What this forum is about

Where judges gather to discuss plots, devices and the games they play.
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What this forum is about

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This forum is for Judges to post and share their own creations, whether cities, towns, villages, castles, citadels, dungeons, ruins, monsters, what have you, that are set in the Wilderlands. It is also the place to discuss campaigns, congratulate each other on TPKs (jus' kidding), discuss how you as a Judge have made the Wilderlands your own, and other "Judge"-like conversation that focuses on the intersection of Castles & Crusades and the Wilderlands.

Once the forums are up and running at AGP, we'll have whole sections dedicated to each region of the Wilderlands...
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Aha! I guess the word "Judges" should have clued me in, but I missed my check.
Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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