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Proofreading & TLG

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Have you often found mistakes in our products and wished you could point them out? We recently created an errata submissions page I'm sure most of you by now know about it. Here is the link - On top of that, we are implementing a new discord group of proofreaders to help cut down on errata reports and hopefully make things better upfront for our customers.

If you would be interested in helping us make this a strong, positive change in our products then please email me at with the subject entitled "Discord Proofreaders Group" with a brief explanation as to why you want to be involved and what experience you have with proofreading and/or editing. Please also include your discord handle as well.

If you haven't joined our discord it the hub of our community with some amazing folks talking all things TLG! To join follow these steps

1. Click this link - - to join our front lobby channel entitled "#tlg_codes-guidelines"
2. Please read through our Terms of Service that are posted in the channel.
3. After that please acknowledge you have read it by clicking on the TLG HEART at the bottom & unlock our Discord Community!

Thank you & look forward to bringing something big to the team! 💚

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