PbP starting up on Unseen Servant

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PbP starting up on Unseen Servant

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New Castles & Crusades game starting up on Unseen Servant. Here is a link to the Looking for Players thread with particulars :)
Subject: C&C: Into the Darkenfold
Ahlmzhad wrote:A campaign set in a primordial forest. Lots of exploration and chance for gold. Not much for missions for the King.

Looking for adventurers that want to play high magic, explore, and customize their character.

I'm allowing a maximum amount of character growth and personalization.

If you haven't played C&C and enojoy 1e, 2e or any OSR this game should suit you.

Collecting character concepts at this time. You can use base characters from the C&C PHB, ABP, and PGA.

Play will be in Aihrde.
Ahlmzhad wrote:Here are my house rules as of today. They're pretty much finished, but might see a few changes.

https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ah3DS3lkw0omg6Bk2VN ... Q?e=eY6LSp
Come check it out if you'd like. Unseen Servant is a forum dedicated to only Play-by-Post gaming, if you aren't already a member you will have to register and the first two posts have to be approved by a Moderator - it's an anti-spam measure that has served us well. :)

Be well all and happy gaming!

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