Bloodstone Mines...

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Bloodstone Mines...

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I see they FINALLY have 3 out of 4, that I saw, of these modules now in PDF. So if any of my long standing players with high level characters (likely 9th to 10 level to start this series) ever want to play those characters again, I once again have access to modules that theoretically could take you all the way up to 100th level! More likely 20th level or so, for your low XP character classes, more likely 18th to 19th for Wizards and Paladins. Even lower for those of your characters with 2 or more classes. Your character will just have to be willing to leave the area of my campaign world called "The Wilderlands", or Aihrde, and go to another continent, where they believe the world is called Faerun, and have lots of other crazy beliefs and ideas about the world and cosmos...

AFTER I do Victorious! So a long way down the road, so plenty of time to rediscover your characters and decide on which one. That or we can still do the campaign where you can play the 1E versions of classes. If we all live long enough, we can do both!
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Re: Bloodstone Mines...

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Re: Bloodstone Mines...

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place holder for .... I may have to pull up and rework a character for this level of play ....
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