Wilderlands Journal #1 Call for Article Ideas

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Wilderlands Journal #1 Call for Article Ideas

Post by jamesmishler »

Okay folks, here's the dealio...

I always wanted Adventure Games Journal to be more of a general game magazine rather than a magazine dedicated to the Wilderlands. However, I have a bunch of small, fiddly articles about the Wilderlands that do not qualify for a full booklet or even PDF of themselves... so I will be launching the Wilderlands Journal, the "stepson" of AGJ, as soon as I compile 24 to 36 pages worth of such articles.

Such articles are written in between the "big stuff" I'm working on right now or "devolve" from booklet ideas that don't wuite make it to full growth. Each issue of the WJ will be published when the "slush pile" gets big enough.

Now I need you to tell me... what do YOU want to know about the Wilderlands that will fit in a small article? I know what I want to write about, but I want to make sure the journal appeals to a wider interest base.

And yes, this will be a Subscription item, almost needless to say!
James Mishler

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Post by dunbruha »

Anything about Tula would be cool.

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Post by Omote »

Hmm. Well, it seems like the suggestions are coming from expanded knowledge on particular area. I also have to say that I would love to have more information on Valon. Beyond that, more expanded information on the Rhadamantia World map would be nice. What the hex were those X's on the B&W map? There are so many names on the Rhadamantia map, there just HAS to be more information on, let's say, um DEATH TOUCH CLIFFS!!! And don't just say that there are a large population of vampire bats there. We've seen the map.
The world waits for the information.

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