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Planescape with class-less D&D 1.0.0

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:47 pm
by ssfsx17
This campaign has thus far been focused on mini-adventures, with many forays into other places. The party has been carving out a place for themselves on Sigil, creating many plot hooks for what they are trying to build and accomplish. Characters also have long-term personal goals that they are working toward.


Saturdays at 6pm PST, with open-ended session durations of generally 3 or more hours reference

Group Rules

We use Roll20 for maps and dice rolls, and Discord for voice and general chat. The Roll20 page is here and the Discord channel is here

No Player-versus-Player actions. These include and are not limited to stealing without permission, attacking without permission, telling me to harm another player, and other such actions. This is a hard rule and is not negotiable.

Game Rules


I would dare to say that it's nearly impossible to do Planescape according to its fluff while still having D&D classes. Really, Planescape is the perfect setting to try these rules on. It also makes it a lot easier to stat out The Nameless One and other famous characters according to their fluff.

If there are specific class or kit features you want, write a conversion and let me know.

Spells and Psionic Powers are based on the d20 SRD: - except the casting time is always a full round.


Roll 6 sets of 4d6, drop the lowest die from each set. Choose which attribute each set is assigned to.


You may choose to either write your own conversion and get my approval, or use my copyright-friendly conversions:

- Aasimar
- Bariaur
- Genasi
- Githzerai
- Modron
- Tiefling

Disallowed races include:

- Races that could cause PvP, such as Kender.
- Races that would attract way too much negative attention, such as Fallen Dabus and Escaped Petitioners.


The rules allow non-aligned characters, who are very different from True Neutral. Most normal people, who are not a part of any faction, are considered non-aligned.

Disallowed alignments are Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil.

Character Backgrounds

Your character's background must fit within the given experience point amount.

You can choose to be Prime or Planar.

Current Characters

Detailed character sheets are currently posted on this very forum thread - since that forum is where we've all met each other so far

# Current Characters

Detailed character sheets are currently posted on [this forum thread](viewtopic.php?f=23&t=16917) - since that forum is where we've all met each other so far

- Modron Explorer, Search & Rescue Unit - from Mechanus
- Vistani (Romani/Gypsy) Telepath - from Ravenloft
- Kzin (Felinoid) Psy-blade Fighter/Rogue - from Larry Niven's Ringworld
- Minotaur Cleric/Wizard - from Krynn (Dragonlance) - worships Gilean
- Elven Avenger - from a fantasy version of Earth in 1985
- Reserved spot - Unknown character - from Oerth (Greyhawk)

Current Party Reputations:

- Athar (Defiers): +1
- Bleak Cabal (Bleakers): +2
- Harmonium (Hardheads): 0
- Law Association: -1
- Mercykillers (Red Death): -2
- Sensates: +2
- Transcendent Order (Ciphers): +1
- Xaositects: +1

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:10 pm
by ssfsx17
Snappy one-word name for my "class"
Alignment (or "Non-Aligned")

Experience Level: 1
XP spent/total: 1000 / 1000

HP: 0 / 0
start at Constitution + 1d6

=== Stats ===

AC: 10
BtH: +0
Damage: 0


=== Background & Traits ===

Languages: Common, ...

=== Skills ===

Craft (INT) (specify) - 100 XP - Level 1
Knowledge (INT) (specify) - 100 XP - Level 1
Perform (CHA) (specify) - 100 XP - Level 1
Profession (WIS) (specify) - 100 XP - Level 1

1st skill of choice - 100 XP - Level 1
2nd skill of choice - 100 XP - Level 1
3rd skill of choice - 100 XP - Level 1
4th skill of choice - 100 XP - Level 1
5th skill of choice - 100 XP - Level 1
6th skill of choice - 100 XP - Level 1

=== Abilities / Spells ===

Eat Dirt: ...

=== Equipment ===

Gold: 200.00

- 250.00 gold owed to Adventure Capital

=== Will ===

Leave it to...

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Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:33 am
by ssfsx17
Earliest possible session for Planescape is August 12

This is because:
- Need time to re-read books, regain the "voice" of Planescape.
- Want to convert all psionic powers in the Skill20 rules. Reading a psionic power list from d20 and understanding when you could learn them in the Skill20 rules is not as straightforward. Magic spells, on the other hand, are much easier to match up between whatever books you have and the Skill20 rules, just by looking at them.
- I'm participating in an event on August 5, named Nintendon't Marathon 4. Dedicated to retro video games that are not on Nintendo systems. I will be presenting Emperor of the Fading Suns, a strategy game based on the Fading Suns roleplaying game.

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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:24 pm
by Penny-Whistle
I am so looking forward to this.

