New campaign - Castles & Crusades using VTT & voice chat

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New campaign - Castles & Crusades using VTT & voice chat

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I'm looking for 6-8 players for a new campaign.

The Company of the Ivory Scimitar has advertised for new adventurers to delve within a dungeon of unknown proportions below a legendary keep. You have decided to join this crew and seek your riches and fame.

The party needs at least one of each Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, and Rogue.

At this point, I'm thinking either Tuesday or Thursday evening / night US/Central (starting 7-8pm, running either 3 or 4 hours) each week, though this can change if needed. Character creation will be individual and involve some role playing as you will be negotiating your contract with the Company. Please have a player background ready before character creation, and will announce a starting date and time after I have ll players ready and in agreement. I run my games using Fantasy Grounds for VTT and TeamSpeak for voice chat (no license needed for either for players).

PM me with your email if you're interested, and we'll discuss more details.

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