New TLG Online store is open!

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New TLG Online store is open!

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Today we officially unveil the New TLG Store! You can find it at or you can click the link at the Castles & Crusades Facebook page for "SHOP" and pick up your goods without ever leaving Facebook! Either way it lands you in the Dens. It has tons of new bells and whistles, grab and drop shopping back, more shipping options, digital content downloads, a search function, usable password reset, and more. Its a huge step up from our previous store. To celebrate we are offering (for a very limited time) deep discounts: purchases up to $10.00 come with a 10% discount, up to $50.00 and you'll receive 20% off, purchases of $51.00+ net you a whopping 35% off!

A quick note about accounts: Because this is a brand new store, you will have to set up a new account if you had one on the old store. it's a whole new system, much easier to navigate and more enjoyable we hope!

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