We Are Unit 9
M.A.L.P. (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe)
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Experience Level: 1
XP spent/total: 0 / 0

HP: 22 / 22
start at Constitution + 1d6 (18+4) 22

=== Stats ===

AC: 15 (10 +5 chain mail)
BtH: +0
Damage: 0

STR: +1 (13)
DEX: +3 (16) 15 (-1 race) (+2 for enhanced attribute)
CON: +4 (18) 16 (+2 race)
INT: +4 (19) 18 (+1 race)
WIS: +2 (14)
CHA: -2 (7) 10 (-1 race) (-2 low attribute)

=== Background & Traits ===

Enhanced attribute (dex)
Weapon Spec: Point and shoot

Slow Starter
Low Attribute (cha)

Documented Identity - The character has a large number of records about them in multiple places, identifying their appearance, place of residence, family, and other such things. This could be used for the character's benefit, proving that they are an upstanding citizen, proving that they possess a noble title, etc. But, this information is also readily available to those who wish to do harm to the character.

Aligned: Lawful Neutral (Alignment) - The character starts at Rank 2 in both the Law and Neutral Associations. On the other hand, the character has a penalty of -10 to reactions with chaotic people, and -2 to both good and evil people.

Languages: Common, Sequentialis Ordnan, Law-Mech Communication Protocol, Terran

=== Skills ===

Craft (INT) (traps) - Level 1 traps
Knowledge (INT) (engineering) - Level 1
Perform (CHA) (mime) - Level 1
Profession (WIS) (search and rescue bot) - Level 1

Craft (INT) Clockwork
Ranged Attacking (DEX)
Locks (DEX)
Craft (INT) Mechanical
Knowledge (INT) Riddles
Athletics (DEX)

=== Abilities / Spells ===

Telescoping Eyes: Law-Mechs can spend a minute to calibrate their eyes to work like telescopes. This thusly allows them to see very distant objects.
Analyzing Eyes: Law-Mechs are constantly searching for secret doors and concealed doors at the same time as all their other actions.
Unnatural Life: Law-Mechs get their souls and life energy from the Law-Mech Plane. They gain a bonus of +5 against sleep and mind-altering effects, as well as a bonus of +5 against hit points drain, energy drain, level drain, attribute drain, and the like.
Resistant Coating: Law-Mechs gain a bonus of +2 to all saving throws against fire, cold, and acid.
Uncalculated Outcomes: When surprised, Law-Mechs remain that way for two rounds rather than one.
Fried Circuits: Law-Mechs are always stunned upon taking lightning damage.
Maintenance: Law-Mechs require roughly eight hours of self-maintenance every day, but unlike most mortals, these hours do not need to be contiguous. Without proper maintenance, they will eventually break down and die after 10 years. If they are properly maintained, then they can last forever.
Repair: Law-Mechs can be repaired as constructs for one hit point per day, with the difficulty being equal to 10 + the Law-Mech's own experience level. This is in addition to hit points regained by resting.
Reboot: Dead Law-Mechs can be resurrected by repairing them for 7 days straight. One check must be made each day. The difficulty is equal to 10 + the Law-Mech's Experience Level. Once a successful check is made for 7 days straight, the Law-Mech comes back to life with 1 hit point at the end of the 7th day.

=== Equipment ===

Gold: 2.00
thief tools
chain mail
grappling hook
lantern (bullseye)
oil (5 pints)
rope (hemp)
paper towels
feather duster

- 250.00 gold owed to Adventure Capital

=== Will ===

Error 508 Loop Detected.
To look at one modron is to look at all modron

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:42 am
by ssfsx17
Your avatar shows you were really inspired!

Any custom write-in is allowed for the Craft, Knowledge, Perform, and Profession skills. So you can write-in "Profession (WIS) Explorer"

For the 6 skills of choice - see this list: ... lls#skills

Fitting what you have already chosen for your concept, these seem like the closest fits:
- Clockwork --> Craft (INT) Clockwork
- firearms --> Ranged Attacking (DEX)
- locks --> Locks (DEX)
- mechanical --> Craft (INT) Mechanical
- riddles --> Knowledge (INT) Riddles
- 1 spare

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:45 pm
by Penny-Whistle
ssfsx17 wrote:Your avatar shows you were really inspired!

Any custom write-in is allowed for the Craft, Knowledge, Perform, and Profession skills. So you can write-in "Profession (WIS) Explorer"

For the 6 skills of choice - see this list: ... lls#skills

Fitting what you have already chosen for your concept, these seem like the closest fits:
- Clockwork --> Craft (INT) Clockwork
- firearms --> Ranged Attacking (DEX)
- locks --> Locks (DEX)
- mechanical --> Craft (INT) Mechanical
- riddles --> Knowledge (INT) Riddles
- 1 spare
I had never heard of or seen Modrons before. Too cute and I think it will be fun to role play.
Thanks for the help! I'll edit in the changes. And if it is ok I was thinking that instead of 'explorer' I think I would like to go with 'Search and Rescue Bot'
Made the spare skill Stealth.
Changed the performance skill to 'mime'

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:15 pm
by Scitzz
This game just got a whole lot cooler!

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:30 am
by ssfsx17
One thing that I should make more clear - You do not need to read any Planescape material for this campaign. Your character can just be a random medieval person, or come from any other D&D-family setting. In fact I hope that at least a few of your characters will come from a world where portals to other planes generally don't open up every 10 seconds, then you can be more shocked and amazed.

