TLG 8126 Codex of Aihrde (Preorder)

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Re: TLG 8126 Codex of Aihrde (Preorder)

Post by Rigon »

seskis281 wrote:Without relating too many details (other than I was tempted to shove what I held briefly in my hands at GaryCon into my coat and run for the bar door) - the Codex is definitely getting VERY close.
I would have stopped you. Then I would have made a bee line for the door. Definitely going to a worth the wait.

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Re: TLG 8126 Codex of Aihrde (Preorder)

Post by Buttmonkey »

I touched it! Well, sort of. Not the actual finished product. But I touched it!
tylermo wrote:Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Buttmonkey. Can't believe I said that with a straight face.

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