Race bonus on stat score or stat bonus ?

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Race bonus on stat score or stat bonus ?

Post by Onirim »

I'm not sure of the application of race stat bonus for C&C.
The stat bonus (like -1 const, +1 dex) is applied to stat score (the 3-18 score), or on the stat bonus ? (the -4 - +3 bonus).

I think an exemple of character creation will be usefull in the core rulebook :)

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Re: Race bonus on stat score or stat bonus ?

Post by serleran »

The intent is to add to the rolled attribute score, not the modifier. An elf with a 17 Dexterity still has a Dexterity of 17 and is just as "awesome" as anyone else with the same Dexterity... however, the elf is more likely (slightly) to have that 17 than someone else.

Other methods exist such as applying the racial bonus/penalty to the attribute modifier. I would not do that for a variety of reasons.

Some others even treat the racial change as a modifier to dice rolled. For example, increasing or decreasing the value of dice from d6 to d4 or d8, for example, retaining the overall limits of 3 - 18 in a score.

Others do something similar to that but allow a re-roll of a dice for a + effect; perhaps they set one die roll as a 1 for the penalty effect.

Really... there is no exact right answer. But, tradition in gaming implies the bonus is added to your roll... not a bonus to what your roll already gives you.

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