Jack of Lies Adventure

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Jack of Lies Adventure

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Hey guys, I just received the Free City of Eskadia book and saw the adventure in the back. It seems really interesting, but I didn't see any suggested levels. Does anyone know for sure?

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Re: Jack of Lies Adventure

Post by Zudrak »

I have an Eskadia campaign going (you can read it here) where I started my son out as a 1st level Thief but did not plan on running the Jack of Lies until he was higher level. When my brother-in-law wanted to game more often than my big group's availability had been, he joined and I threw some Jack of Lies Act I events into the mix. I scaled back the fighting nobles into level 1 fighters and level 1 thieves instead of multiclassed with 1 level in each class. Then, I threw some rumors, tavern talk, bulletin board postings, and town crier announcements together because I want this campaign to be more of a sandbox one. (I have never really done one like that before, so this is a new challenge for me -- it's been a blast!)

I would say, by the book, you probably want a party of 5th-7th level PCs at the very least. If they are going to take on the Itrugio Warehouse at the end of Act I, the father is a 9th(!) level fighter. My players stayed at a distance, being thieves, and snuck their way into the warehouse after hours. The sentries/gate guards there are 2nd level fighters, so the thieves had a fair chance at successfully using their class abilities to get in.

I'm due to write up the last session that took place this past weekend after a looooong hiatus. Hopefully, I can do that this weekend.

I hope this helps!

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Re: Jack of Lies Adventure

Post by Omote »

Never ran it, never played it. But reading through, it does seem a bit difficult. I plan on doing something with this module when my players visit Eskadia, but they will be pretty high level by that point. I dunno, all I know is that if the CK is devious, the players are in for a hell of a time.

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