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Myths Reborn... Sample Critters 
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Post Myths Reborn... Sample Critters

Rarity: Very Rare
# Encountered: 1
HD: 1 - 6
AC: +0 - +4 [30%] or by armor [70%]
# Attacks (Damage): Claw (1d6 + Spelldrain) or Weapon (by weapon)
Special: Spell Mirror, Spelldrain, Hard to Turn
Save As: Wizard +4
Move: 6
Treasure: Individual [0% magical]
Average XP:
1 - 2 HD: 38
3 - 4 HD: 325
5 - 6 HD: 925

An abracadaver is the animated remains of a warrior imbued with dark power to transform them into an undead bodyguard. They are not issued commands but act independently and with intelligence. Physically, abracadaver resemble ghouls and are often mistaken as such.

Spell Mirror: Spells that directly target an abracadaver are reflected to their caster as per the standard rules for spell turning. Area of effect spells are not redirected but the abracadaver receives a randomly determined bonus on any required save of +1 - +10.

Spelldrain: The touch of an abracadaver draws away magic. A spellcaster that is touched has one of their lowest-level spell slots unavailable as if a spell of that level had been cast, this cumulative for each touch. This also prevents the abracadaver from possessing any magical item.

Hard to Turn: An abracadaver is treated as having +3 HD when resisting turning attempts both for the difficulty of the roll and for damage dice inflicted.

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Post Re: Myths Reborn... Sample Critter -- Abracadaver
Alan (Harpy, Tribal)

Rarity: Rare
# Encountered: 1 - 13
HD: 3
AC: +3
# Attacks (Damage): 2 Claws (1d4) or 1 Weapon (by weapon)
Special: Coven, Hard to Surprise, Greedy
Save As: Cleric
Move: 12 (Fly) or 3 (Ground)
Treasure: Individual
Average XP: 127

Communal by nature, alan are intelligent birdlike humanoids with a primitive appearance and savage propensity not unlike their generic relative the typical harpy. However alan are akin to hags as well, even sharing their grotesque features and attitude, although the most frightening similarity is that of combined magic – whenever alan are met in groups, they have the means to unleash a variety of magical assaults.
Coven: If an odd numbered group of at least three alan are encountered, they share a mystic link that allows limited spellcasting to be performed by any member. These spells are further restricted to a specific number of castings, but any individual may use them without one being considered leading the others. The following spells, their number of uses, effective caster level (larger groups use their overall caster level regardless of spell cast), and the minimum number of alan encountered are provided below. This list is cumulative so that spells granted with three members are available to a group of seven.

Spell Available ... # Uses ... Caster Level ... Minimum Encountered
Command and Bless/Curse ... 2 / 1 ... 1 ... 3
Lightning bolt and control weather ... 1 / 2 ... 3 ... 5
Sleep, charm person, and mirror image ... 1 / 2 / 1 ... 5 ... 7
Darkness/light, cause blindness/deafness, and shatter ... 1 / 1 / 1 ... 5 ... 9
Animate dead and ice storm ... 1 / 1 ... 7 ... 11
Clairvoyance/clairaudience, telekinesis, and teleport other ... 1 / 1 /1 ... 7 ... 13

Hard to Surprise: Alan have great vision and hearing and are more difficult to sneak upon, allowing one to be surprised only on a roll of 1 in 12.

Greedy: Attracted to gold and other shiny objects, alan will not often pursue those who drop coins (and other treasures) or make offerings to them. They also tend to be somewhat vain and take delight in being flattered.

Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:32 pm
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