Of Gods & Monsters question:

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Of Gods & Monsters question:

Post by mediapig »

I am planning an "Arabian Adventures / rince of Persia" sort of campaign world, and I was wondering if "Of God's & Monsters" features any pantheons that would be useful in such a setting... Ancient Persian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Sumerian, etc...

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Re: Of Gods & Monsters question:

Post by AGNKim »

Airhde, American Indian, Aztec, Celtic, Dwarf, Egyptian, Elf, Gnome, Greek, Halfling, Humanoids, India, Japanese, Norse, Roman

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Re: Of Gods & Monsters question:

Post by dutch206 »

So, the short answer is: yes.
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Re: Of Gods & Monsters question:

Post by redwullf »

dutch206 wrote:So, the short answer is: yes.
Didn't the original TSR Deities & Demigods have a Babylonian pantheon? That'd be perfect for this. ;)
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Re: Of Gods & Monsters question:

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Babalonia and i think Summarian.
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