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Soldier character

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:11 am
by old school gamer
So I noticed in the AA Companion that there is no Soldier Class character. So I decided to make one up just for completeness sake.

Amazing Adventures
STR:16 +2 X BTH:+4
DEX:14 +1
CON:15 +1 X
INT:10 +0
WIS:10 +0
CHA:16 +2 X
H.P. 45

Ranger: DAM: REC: ACC: ROF:
M1 Garand 200' 2d8+2 -2 +2 3
Colt .45 30' 1d12 -3 +2 3

EMBOLDEN: The soldier’s confidence and fearlessness in the face of danger becomes an inspiration to his allies, inspiring courage in his followers and compatriots. Any companions or followers within 30 feet of the solder who can see and hear him, gain a +1 bonus to strength, constitution, dexterity, and intelligence saving throws, and a +2 bonus to wisdom and charisma saving throws.

BAYONET TRAINING: A bayonet that is not mounted to a rifle is simply a combat knife. Soldiers are specially trained in hand-to-hand combat with mounted bayonets, learning to use these weapons in a similar manner to using a spear in hand-tohand combat. For the soldier, a rifle with a mounted bayonet
counts as a spear for purposes of weapon proficiencies, though the soldier cannot effectively throw either a spear or the rifle with mounted bayonet (doing so results in non-proficiency penalties). At 3rd level, when charging with a mounted bayonet, the soldier suffers only a -2 penalty to his AC for the charge maneuver instead of the standard -4. At 6th level, the solder suffers no AC penalty for charging with a mounted bayonet. At 5th level, the soldier becomes specialized with the use of this weapon, gaining +1 to hit and damage with the mounted bayonet

BROTHERS IN ARMS: A soldier’s strength lies in his comrades. Beginning at 2nd level, whenever he faces combat with at least two allies by his side, both the soldier and his allies gain certain benefits. At 2nd level, the soldier and up to two allies of his choice within ten feet of him gain +1 to damage with any weapon they are wielding.

SNIPER: A soldier is a crack shot with a rifle. At 3rd level, the soldier gains +1 to damage with a rifle, and gains an additional +1 to hit when taking the aim action (AA, p.152).

FIGHTING SPIRIT: At 5th level, the soldier can inspire greatness in a single comrade who can see or hear him. By issuing orders and rousing encouragement to his compatriot, the soldier inspires his comrade in such a way that the companion gains temporary hit points and combat capabilities as though they were two levels higher than they actually are. Thus, a 3rd level character sees her BtH increase to 5th level capability, and gains two additional hit dice worth of hit points. These hit points are temporary hit points, as outlined in the Amazing Adventures core rulebook, page 154

Hope you like it.

Re: Soldier character

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:06 pm
by Lurker
Thanks for posting it

I've been kicking around ideas for my AA Gothic Earth Masque of the Red Death game and was looking at the soldier class

By the book it gave d8 for hd, but with your post at level 5 it had 45 HP. that is 9 HP per level (if I mathed correctly, and math is my weakness well that & spelling). So, I assume you bumped it up to the more normal fighter HD of d10 .

I prefer that HD by the way.

Again, thanks, consider it yonked and used as the basis for friend and foe NPC for the ne'er-do-wells of Monday Night

Re: Soldier character

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 2:57 am
by old school gamer
Don't forget that he has a +1 to his h.p. through his Con. That ends up being a +5. Still yeah I guess his h.p. was too high.