Help with an AA Gothic NPC

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Help with an AA Gothic NPC

Post by Lurker »

Ok, I’ve hit a wall and need help on ideas from everyone clever around here

I’ve been working on the Masque of the Red Death AA game and have a long list of low and mid level NPCs to the group to face, help, and get help from, and I have a good solid idea on the low and mid level bad guys that will be testing their metal and bending their sanity.

However, my brain has shut down on some of the big important individuals, especially on Van Helsing . I assumed I’d easily be able to convert him from the ‘Masque’ 2e book, but then I read his write up. He is WAY to magically based of a character to fit how I picture him. They have him as a 12 th level metaphysician (mystic) with spells up to 6th level.

I can see 12 th level or maybe even higher since he is the key foe of the setting’s key vampire. However, from the book Dracula, I don’t picture him as a spell slinger.

Highly educated without a doubt, experienced in occult knowledge, that is a given, first hand knowledge of fighting evil, of course, knowledge of local myths and the like to hinder evil, more than likely. But he himself casting invisibility, contact other plane, wizard eye, and the like …. I can see maybe a few wisdom based lower level spells – protection from evil/undead (can be explained by knowledge of occult myth legends and talismans), but not all the spells 2e has for a 12 level caster is a bit much

Now, to my mental block, I can’t think around the corner on what class(es) he would be.
Gumshoe could be. Raider, that is a good fit too. Socialite, not a primary class, but he does have a network and he is able to convince everyone to go with him and hunt down vampires and the like, s possibly a secondary class, the demon hunter from the pdf, to a point, but to me he is more of the ‘advise and assist’ than the one kicking in the door to the grave yard and leading the charge.

So, how would you all stat and build him ?
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Re: Help with an AA Gothic NPC

Post by serleran »

I admit I do not know this game system well, at all, as I have bought it but not done much but open the cover. That doesn't mean I don't like it... I just have like 5000 books I haven't read either (and some are for systems I actively play like Shadowrun.)

Anyway, I would think a good foundation is Gumshoe so that he can uncover facts, secrets, and know stuff with which to defeat all the evils in the world. This could then be backed by either Gadgeteer or, my favorite of the options, Mentalist.

I would likely go with something like 7 levels Gumshoe and 4-5 as Mentalist to represent self-resolve and steadfastness against evil. I do not know what abilities they can get but things like resist/immunity to fear and such seem natural. Gumshoe seems like it should work especially if it gives access to several skills -- Van Helsing is a tinkerer and dabbles in a bit of everything but is not a caster. He knows the occult but does not use it.

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