Goodman Games to publish Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

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Goodman Games to publish Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

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Hey all!

Just in case you missed it, it was announced today that Goodman Games, the publishers of the Dungeon Crawl Classics line, will be publishing Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor for the d20 System. Here's the description:
Judges Guild GG1: Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

Do your heroes dare to enter Fortress Badabaskor? Deadly brigands, vicious cultists, and the dusty treasures of the Dragon Kings await those with muscle, wit, and luck! A d20 Dungeon Crawl for character levels 10-12. To Retail for: $15.99. 64 pages, perfect bound.

I'm thinking the GG1 is a mistake, as they already published a GG1, the first Goodman Game Castles & Crusades module. Probably just a cut-and-paste issue in setting up the sales sheet. It will NOT be for Castles & Crusades, it will be for the d20 System.

The revision is being done by Greg and Kara Geilman; Greg was one of the major developers of the Necromancer Wilderlands of High Fantasy boxed sets, so he knows his stuff. If this one sells well, I am fairly certain there will be more. I wish them all the best of luck!

As for a conversion sheet for Castles & Crusades... I dunno. That would be a Troll Lords/Goodman Games issue, methinks, though if something could be worked out, I'd be happy to help out with that...
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Post by serleran »

Hell yeah! I'd be all for joining in on it too, if needed.

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Re: Goodman Games to publish Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

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Joe's talked about putting C&C stats in future Goodman releases. It's possible he will do the same for this.
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