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Post Draknid
No. Encountered: 1, 2-8
Size: Large
HD: 5 to 11 d10
Move: 40
AC: 17
Attacks: Slam 2-12, bite 1d4 +poison, or by weapon or spell
Special: Web, Illusionist spells
Saves: P & M
Int: Exceptional 14+
Alignment: Any Evil
Type: Abomination
Treasure: 8
XP: 1550+ (5-11 based on HD)
Draknids appear as humanoid torso attached to a gigantic spider body. Skin tone for the humanoid portion is extremely dark blue to black. The humanoid torso and head appear to be of elven features. The spider body will be black and hairy much like a very oversized tarantula.

Draknids are abominations created by some dark magics. No one really knows how these creatures came into existence. Some claim a demon lord others claim foul wizards crossed spiders and elves.
How ever they came to be made Draknids are found in many places. The Dracnid will make a lair in or nears ruins. Ocassionaly they can be found in desolate desert wastes. Equally found above or below ground. Draknids can be encountered as individuals or small covens. Males are never encountered in groups. Females will gather in small groups of 2 to 8.

Web, Draknids have spinneret’s and can attempt to ensnare victims with a spray of web. Strength save to break free.

Illusionist spells, All Draknids can use illusionist spells of a level equal to their hit dice. So any given Draknid will be a 5th to 11th level illusionist.

Poison, Draknids have a debilitating poison (con save to negate) Failure cause the subject to be sluggish -2 initiative -2 to hit
Draknid is based on a MMORPG creature

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Post Re: Draknid
Good stuff, Dead Horse! I like the idea of using this as a surface alternative to using (or overusing!) driders!

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