But if you do read Planescape material like a few of you have already, then you will be less likely to be considered "clueless" or a "berk" by the NPCs. Although coming from one of the planar realms could still make you a clueless berk depending on your character's background.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:55 am
by ssfsx17
Another note - you do not need to be a member of a faction. The books say that planars need to be members of factions, ignore that part. Unless you all unanimously agree to one faction, that could work.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:12 am
by ssfsx17
I will be around this Saturday, August 5, to help with character creation. In fact I hope we can get into some character introductions to the setting.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:12 am
by Scitzz
The links for these skills seem to be dead.

Craft (INT) (specify) - Level 1
Knowledge (INT) (specify) - Level 1
Perform (CHA) (specify) - Level 1
Profession (WIS) (specify) - Level 1

I get a 404 code for each one.

Or are they from the same skill list that I see for attributes?


Rolled attributes in RA game.


Roll20 was VERY kind to me, I think I only rolled a one once. Rolls are there for verification purposes.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:23 am
by ssfsx17
Oooops - I have now fixed the Craft, Knowledge, Perform, and Profession links here: ...

They are from the same skill list that you see for attributes:

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:38 am
by ssfsx17
Loving the characters y'all are coming up with! Next week's session is gonna be interesting

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:05 pm
by Penny-Whistle
Are we starting tomorrow?

And forgive these questions if you have already answered but can you give any hints about how we might all meet and where the action will begin? (If that is a secret, no problem.)

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:33 pm
by ssfsx17
Yes, we're starting tomorrow

Hoping to get the backgrounds for the remaining characters to be done - as this will affect the way that you all meet. The general plan, though, is for characters from the Prime Material Plane (i.e. normal settings) to have ended up in Sigil due to sudden portal appearances. They will get their starting gear and cash on loan from Adventure Capital in order to survive this strange new plane. Those who are already in the Alignment / Elemental / Outlands planes would see an opportunity for grand adventures, self-enrichment, or other such things as long as they can scrounge together enough work to pay back Adventure Capital within 60 days. Again - this will all be influenced by the remaining character backgrounds that I have not received yet.


Confirmed characters so far are:

- Modron Explorer (Planar)
- Psy-blade wielding Fighter - Kzin (cat-person) from Larry Niven's Ringworld setting, spent some time in the gladiatorial slave pits, found himself in Sigil upon gaining freedom
- Psionic Rogue/Bard type - Vistani (Romani / Gypsy) from Ravenloft, their clan most likely migrated through a big portal and ended up in Sigil
- Cleric (or other skillset) - Minotaur from Krynn (Dragonlance)
- Unknown class & race - from Oerth (Greyhawk)

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:58 am
by Scitzz
My eyes spring open at the sounds outside my box. I have been dreaming again.

OH! The dreams! Running through fields with my littermates, under the arch my father says is no arch, but rather the other side of the ringworld we live on, and play on, and hunt and fight upon. We chase rabbits brought from the map of Earth, which grandfather conquered before my father's birth. First of us to eat one may be told the name we strive to earn. My prey is bouncing just out of reach, and I gather my strength and pounce! Success! I grasp it in my claws and pull it to my mouth. My littermates variously snarl and hiss in frustration, jealousy, or anger, but it does no good. The prize is mine! Later, in his halls, sitting at my father's feet, he tells me the name I shall seek to earn is his father's.


For while I am not oldest, nor strongest, I am fastest.I am also the most agile, with the brightest mind. Father says when I am older, I will go out into the universe, and there I must find my way on my own. I must seek out challenges, and honorable enemies to fight and overcome. I must prove myself worthy of my name. Perhaps I will find some knowledge that will help my race conquer more lands, or even subdue lands on my own. Mayhap I shall do deeds of legend, or win untold fortunes. Only then will I have earned my name, and will be allowed to use it. This is the way of all Kzinti.

BATTLE! There are familiar noises outside my box! Noises I normally only hear in the pits, or in the cages they keep us and train us in for the pits. What could be happening to the masters outside? Suddenly it feels as if I am falling. As my box impacts the ground, my head impacts the box and suddenly I am dreaming again.

My brother asked me outside with him. He was the only one of my littermates to never have tried to kill me. We often worked together and almost trusted each other. He spoke to me of the plots in the past against me, and how they had never succeeded. He spoke of how our other littermates had decided that if they could not kill me, perhaps they could get rid of me. As I chuckled and looked him in the eyes, I realized he was of like mind, and I sprang...but too late! Not a muscle of my body would move! I heard movement behind me, a crash of light, and all went black. When I awoke, I was in this box.

A long time passed in this box. I was fed through a slot. Air hissed through a small hole on one side, and seemed to escape from one on the other. Rake at the walls though I might with my claws, not even a scratch could be made. Sometimes I was jostled. I was given water through a tube. A small box in the corner had a lid on it. I could lift the lid and make waste, which would disappear with a loud “whoosh” when the lid was closed.

After many a sleep, I was turned out of my box and into the cages. That is where I met the others.

We were all kept by monkeys(humans) only they were nothing like those on the map of Earth. These were intelligent, cruel, and strong. They even kept some of their own in the cages. The cages were inhabited by a multitude of races. Each of us had a small cell like the box we traveled in. There was no privacy, and never was it quiet. The holes in the impossibly strong wire fence separating us from each other were too small to sneak more than a claw through, and that most likely saved many a life. As occupants we had no pity for each other, each consumed with rage, fear, and wary acceptance of our fate.

