What is the C&C basic handbook?

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What is the C&C basic handbook?

Post by GreyLord »

Soooo....they have a kickstarter up....which is duly noted on the Trolls frontpage to the website.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/d2 ... e-tv-pilot

One of the items there is something they call the C&C basic handbook.

What exactly is the C&C basic handbook?

Is it the long desired C&C basic?

Is it just them calling the PHB something else?

Is it a combination of the PHB and M&T?

Is it pictures of the Trolls beer bonging?

What exactly is it?

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Re: What is the C&C basic handbook?

Post by AGNKim »

It's the PHB. The guy running the Kickstarter doesn't work for TLG so he probably just flubbed the name.

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