LFP- looking for players- North Denver Area -COLORADO

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LFP- looking for players- North Denver Area -COLORADO

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We are starting a D&D campaign this summer, rules are basically AD&D and we are suing the C&C format. No house rules, no Klingons, no laser rifles, none of that. If you are interested, please reply and I'll get you to the DM. We are REALLY loking for someone who knows how to play an intelligent and resourceful Ranger (who gets spells in C&C, how cool is that?) , the Ranger is key to our campaign. We also badly need a Cleric, and a Paladin could certainly be interesting.

What: we are playing classic D&D , and feel that is the best version of the game. The idea is role playing, actually playing with intelligence, strategy and personality, versus roll playing, which is about battle maps, dice, stats, and turning D&D into a board game. We love our dice and mini’s too, but don't believe it was ever meant to be the focus of the game that Gary Gygax envisioned. Everyone seems to be playing version 5e, and that is fine, but we do not feel that this version of the game released by Hasbro is pinnacle of role playing.

How: We will be play testing over Spring break, March 23rd thru 30th. Then starting a full blown campaign over the summer. For the summer campaign we are asking a lot of prospective players. Every Saturday starting at noon and playing for at least 8 hours. We are also offering a lot, a DM with 40 years experience , the most detailed setting ever made, 1500 pages of material detailing every single town, city, guild, cult, etc. you could ever wander into. Every single non-player character will have a picture for players to see, a name, history, and background that ties him to the location and the quest. The game play is fast paced and engaging, the goal is no one sitting around counting ceiling tiles and we have a DM who can keep that from happening.

Why: to make this summer a memorable one, have fun, and beat the heat with an emotionally and mentally engaging indoor activity. We will provide refreshments and some food like sandwiches and pizza.

Where: We are in Brighton, about 30 minutes north of downtown Denver, 20 minutes from Thornton, Broomfield, Northglenn, Westminster.
Please let us know if you would like to play-test with us end of march, who you are, and if you can join us. The March play-test is zero pressure, it’s just to make sure people like what we are doing and that we are all compatible in how we like to spend our time.

I won't try to post a link here, but the public facing page of our campaign = search for" introduction to cults of Greyhawk "

thanks, Fencig the Freebaser

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