In intervals we were taken out and trained. An Elf named Badhron was my trainer. First, he taught me his speech. Then he taught me the ways of meditation, and focus. I learned to use my claws and my weapons as if they were a part of me. Never kind, but never cruel, Badhron taught me with disinterest. If I failed to learn something, he beat me with a club, with no trace of a smile, nor with any sign of regret. He also taught me the speech of the masters, Terran. I learned my lessons well.

My neighbor to the right of me was another elf. He would never speak to anyone, but to my left was Mianoc Ashsmile, a not quite elderly Gnoll. He was often bored and taught me his speech to pass the time. Also so he could boast of his seemingly endless adventures before being caught. They were all lies, I think. His stories had repeated themes, and were also often repeated with slightly different events. They kept me occupied though. Until the day he left and never returned.

One day, Badhron looked at me and said “Well, that is about all I can be expected to teach you,” and walked out of the training room. I never saw him again.

A few sleeps later I was put back into “my” box. I call it my box, but for all I know, each could have been different. So non descript, so resistant to wear and scratch, I could have been kept in hundreds of different boxes and thought it the same every time.

Then there was sounds of travel, and movement. Many sleeps passed and the box was opened on one side into a pit. A pit of rock and stone, with a gravel floor. Amidst the large sharp stones were metal filings, pieces of armor, broken glass, and gibbets of putrid flesh. The egress at the top was surrounded by fence that I later learned was electrified. Around it were rising rows of simple bench seats, filled full of many beings of many different races, yelling at me in a thunderous cacophony that could not be understood. Spit flew from facial orifices, avarice gleamed in some eyes. None seemed to pity the poor Kzinti in the pit.

Then, across from me, another box opened and from it emerged an Orc. Gird in tatters of leather and carrying a poorly fashioned axe of immense size, he took one look at me and rushed with axe held high, screaming in rage. With but a moment's hesitation, I leapt into the air, and with a half twist layout, I landed directly behind him, now facing his back. He tried to spin to follow me, but was absurdly slow compared to me, and I simply ripped his throat out. After a second or two of hushed silence, the cacophony renewed itself, in a mixture of cheers and boos. From around the pit, monkeys fired bullets into the ground at my feet, thus herding me back into my box, and the door slammed shut, sealing so tight no seam could be found.

This has been my life since. I travel in the box. I am taken back to the cages or more often, to different pits. For as different as they look, they seem to be one and the same. I eat the mush I am given to eat, I drink the water I am given to drink. I fight. I kill. I dream of the past, for what future is there for me to dream of now?

I dream of the nights sneaking and hiding from all about. Learning to pick locks so I could discover the secrets of others. Setting traps to catch my brothers and cousins trying to do the same to me. Disarming the traps they would set. Trapping game on my father's fields, and hunting with only my claws, my stealth, and my speed.

I am waking from the dreams again.

I slowly raise my head in some pain, shaking my head quickly to try to lessen the pain. Light blurs around me, and jumps suddenly, sharply, into focus. The door to my box is open. Monkeys that look like the ones that herd me back into my box after a fight lay dead in a room around me. Elves and other Monkeys dressed in the same martial manner, one to the other, mill around the room. Some talk, others stand guard. One leans over me, and in the common tongue tells me to be easy. As he says this, he slides a needle into my arm and I dream some more.

I come to in a building that I am told is called a hospital. I am told that I was rescued from a known ring of slavers, and am questioned almost endlessly for any small detail that I can remember, but my inquisitors seem disgusted by my lack of knowledge, although they assure me this is not my fault. I am fed the most wonderful raw meats, and I drink milk with abandon. I am allowed outside on a rooftop garden that there is no escape from, but the air is clean and good. I am content for a time.

Then I am told I shall be cast loose. No one knows of a world like a ring with a star in the middle, and an arch over the sky. They think I must be imagining it, and can not recall my real home. I am taken through a door and with a strange feeling passing over me, I am suddenly in a room full of desks, and a couple dozen sentient beings at them.

I am led to one, and it is explained to me I am in the recruiting offices of something called Adventure Capital. I am sat at a desk and up walks another Kzinti! He seats himself and tells me we are of the same race, but my home is unknown to him, our real homeworld is Kzin. He asks if I have a name, and I tell him I know it, but have not earned it. Almost gently, he assures me I have, and now I am known as Chmee. He arranges a loan for me that I must payback before long. He helps me pick equipment, weapons, and food that will last me on travels. Then he tells me I must go out into the place we are in, he names it Sigil, and search for adventure, the kind of adventure that will earn me the treasure to pay them back, and further prove I am worthy of my name. So I do, for I have debts to repay. A debt to the self styled Adventure Capital, a debt of blood to be settled with my former masters, and another debt of blood with my brother that betrayed me.

