Free RPG Day Module from Adventure Games Publishing?

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Free RPG Day Module from Adventure Games Publishing?

Post by jamesmishler »

Hey all,

I'm seriously considering jumping in on Free RPG Day with Adventure Games Publishing.

For details on Free RPG Day, go here: ... ad&order=0

Yeah, I know, I don't have a single product out to *sell* yet, why would I be *giving* them away? Well, I strongly believe in the ideas behind FRPGD, and feel that this kind of program would not only be good exposure for AGP, but also good for adventure modules in general, good for retailers, and good for the industry overall. I'm always spouting off about helping out the industry while helping oneself, so ought to put my money where my mouth is...

I'm still not sure I can do it this year, though. Still crunching the numbers; being a bootstrap operation, sans boots or straps, does not help.

The question is, what kind of module do you feel would be the best to represent the Wilderlands? I would like to do a town module, along the lines of Modron... present a whole town, designed to be a home base, with tons of adventure hooks and interesting characters, in 16 pages. This has the advantage of following in the tradition of the City State books and being able to be used in conjunction with most of the OTHER modules released on FRPGD.

I favor publishing Bordertown, a relatively young (read: entirely new and never before mentioned) boomtown on the border between Viridistan and Elephas, founded by adventurers. You've got barbarians and cavemen to the north, the Eagol Ruins to the west, the monster-haunted Zirzus Plains to the east, and the decadent Falling Empire to the south. It has the advantage of being somewhat closer in style to a "standard" D&Dish setting, but with a strong Wilderlands flavoring. I think it would be a good general intro to the Wilderlands... and be readily adaptable into nearly any campaign setting.

Or instead, I could flesh out one of the existing towns of the Wilderlands, but that would end up being rather more genre specific... maybe too specific and too in-depth, and thus less useful to folks who aren't already fans. The idea is to generate new interest as well as to cheer on the choir, so to speak...

So what do you think? Go with Bordertown, or another town? If so, which town? Or scrap the town idea and go with a dungeon/wilds crawl style adventure?
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Post by moriarty777 »

I'd go with Bordertown all the way!

With AGP new... with the concept you mention behind the town... and with various products on the horizon... it just somehow seems to fit!

People eager to start playing in this setting can start and spiral out from Bordertown if they wish just like days of old when you started with a town and started to explore the countryside via various adventures and modules.

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Post by Omote »

Well, they're all good ideas for such a project. Have you considered doing a short piece like the excerpt from Ravaged Ruins of the Roglaras that is up on the AGP website? Maybe this FRPGD excerpt could be of a little known or explored section of the WL.

While the FRPGD givawaycould be generic, it could tie directly into a future AGP WoHA product, or be a nice add-on to a future WoHA product.

Outside of this, I think the border town line of thinking is a great idea. Makes for a good "drop-in" piece to some body who doesn;t neccessarily use the WL for their campaign.


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