Lost City of Gaxmoor Play-by-Post

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Lost City of Gaxmoor Play-by-Post

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Cross-posting here for a PbP game I am starting up on another site, Roleplay Online:

Game System: Castles & Crusades

Casting Details: Searching for a cast of four to six 1st-level characters. Everything from fresh-faced beginners to grizzled veterans are welcome in this game.

Theme: Exploration into a mysterious ancient city that recently appeared in the nearby countryside, drawing to it all manner of monstrous denizens seeking to pillage and plunder the strange locale.

Flavor: Old School, action-packed fantasy adventure

Campaign Objective(s): This game will be a bit different for me in that I don't have a definite end point in mind. I usually have an ending in mind anytime I start a game. This one will go where it goes.

What does that mean?

This will be a focused sandbox-style game featuring what will likely be multiple groups of adventurers trying to gain access to the city, where they will be caught between rival factions with different goals.

I suspect there will also be quite a few PC casualties along the way, as this adventure is crafted in the 'Old School' tradition and therefore is not as well balanced as we have come to expect in D&D style games in later editions.

Make no mistake, I will be cheering the PCs on and want them to succeed, but I am also a realist and will pull no punches along the way. Victories will be hard-fought!

Posting Requirements: I will be aiming for a posting rate of one post every 1-2 days, with the realization that real-life takes precedence, and there will be periods where that rate slows down. My main concern is that players communicate planned absences so I know what's going on and can plan accordingly. I will make it a point to let players know when real-life circumstances will have me sidelined and expect the same level of courtesy from the players. Communication is key to the success of a PbP.

General Setting Information: Westmark, a fortified village, small point of light and the last safehaven for miscreants, mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, and would-be adventurers in search of gold and glory within The Lost City of Gaxmoor.


If you are still reading this and interested in playing in this game, RTJ information may be found here:



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