I pass through another door, and I get the same woozy feeling as the last one. I stumble, and turn to look behind me, but there is no door there, only an alley leading to a busy street, an alley that stinks and is full of trash. It is only then I realize I never got the Kzinti’s name. I make my way into the street, and ask the closest vendor where I am. Chuckling about rough nights and better places than an alley to sleep them off, he tells me I am in Sigil.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:06 pm
by Penny-Whistle
Modron backstory.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:49 pm
by Scitzz
Modron is a complicated character, eh?

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:10 am
by ssfsx17
Each character has 50 gold of debt repaid

+1 rep with Xaositects (because they thought Chmee was helping them be chaotic)

+1 rep with the Transcendent Order (Ciphers) (because you proved you killed a Harmonium agent who wanted to shut them down)

-1 rep with the Harmonium, because there were two hirelings who were able to report the identities of Weston's killer

3.50 gold per character

300 experience per character

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:05 am
by ssfsx17
Balance change - Chi Fist extra attack costs 2 chi instead of 1.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:23 am
by Scitzz


Well, OK. Whatever you say :D

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:55 pm
by Penny-Whistle
Ding. Level 2

I didn't twig into the idea that we were building/losing faction reputation. I like that aspect very much.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:08 pm
by Scitzz
If the Harmonion has too many guys that attack with little to no provocation, then we will keep losing points there. They never asked us to drop our weapons, just tried to lure us into what felt like a trap, and attacked for brandishing a weapon.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:46 pm
by yetihermit
Ok, big update for me. I'm first going to Post Gareth's character sheet, then his backstory.

Re: Planescape with class-less D&D

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:50 pm
by yetihermit
Name: Gareth
Race: Vistani (of the Naiat tasque, Ravenloft gypsy human)
Class: Psion (Seer)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Hair: long, curly and raven black, usually worn in a pony tail
Eyes: deep green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135lbs
Appearance: pierced nose with a small ruby stud, both ears pierced with a blue and green studs, black goatee

Experience Level: 1
XP spent/total: 0 / 300

+1 rep with Xaositects (because they thought Schmee was helping them be chaotic)

+1 rep with the Transcendent Order (Ciphers) (because you proved you killed a Harmonium agent who wanted to shut them down)

-1 rep with the Harmonium, because there were two hirelings who were able to report the identities of Weston's killer

HP: 20 / 20
start at Constitution (14) + 1d6 (6)

=== Stats ===

AC: 10 + 3 (chi body + con) + 2 (dex) = 15
BtH: Ranged: +2 (dex) + 1 (ranged fighting) = +3 Melee: +0
Damage: 1 + (2x3) = 7 (ranged with psy blade)

STR: 9 +0
DEX: 14 +2
CON: 14 +2
INT: 16 +3
WIS: 9 +0
CHA: 14 +2 (+1 to encounter reactions, +2 if role-playing for naiat)

=== Background & Traits ===

Languages: Common, Planar Common, Vistani, Sylvan

=== Skills ===

Class Skills:
Craft (INT) Psionic Focus (Psionic Tattoos) - Level 1 (100xp)
Knowledge (INT) Linguistics (Planar Common) - Level 1 (100xp)
Perform (CHA) Musician (ukulele) - Level 1 (100xp)
Profession (WIS) Entertainer (juggler) - Level 1 (100xp)

General Skills:
Ranged Fighting (DEX) - Level 1 (100xp)
Psionic Potential (INT) - Level 1 (100xp)
Psionic Power (INT) - Level 1 (100xp)
Psy Blade (INT) - Level 1 (100xp)
Chi Body (CON) - Level 1 (100xp)
Athletics (DEX) - Level 1 (100xp)

Extra Skill: Music (CHA) - Level 1 (100xp) - for the magical effects of using your instrument. Since this skill is supposed to represent all Bardic Music abilities (can play ukulele to have the bardic abilities to influence reactions and inspire allies) Magic Song: Magic Songs always last for one minute (6 combat rounds), unless otherwise noted for the song type. The number of songs per day is equal to half their Music Level, with at least one song per day at Music Level 1. For example, a Music Level of 10 allows five songs per day. The bonus given by a Magic Song is equal to half their Music Level, with at least a bonus of +1 at Music Level 1. The song type determines what the bonus is applied to:
Song of Aesthetic: Calm down crowds - dust in the wind
Song of Battle: All attack accuracy rolls - ride of the valkyries
Song of Depth: Caster level - in the hall of the mountain king
Song of Harmony: This song type does not have a normal duration. It reduces Music Level x 10 minutes from resting time. This song type can only be used immediately before resting. - el condor pasa
Song of Luck: All saving throws - eine kleine nachtmusik / wipeout
Song of Rhythm: Concentration checks - i can see clearly now
Song of Themes: One attribute, chosen at the time of singing - las mananitas

Vistani skill (survival) - Level 1 (100xp) - identify plants, animals and safe water as a druid

=== Traits / Disadvantages
Disadvantage: Moon Madness - During the three nights of the full moon, the character is unable to sleep while the full moon is out in the night sky. The character has a penalty of -2 to all d20 checks until they are able to rest for eight hours. The character also rolls a d20 in each full moon night to determine if they run around under the stars. On a roll of 1, they run around uncontrollable beneath the night sky while the full moon is showing.

