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Planescape campaign 1.1.0 - OPEN recruitment 
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Post Planescape campaign 1.1.0 - OPEN recruitment
Schedule: Saturdays at 17:00 PST, lasting for an average of 4 hours

Example timetable of when this is: ... =70&p4=179

Setting: This campaign takes place in the Planescape Campaign Setting. The Faction War module never happened, and never will happen. Some additional things have been added, such as guilds who teach skills, and other factions and planes. In one case, the world of Dragonlance (Krynn) was radically-altered by the party's actions.


- Script Change RPG Toolbox: - This provides a framework for pausing the game, requesting that a situation should stop going in an excessively-sexual or violent direction, requesting changes to the game's atmosphere, stopping unwanted PvP, etc.
- No sentient creature can be born inherently good or evil. Instead, I rule that it is alignment energies from the Outer Planes, culture, the influence of the gods, philosophies, faction memberships, etc. that can shape both physical and mental development.
- We will warn and kick players who try to make the world revolve around them, or knowingly cause harm to other players. Luckily, the need for kicking anyone has been extremely rare so far.

Game Rules:

- Class-less D&D-based system: - The key difference compared to any other edition is its being class-less. Otherwise, D&D fundamentals still apply. Magic, psionics, and wondrous items start with the 3rd-edition-family as the base, but other editions have been used for spells when they were easier to use in specific situations, such as Entangle.
- Optional rules used - All of those listed on the site (Feats, Ideals, skill gems, etc). Ideals will be further worked out as a continuous and never-ending process.
- As of the time of this post, new characters gain 57,000 experience (on top of starting experience) and have 19,000 gold.

What to know about me, the DM: In general, I'm more 90's-school and new-school, rather than old-school.

- I don't like dungeon crawling - neither playing it, nor prepping the material for it. Instead, enemies usually have simple strongholds with full standing militaries. Or, "dungeon"-like areas will be small and focused on crazy concepts.
- I don't like TPKs with zero warning. I try to give chances for detection, negotiation, escape, etc.
- Characters still die in situations such as - being the only target visible to a bunch of Fireball-casting driders, getting left behind by their party-members who can teleport, etc.

What happened in the campaign so far: A bunch of adventures and tasks, new planes discovered, and personal quests achieved. Now, it is time for the party to decide which ideals they will embody.

Technical Details:

- Discord - - this is how we all stay in touch, as well as voice chat
- MapTool - - this is due to it using an infinitely-expandable map, which fits our style a lot better

C&C/D&D-related writings, Cortex Classic material, and other scraps:

Class-less D&D:

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Post Re: Planescape campaign 1.1.0 - OPEN recruitment
Now that the White and Red Robes had gained the knowledge of the Plane Shift spell, they were able to counterbalance the demon summoning of the Black Robes. The extraplanar Good creatures also could not be predicted by the Orb of Causality. This eventually led to balance in the war, but at a great cost to the population.

As the war drew to an end, the Black Robes all left the plane. For their true goal was not to make evil reign in Krynn. Rather, it was to exchange steel money for as much gold as they could find, and make the same kinds of currency exchanges that Kalisar 3.0 had done. They also handed over the Orb of Causality to Nuitari in exchange for being allowed to live and finish their plane shifts.

Thansk to extraplanar good and evil creatures entering Krynn, Aasimar and Tieflings likewise came about in the following years. Kalisar 4.0 would have grown up with Aasimar and Tiefling minotaur-hybrids who were a few years younger than him.

The gods of Krynn decided not to carry out another Cataclysm. First, the plane had been devastated-enough by the war. Second, now that the pandora'x box of planar connectivity had been opened, no positive lesson could possibly be learned from a Cataclysm.

Raistlin successfully carried out his plan. He entered one of the layers of the Abyss with Crysania, had her take all the demonic attacks aimed at him, and battled Tahkisis. Then he lured Tahkisis out into the prime material and destroyed her, absorbing her magical energy. But now that Krynn was connected to the planescape, a group of Solars were able to go into the Abyss to rescue Crysania. Nuitari used the Orb of Causality to predict all of Raistlin's spells and defeat him, knocking him back down to mortal level.

Meanwhile in Sigil, the Lady of Pain walked down a few streets, shook out her bladed robes a bit, and a great rebalancing echoed across the entire Planescape. Some people were torn in half. Others became stronger. Some cities were completely rearranged. Some worlds rotated 90 degrees sideways. Many magic-users and psions forgot much of their power, while others were completely unaffected. The Dabus explained in their visual-symbol language, "Our Lady needed to do it for the sake of the planes."


In the confusion of the war, after Tahkisis was destroyed, Lord Soth was able to sneak off to a different plane. Rumor has it that he has one new banshee, stronger than his others. A banshee clad in dragonscale and wielding a black lance.

For Lord Soth never desired to rule the world, despite the fact that he could have easily done so. Nor was he ever a true believer in Tahkisis. He only served the Dark Queen because she literally owned his soul, and could annihilate him if he ever dared to betray her. Now his soul was free.

It is said that he can be found among the blackguards, dark knights, death knights, and other Lawful Evil militarists of the planescape. Training them in his special brand of evil honor.

C&C/D&D-related writings, Cortex Classic material, and other scraps:

Class-less D&D:

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Post Re: Planescape campaign 1.1.0 - OPEN recruitment
Consider this my endorsement of the game system, the gm, and the setting. Top notch stuff.

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