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Re: Golden Heroes/Squadron UK - gauging interest...

Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:18 am

OK buddy . . you got me!

As stated - not a fan of supers, but this thread has been so very interesting even for a game that I'm not interested in.

Since I believe Gring can make this interesting despite my reluctance in this genre ~ I'm willing to try a session or two.


Re: Golden Heroes/Squadron UK - gauging interest...

Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:28 am

Awesome, watch this space for details.

Re: Golden Heroes/Squadron UK - gauging interest...

Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:08 am

So, if this were a kickstarter, this is the part where everyone would be crying foul. But, it's not a kickstarter.

I'm still interested, more than ever in fact. But, I'm also still busy.

This game has become something of an obsession with me. I'd love to run it. I despair of ever actually doing so, but...

Simon Burley, co-creator and game designer, has written a book called "Conventional Thinking". There is a chapter about this game and its creation at the end of the book, which is available on a "pay what you want" basis at drivethrurpg.

The thing that sets GH apart from other Supers games is that it attempts to simulate comic books instead of physics. Which I like. Ultimately, the game's reach exceeded it's grasp, but not by much. And the reach itself is impressive in its own right. It's a neat piece of genre emulation that sets out to do one thing, and mostly succeeds, even if it sometimes does so in spite of itself.

I want more than ever to run this, and have been familiarizing myself with the rules for quite some time. Pretty sure I have it. Mostly elegant with a few missteps. Burley says the game grew out of his usage of Gamma World for supers, after his gaming group didn't like Superhero 2044. After reading that, I can totally see it, it's kind of funny.

Anyway, just checking in.

Re: Golden Heroes/Squadron UK - gauging interest...

Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:17 am

Also, the original idea - using one of the shorter adventures from White Dwarf - WAS probably a better idea than trying to adapt a Champs module. The Champs module I had in mind is neat, but long. And possibly a bit TOO uncomfortable for some people. It was the only Champs module to be pulled from the shelves lol.

Re: Golden Heroes/Squadron UK - gauging interest...

Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:56 pm

Been running this for my nephews. It's not bad to run. I am using the introductory scenario in the Supervisors' Book. I will consider this a test run to hopefully run this with some people here. I purchased a copy of the"Codename: Spandex" retro-clone, so I could have something to flip through at the table while running this. It was well worth the money. It's a pretty pure clone of GH, and compatible right out of the box, so to speak. It's also GORGEOUS. Full color, beautifully illustrated, glossy pages, heavy paper, everything about C:S is QUALITY. It even improves upon the GH layout by compiling all of the relevant tables in the back of the book. I found a couple of minor typos, but nothing that will impact the game. Overall, it is one of the best looking RPG products I have purchased in a while. And it's a handy way to have an affordable, physical copy of the rules to refer to when running GH.
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