Looking for a big dungeon :)

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Looking for a big dungeon :)

Post by Shadowslayer »

Hello all. Been away from gaming for a little while, and am just starting up again for my kids. One thing I've noticed is that I don't have the time to create this stuff the way I used to, so I'm looking for some help. Basically, I'm looking for a big dungeon where I can just borrow little sections out of from time to time. I guess the only catch is that I'm looking for one that has lots of obstacles, traps, challenges etc, in addition to combat.

I've heard about the Worlds Biggest Dungeon, Rappan Athuk and a few others, but would like to know what comes recommended for those who like dungeon crawling. I have a few old modules...but most of them are: room 1 - fight. Room 2 - fight. Room 3 - fight. I and I'm just looking for something that has a little more than just that. (Don't care about level - I can scale pretty much anything.)

Any suggestions?

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Re: Looking for a big dungeon :)

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Rappan Athuk is fantastic in its latest iteration. Grab the S&W version instead of the Pathfinder for easier conversion to OSR games.

Take a look at Stonehell Dungeon. It is designed in a sort of plug and play format so that you can replace quadrants of the dungeon with your own material or take quadrants of the dungeon and plug them into your own dungeon. I haven't reviewed it thoroughly, so I can't say how well it does with presenting non-combat challenges.

I love Anomalous Subsurface Environment, but it is quite gonzo, so yanking elements from it might not be ideal for someone with different (i.e., wrong ;)) tastes.
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