The Tormentor Devil - The Common Fiend With A Pitchfork

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The Tormentor Devil - The Common Fiend With A Pitchfork

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Here's your basic, pitchfork-wielding Devil. He's just itching for the chance to torture some damned souls! Unlike other castes of Devil, Tormentor Fiends aren't associated with any single Deadly Sin. Rather, they're the common working fiends that keep Hell hellish!


SIZE: Medium

HD: 5 (d8)

MOVE: 30', 50' (fly)

AC: 17

ATTACKS: 1 Red-Hot Pitchfork (1d8+1d6 heat damage), 1 Head-butt (1d4), 1 Sting (1d6)

SPECIAL: Magic or Silver Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Fire Resistance (Full), Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Panic, Torment, Spell Resistance 5, Spell-like Abilities


INT: Average (High Cunning)

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil

TYPE: Extraplaner


XP: 420+5

A Tormentor Devil resembles a satyr in basic form, but its eyes are lizard-like, its skin is deep red, and its wild hair is dull black. A pair of small, bat-like wings sprout from its black, and its long, hairless tail ends in a triangular flange and stinger. Tormentor Devils can be of either gender. They also superficially resemble the natural form of Seducer Devils, but are shorter, with distorted and grotesque features, in contrast to the diabolically handsome forms of the Incubi and Succubi. Tormentor Devils usually carry a sharp, red-hot pitchfork. The weapon will only remain heated in the hands of an Infernal - otherwise it cools to become a normal weapon.

Tormentor Devils are the most numerous caste of true Devils. They herd and torture souls in Hell, swell the ranks of Hell's legions, and are the personal servants of other Devils. On certain very rare occasions they will be assigned to serve very powerful mortal witches and warlocks. Although they lack the sophistication of some other Infernals, they may nonetheless be sometimes sent to tempt or harass ordinary people. When on such missions, they will usually assume an animal shape or turn Invisible. They will proceed to whisper nasty insinuations to their victim, and may use their spell-like abilities to play increasingly malicious pranks. Although this behavior may seem minor when compared to the vile machination of some other Devils, it would be a serious mistake to underestimate the Tormentor Devils. When given license they are utterly malicious and sadistic. In fact, they are only capable of feeling true joy when watching some other creature suffer.

Combat: Generally, Tormentor Devils will seek to Panic enemies first, then Torment their prey for a few rounds before launching an all-out assault with pitchforks, head-butts, and stingers. Tormentor Devils will almost never attack when alone, and almost always will when they are in groups. These Devils will also use their spell-like abilities to sew confusion in the ranks of their enemies. Common tactics include such things as using Mage Hand to spill arrows out of the quivers of archers, using Ghost Sound to spook mounts, and throwing motes of fire made with Produce Flame.

Panic: By a combination of their hellish gaze and aggressive antics, a Tormentor Devil can induce Panic in mortals. The effect is similar to a Scare spell, but will affect creatures of up to 10 Hit Dice. A successful Charisma save (with a Challenge Level of 5) will negate the effect. The Tormentor Devil who attempts to induce Panic cannot perform any other actions in that round.

Torment: One thing Tormentor Devils are especially skilled at is inflicting pain. If a Tormentor Devil chooses to Torment, they make a normal to-hit roll. If successful the attack does only 1 hit point of damage, but also reduces either Strength or Dexterity (equal chances for either) by 1 point (due to the blow being struck in an extremely painful spot). A successful Constitution save (Challenge Level 5) will negate the ability damage. The hit point damage heals in the normal way, but the Strength and Dexterity damage will disappear after a full night's rest.

Spell-like Abilities: At will: Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Message, Produce Flame. In common with other Infernals, Tormentor Devils can roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication; become Invisible; see in complete darkness; Teleport with no chance of error; perform feats of Prestidigitation; Know Alignment; assume the form of a snake, black dog, black cat, goat, toad, raven, or owl; and create Darkness, all at will. A Tormentor Devil can attempt to Summon another of its kind, with a 50% chance of success. All abilities have an effective caster level of 5.

Immune To Fire: Like all Devils, a Tormentor Devil cannot be harmed by fire.
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Who knew these little guys could be 5-hit-dice terrors? ... dation.gif

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