What have you added to your C&C?

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Re: What have you added to your C&C?

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Natural 20 does max damage, the player then rolls again and if successful, hit again for damages. If more 20's are rolled, then the process continues. we once had three 20's hit in a roll which chopped down a powerful undead. It seemed to help speed up combat and throw a added sense of danger into the battles. It gave the fighter types a little more ummmph in those big battles.
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Re: What have you added to your C&C?

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My house rules have been floating around for a while... getting revised and expanded over time. Basically they're a mish-mosh of C&C, AD&D and 3rd edition with a heavy emphasis on making C&C more compatible with AD&D.
One of the big changes I've made from C&C is removing primes. It's actually very simple to do: set the Challenge Base at 15 for all attribute checks and give humans a +1 to all attribute checks.
Lately I've posted my rough version of the DMG... which combines elements from the DMG with those from Unearthed Arcana.
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Re: What have you added to your C&C?

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Hmm. . .I seem to constantly tweak the game but here is where I am now:

*Character creation is either 3d6 rolled 8 times and dropping the lowest 2 or 4d6 rolled six times dropping the lowest die. In either case I allow the stats to be adjusted on a 1:1 scale but no score can be below 9 if this is done. I have fooled with rolling 18d6 and allowing the points to be distributed as the player sees fit but that hasn't caught on.

*Ability bonuses follow the D20/Pathfinder style of bonuses.

*Class skills have been tweaked a bit. Hide and Move Silent has become a single Stealth ability. The ranger now has herbalism/heal instead of Delay Poison.

*Saves have been changed to the D&DNext idea of them.

*I have added a Perception score based of Wisdom. Rogues and Assasins gain +2 to Perception at the top and it gains a +1 bonus per 3 levels for all classes. All races that get listen or search bonuses gain that bonus to Perception.

* I have gutted and rebuilt the SIEGE mechanic to something I like better.

* All starting hit points are the character's Constitution score.

* Added in a spell point system.

* XP Has been changed to mimic OD&D's 100xp per Hit Die rule but has been adjusted for the different types of HD.

* Spells are scaled by AD&D's 1-9 for Arcane and 1-7 for Divine. However you are limited by ability scores on what level you can cast and special quests must be taken for above level 6 spells.

* Fighters gain limited Feat options.

[Edit to add]

*Removed Half-Orcs as a race but converted in: Goliath, Aasimar and Tiefling. I am experimenting with an Eladrin race as well.
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