a "megadungeon" looks like.

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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Omote »

Ridiculous. And awesome!

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Re: Aufstrag

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Something just moved in my pants.
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Rigon »

That is all kinds of badass.

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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Arduin »

Isn't that the past stronghold of a god? I think I'll go eleswhere
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Relaxo »

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Re: Aufstrag

Post by serleran »

Nice real estate.

It even has a swimming pool.


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Re: Aufstrag

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That is amazing! I can't wait to see the inside when you guys start releasing the levels!!

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Re: Aufstrag

Post by gabriellyon »

Now that is amazing.....
So when is the Aufstrag kickstarter? Want to make sure I don't miss it.

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Re: Aufstrag

Post by Fiffergrund »

Kick. ass.
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Re: Aufstrag

Post by alcyone »

Mr. Walton is to be congratulated. That's a powerful piece of RPG art.
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