HH CK Guide Map/Scale

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HH CK Guide Map/Scale

Post by dcfitch »

The big map on page 17 of the CK Guide to the Haunted Highlands places the scale at 10 miles per inch. This is obviously wrong. It simply doesn't match with some of the measurements given in the text. Does anyone know what the scale is supposed to be? Seems like it would be closer to 1" = 100 miles.

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Re: HH CK Guide Map/Scale

Post by tylermo »

I don't have my old Haunted Highlands modules in front of me to check this. Not sure if that info would shed any light. You might be able to message the author, Casey Christofferson, on facebook. Maybe he'd be able to help.

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Re: HH CK Guide Map/Scale

Post by Omote »

If you take a look at the Darlene map, that map is 3 hexes = 10 miles. You're right, the scale doesn't look right. I reached out to the author with this question. Mr. Casey Christofferson confirms that the scale is indeed 1 inch - 10 miles.

The artwork on the map makes it look like a much larger scale for sure.

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Re: HH CK Guide Map/Scale

Post by Bigsnaff »

I wrote Tim Burns regarding the scale issue. He contacted the cartographer and received this official response:

"The overall map is 22 inches tall and 18 wide. Ignore the box in the map for scale.

But 1 inch does equal 10 miles, understanding the overall size of the map however makes that measurement make sense."

So yes, 1 inch equals 10 miles if the map where printed at 22 x 18. Now that makes sense!

Special thanks to Tim for following up on this. It's this kind of special attention to the fans that makes me love this setting all the more!

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