Disadvantage: Static Burn - The character must not sleep in the same place for more than 3 days in a row. Otherwise, they suffer a penalty of -2 to Intelligence and Charisma until they change their dwelling like a proper nomad.

Trait: Psionic Category - Seer

Trait: Psionic Discipline - Clairsentience

Disadvantage: Necrophobia - The character is afraid of the undead and has a penalty of -2 to all checks relating to them. (a relative was brought back as undead and he had to kill her)

Disadvantage: Bad Credit Rating - The character's starting wealth is changed to only 70 gold loaned from Adventure Capital, with 40 gold already spent on an adventuring kit. Furthermore, the character will be unable to get financing of any kind, except from loan sharks and other illegal channels. Clearing up the credit rating will take a lot more than just showing off how much wealth the character has gotten through adventuring. It will require all sorts of paperwork, difficult interactions with banks, etc.

=== Abilities / Spells ===

0th (5)

Destiny dissonance - sickened 1 rnd/lvl, pp 1, touch attack, no save - sickened: the character takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks

Precognition - gain +2 to attack, damage, save or skill check, until used or 10 min/lvl

Know direction and location - know plane or place in general relative to a prominent site, plus direction

Precognition, defensive - gain + 1 to AC or save, +1 additional/3pp, 6pp as swift action

Hand Eye - 1 hour/lvl, You switch your vision to go through a point on your body. You can change which point of your body you are seeing through using a move action. This vision is equivalent to what you would currently be able to see with your eyes, taking into account any other vision-altering effects. Augment: For each additional power point spent on the augment, you gain an additional point on your body that you can see through at once. However, for each additional point on your body that you look through, you take a penalty of -2 to checks to see fine details, faces, read lips, sense motive, search for traps, and the like. No matter how many points on your body that you use to perceive, you can never fail to spot person-sized objects, walls, and the like.

1st (2 + int modifier (3) = 5)

Clairvoyant sense - 1 min/lvl, see and hear a distant location (familiar place or obvious place, such as "behind this door" or "at the end of this hallway", see 10ft even if dark or to darkvision range)

Object reading - concentration up to 10min/lvl, learn details about an object's previous owner(s) depending on how much time is spent (1st min: race, 2nd: gender, 3rd: age, 4th: alignment, 5th: how gained and lost item, 6th: next to last owner, etc, +1pp: extra 10min duration

Sensitivity to psychic impressions - manifestation time 1 hour, 25ft + 5ft/2lvl, spread with radius 25'+5'/2lvl centred on you, concentration up to 10min/lvl, find out about an area's past; The types of events most likely to leave psychic impressions are those that elicited strong emotions: battles and betrayals, marriages and murders, births and great pain, or any other event where one emotion dominates. Everyday occurrences leave no residue for a manifester to detect. The vision of the event is dreamlike and shadowy. You do not gain special knowledge of those involved in the vision, though you might be able to read large banners or other writing if they are in your language. Beginning with the most recent significant event at a location and working backward in time, you can sense one distinct event for every 10 minutes you maintain concentration, if any such events exist to be sensed. Your sensitivity extends into the past a maximum number of years equal to 100 × your manifester level.

Disable - 20ft cone shaped emanating from manifester, up to 4HD of subjects believe they are disabled (least HD first), will save, 2pp=+5ft range + 1 DC save + 1 HD/pp

Telempathic projection - influences subject's mood one step in positive direction (will negates), +4 to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, perform, sense motive to self or others involving affected creature


PSP - use table plus bonus int mod
5 + 3 = 8

=== Equipment ===

Adventurer's Kit
Blanket, Winter
Firewood, 7 days
Flint and Steel
Lantern, Bullseye
Mirror, Small Steel
Oil, 1 pint
Rations, Trail, for 7 days
Soap, 2 pounds

Naiat Vistani crafted ukulele (quality, adorned with Vistani symbols, concert) 5gp
Deck of tarot cards 1gp (well worn, leather case)
Juggling balls (4) 2gp

Traveler's outfit 1gp :
Green tunic
Brown soft boots
Dark green trousers
Black cloak
Dark yellow rope belt

2 x belt pouch 2gp
50' silk rope 10gp
10 x piton 1gp
hammer, light (1d4 impact, finesse) 1gp
10 x chalk 1sp

6 x darts 5cp ea = 3sp (1d4 puncture)
1 x sling (1d4 impact) - puts stones in one belt pouch

Gold remaining: 10gp

- 37.50 gold owed to Adventure Capital

=== Will ===

Leave it to... each von Zeldrov'ich gypsy folk in the 'Loft, any and all who follow Selk and Polgara, and their children, and their children's children.

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Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:51 pm
by yetihermit
The story of Gareth the Naiat Vistana of the Boem tasque

Father was a musician, and largely a pacifist. He was very bitter about the inequalities in the world between rich and poor, or the nations of races. He did not trust many people in power, believing power corrupted. He was very structured and methodical, and had a keen mind.
He took Gareth out as child to the wilderness, sharing with him the Vistani knowledge of plants, animals and how to tell if water was safe to drink, ways of surviving on the land. As a musician, he accompanied more than he led, but he had his moments of soloing. Gareth learned about performing from his father, who was also a tumbler and juggler. His athletic abilities were not entirely lost on Gareth, though his son's physique was much more wiry and compact than his. Gareth was never as serious about music as his father was, but he knew some songs well enough and had learned some of the theory of notes and the intervals between them. His juggling never went as far, but at his best he could still keep four things in the air. Gareth's father's name was Selk.

