New C&C player LFG

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New C&C player LFG

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Looking to join a C&C campaign long term, prefer a new campaign but also will join a preexisting one. I'm wanting to try playing on Fantasy Grounds for the first time but have lots of experience with Roll20 and might consider another game on that platform. This would be my first C&C game but I've played all versions of D&D/Pathfinder back to the Basic set in the early 1980's. I have Discord & a good mic/connection. I live in EST and am available Sundays & Mondays noon to midnight, Tuesdays noon to 8PM.

Looking forward to doing some gaming after taking a break for the better part of a year,

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Re: New C&C player LFG

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Have you checked out the C&C channel on Discord?

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Re: New C&C player LFG

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First, welcome to the boards, glad to have you around here :!:

For a game, as max said, you probably will have luck at the TLG discord channel

Other than that, asking here usually, eventually, gets you a few leads on a game.

The group I'm in does play Monday nights, but I usually do theater of the mind, and the players even roll real dice, and use discord for coms.

I'm sure between here & TLG Discord, you should eventually find an open game.
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Re: New C&C player LFG

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We need more players for Monday nights.

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