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Happy New Tomorrow -- New Creature 
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Post Happy New Tomorrow -- New Creature
No bonus points for guessing this was my take on the classic Tween.


No. Encountered: 1
Size: Medium
HD: 1 (d8)
Move: Special (see below)
AC: 10
Attack: Special (see below)
Special: Shadow Self, Probability Conduit
Saves: M
Int: Very
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Type: Extraplanar
Treasure: --
XP Value: 15 + 1

Native to the planes of chaos, where random improbability is just as likely as patterned impossibility, the shadowy humanoid creature known colloquially as a mnemosyne dwells, perfectly duplicating the settlements and civilizations of the natural, mundane world, as if copied and reflected through an extraplanar mirror. However, the homelands of a mnemosyne are dull, boring, lacking in every detail what others would find exciting and interesting— even the mnemosyne find their homes to be nothing more than a place to stay, striving for a way to escape. They are attracted to the multiversity of worlds, using their magic to explore, vicariously and parasitically, all they can; mnemosyne are bored easily, but are not foolish enough to risk loss of life, so they practice a unique form of trans-planar travel where they send their consciousness, but not their physical selves, much like an astral traveler. Once they’ve entered the normal world, mnemosyne seek a subject of interest, wanting to fully experience the multitude of options, not really caring if it is combat or everyday activities; mnemosyne consider this a vacation of sorts and are not willing to simply allow it to come to an abrupt end, using their magical abilities to prolong it as much as possible. Mnemosyne are not particularly attracted to any given group or person, and have been known to attach themselves to an animal, and even to undead. Normally, a mnemosyne is invisible to nonmagical sense, but once they have found a sense host, they appear as a sort of intangible second self, much like a shadow; this shadow has the exact physical dimensions of the host creature, but none of the details, and even includes the same gear.

Combat: Mnemosyne are fearless combatants, when such is called for, as they are at no risk to themselves when engaging in such; if killed, the consciousness of a mnemosyne is returned to its natural state, unharmed, but perhaps annoyed and frustrated. They are protective of their hosts, as death will cause them to retreat to their native lands. Mnemosyne, otherwise, use their abilities as best they can.

Shadow Self: Whenever encountered anywhere but their home plane, a mnemosyne is immortal and cannot truly be slain, their consciousness returning upon physical death. In addition, they are intangible as parasites, appearing as vaguely perceptible shadows, preventing any but the strongest of magic weapons from harming. This image, too, cannot be affected by spells or effects, for it exists simultaneously on multiple realities.

Reality Conduit: The selected host of a mnemosyne is gifted with a link to the pure chaos that flows across the multiverse, focused through the mnemosyne and radiating outward in a 60 foot area. This ability is both helpful, and possibly, harmful, as there is a 75% chance of positive effect, and 25% of negative, determined each round. Positive effects grant a +1d4 bonus on any attack, save, damage, or ability check made by the host, with negative effects being the inverse, acting as penalties. Any other creature within the area of effect has the opposite effect apply, so that a host who gains a +4 bonus has enemies and allies that suffer a -4 penalty.

Special: On their native plane, the mnemosyne has a HD range of 1 - 20 and may readily have the abilities of various classes, treating each as a non-player character, these being experiences that have been especially enjoyed by that mnemosyne. They may be permanently killed while in their home world and have a treasure type equal to their HD. Regardless of any other abilities possessed, all mnemosyne have the innate spellcasting usage of a 7th level wizard or illusionist and may use any single spell that affects movement (such as teleport) once per day, per such spell.

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Post Re: Happy New Tomorrow -- New Creature
Perhaps, this is a good creature to go with that Monsters for 24th level + thread.


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Post Re: Happy New Tomorrow -- New Creature
Very cool!

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Post Re: Happy New Tomorrow -- New Creature
Omote wrote:
Perhaps, this is a good creature to go with that Monsters for 24th level + thread.


Perhaps. I think I might post some of the fairy tale creatures my recent reading has inspired... things like the knook and ryl.

Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:51 am
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