Mother was a fortune teller. Mother was drop dead gorgeous (Cha 18). Often the caravan had to up and leave because of unwanted advances on her, rich men or entitled men seeking their fortune who wanted it all. She was also quite a wise woman, a voice to be listened to in the tribe. It was not just giorgios seeking their fortunes that sought her advice, but her own people relied on her. Her name was Polgara. During the Vistani moon madness, there were whispered tales of her legendary dances under Luna's beams.

He had a brother and a sister. Their names were Garion and Elsa. The brother was much older. Was banished from the tribe when Gareth was young for pursuing one of the elder's daughters against the wishes of the elder. When he was accused of corrupting her by her father, with his strange thinking about equality and loving all things, he was found guilty and banished from the tribe, never to mingle with the Boem tasque again. His sister was younger, she found expression in the tribe as a tattoo artist. Gareth was one of her subjects, and also one of her students. She was one of Gareth's best friends, as he was considered somewhat of an odd duck even among the Vistani. He liked to find unique things and try to imagine pasts that would make them how they were. He had a kinship with insects and spiders, reptiles and frogs, rather than furry animals, horses, cats, dogs and the like. He didn't like sweets at all, claiming they all tasted like chewed up paper to him. He was considered too gullible of the giorgio, too trusting, and was chastised for trying to get too close to some of them when the vardos stopped near a settlement.

His older brother helped teach him to understand written language, the patterna and the common tongue. His brother was a scholarly sort, amongst the entertainers he was one who crafted stories and tales, often writing songs as well. He was a figure Gareth looked up to, and after the banishment, was cause for him to question some of the ways of his people. Some of his father's bitterness began to creep in. Gareth had been a happy Naiat for the most part before then. When his brother was banished, Gareth stole a bottle of one of the elder's moonshine and got very drunk in his sadness. So drunk in fact, that he had an epiphany and awakened the inner abilities for supernatural sensitivity that he inherited from his mother. Suddenly his awareness became cognizant of the fact that underlying all of being there was a stream of information that defined it in some way. He began discovering strange and mysterious ways to interact with this information, which he called the "All Knowledge". Thus began his new life as a clairsentient and a seer.

He began training under the tutelage of his mother when he revealed these things to her. She was pleased but disturbed at the same time. She knew all too well that sometimes the answers one gets from the All Knowledge could be frightening or not what one expected. She taught him to manifest his thoughts into a blade that he could use to defend himself, a fine amethyst purple affair, and armor he could manifest from his essence, since at the time the lad had no martial training. She was pleased with his talents in the ways of hidden senses, and more pleased when he showed aptitude at reading the deeper information of his environment, teaching him powers only a select few could master at his age.

Her signature abilities of reading an object and sensing the impressions of a place were taught to him, and her ability to project her senses to other locations. Gareth also learned her ability to augment her influence on others, as if her natural vivaciousness was not enough. His mother was a very convincing woman. He became able to gain insight into the near future, to understand where in the universe he was located, to shift his vision to other locations on his body, and to sicken a mind with a touch. In a deep part of his mind that surprised his mother, Gareth learned how to reach out to other minds and convince them they had become mortu, that they had lost their life essence. This ability was something his mother was not familiar with, and she watched him carefully after this.

One day, while on the road, Gareth's caravan was beset by a dark lord and his minions. Only a dark lord could find them in the mists they traveled. They fought valiantly, and the elders were able to repel the attackers, but not before several members of the caravan were wounded. One of them was Elsa, and she became infected with the undead plague, becoming a shambling, gibbering zombie. As if some lingering memory of life clung in her quickly decaying brain, she recognized Gareth and began following him to feast on his brains.

Gareth was beside himself. His best friend, the terrors of all the other undead attacks, how his father had disappeared, taken by the beasts while trying to protect his mother, it was too much. The young psion was forced to confront his sister himself. He tried reasoning with her, tried telling her funny stories from their youth, jokes. Nothing could bring the glimmer of life back to her eyes. In desperation he manifested his psiblade and threw it with eyes closed. When he saw his sister crumpled on the ground he fell to his knees himself. A deep sadness and revulsion for undead grew in him from that day.

But the troubles of their caravan were not over. For a while things settled. As a way to remember his sister, Gareth began to do tattoos she was most fond of for people. In his sadness he learned how to lend a part of his essence to these things, and imbue them with powers he wished his sister had had, ways to protect oneself or know some part of the future, so as to avoid it. He gained the insight that more could be done with these tattoos, and started to combine elements of his own style with those of his sister. For a time, it brought him some comfort. But relatively, this time was short.

