Interested in Online C&C

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Interested in Online C&C

Post by Joe »

Hi, I am interested in playing online.

How can I get started?

What do I need to play?

And is there a game, preferably low level or beginning that I can get involved in?

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Post by jaybird216 »

Most of us play using Skype for voice chat and OpenRPG for maps/minis/die rolling. Both are free programs that are available on the net.

I'm playing in a couple of games but I think they're both pretty full. However, I'm sure a CK or two will be along shortly to invite you into their existing fold.

Lord Suerek posted about starting a game not long ago: ... llordgames

Daddystabz was asking about interested parties as well: ... llordgames

I believe Bran is still running his Friday night game: ... llordgames

Welcome to the wild world of online C&C!
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Post by LordSeurek »

Hi Joe. you are more than welcome to join my game when I start it up sometime in February. Have you played c&c before? Be good if you had at least the players handbook.

As for Brans game that jay mentioned, I play in that one as well. There are currently 4 regular players, so there may be room for another. Contact Bran (thru Treebore) account.

Any questions, ask away. Chances are, I wont know it but I'll find out.

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