One of the dark lord's senior minions had seen Polgara, and told the lord of her bewitching beauty and observations about her talents. Looking into the mind of his minion, indeed, he could see this was true. Speaking through a portal to his own master, it was decided an incubus would be sent to infiltrate the tribe and take Polgara, as some of the elders had proven more than they had anticipated to deal with. It took the form of Gareth's father, who had disappeared in the attack and went into the caravan. A powerful dweomer of convincing had been placed on the incubus, and its true identity remained undetected. In the wilderness by the settlement they were found, Gareth had gathered a bouquet of bluebell flowers to bring to his mother. What his eyes fell upon when peering into her tent shook him. "Mother..." he began to utter, even as the incubus was pushing his mother upon the bed. He witnessed his father's face twist into something demonic, and as it waved its hand at him, he was knocked to the ground.

Trying to get up, he saw his demon father grab hold of his mother, and the air above it seemed to distort. First a point of light, it expanded into a sphere, almost a bubble. Gareth could see the demon gathering its concentration to perform some effect, his mother reached out and touched it, and it howled. Like an alarm going off, suddenly the questioning voices of the tribe started to rise. "Help! A demon has my mother!" Gareth finally shouted, and as he did so the incubus smacked Polgara, knocking her out. Hearing the rustle of feet rapidly approaching, the demon hissed and leaped into the bubble. "I will find you some day boy, and make you food for master Grakkus", and with those words the bubble shrank and winked out of existence with a final glimmer.

Stunned, Gareth was beside himself. First his brother banished, his father taken, his sister turned, and now his mother kidnapped. His family had evaporated in front of his eyes in short order. "I will find her" he vowed to himself, and went to speak with the elders. From his descriptions of the demon, and what it had said of a master Grakkus, the elders believed it to be a creature from beyond the mists. They advised him to seek people of the Manusa tasque, the masters of time and the mists, if he truly wanted to attempt and rescue his mother. "She will most likely be turned or eaten in short order," they told him gravely, but he would not accept it. He stayed with his people, disconsolate, until they crossed with some Manusa in the mists. The others would have nothing to do with them at the time, but Gareth approached. He played them a song he had written, and explained his story, and the odd gesture and sincerity seemed to strike a chord with one of the Manusa elders, who said he could travel with them until they met for their grand convocation.

At the convocation, Gareth was surprised to meet his brother once more. Apparently banished from his tribe didn't mean another couldn't take him in, and he had been continuing his scholarly pursuits. From what he had learned, what had taken his mother would likely be an incubus, a creature from the outer planes, but he did not know on which plane a master Grakkus might live. While he was there, Gareth's brother taught him the common language of the planes, to which he was a quick study. Consulting with the Manusa elders yielded no further information on this, but Gareth was told that, if he so chose, he could find passage with a person who worked with an organization called Adventure Capital that had access to other planes. They were to meet this person at the end of this current journey. After traveling with them for a time, Gareth met with the lady Drusila, who initially didn't seem very keen to bring him along. A little desperate, Gareth resorted to trying to use his ability to influence others to trick her.

Even though he didn't have those intentions, but knowing his mother's time was limited, he promised the lady his affections in return for leading him through the mists to the place where Grakkus might be. With some psychic convincing, she accepted this offer, Drusila left the Manusa and led Gareth onwards into the mists. After some time all sounds disappeared, even the sounds of their steps. The whiteness of the mists slowly began to give way to a golden color. Suddenly, the lights began to flash, and a loud whooshing sound filled the air. Gareth was disoriented for a time, growing increasingly dizzy until he lost consciousness. He awoke in a bed with Drusila at the foot of it. Pulling the sheets up under his chin, Gareth looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry my lady, there is no way I can be doing this. I have another love, and said what I had to to save my mother." Her face twisting in anger, Drusila reached into her satchel by the bed and pulled out a book. "Well then my skinny friend, you are going to have a rough start of it," and jotted down some figures, very prominently crossing something out and writing something else.

Then he was directed to Soldam, who outfitted him and gave him his credit. It was only in retrospect that Gareth discovered his had gone sour. Thus began the adventuring days in Sigil.

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by ssfsx17
Penny-Whistle wrote:Ding. Level 2
The experience table is per skill. You will need 10 skills at level 2 to advance your experience level.

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by ssfsx17
Scitzz wrote:If the Harmonion has too many guys that attack with little to no provocation, then we will keep losing points there. They never asked us to drop our weapons, just tried to lure us into what felt like a trap, and attacked for brandishing a weapon.
"Trap" is such a harsh word! It's "proactive identification of suspects" and "proactive defense of an agent" :twisted:


In fact... entrapment sounds like a serious charge. If you could prove in a court of law that the situation was entrapment, or that Agent Weston was at fault for trying to make you go in an alleyway, hmm... :idea: :idea: :idea:

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by ssfsx17
Love the background yetihermit! It's awesome that you all are able to get so deeply into your characters!

I do not require this level of writing from anyone, but it is great that fun is had in the process.

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by Penny-Whistle
ssfsx17 wrote:
Penny-Whistle wrote:Ding. Level 2
The experience table is per skill. You will need 10 skills at level 2 to advance your experience level.
Oops. So does that mean we can advance one skill?