The Veil of Darkness - The Home Game

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The Veil of Darkness - The Home Game

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Special note: This journal is for my newly started homebrew world with my regular group that meets in my house. The characters exist in the same timeline as the characters in my play by chat game. Although the towns each group is starting in is nearly 200 miles away, the actions of each group both affect the same world. So potentially, one groups actions could affect the other. No for the summary of the first session.

The characters:


Aaron Lassiter - Human Bard and son of a wealthy shipbuilder in Shieldvale.

Dworis Sootbeard - Dwarven Cleric of Zyla(LG) and friend of Layla

Grikis Valmorgen - Human Paladin of Zyla and companion of Dworis

Layla - Half-Elf Wizard/Rogue, child of prostitute and longtime friend of Dworis.

Tordus Knox - Human Rogue, member of the Silver Key guild in Shieldvale

Nightbear - Wild-Elf Barbarian, member of the great War-Clan near Kingsvale

Mystery human Intended sacrifice of Priest of Begnus

Dworis and Grikis have been charge to investigate the report of undead near the town of Kingsvale. This is the first mission for the pair after completeing their training at the temple in Shieldvale. Layla, the worldly follower of Luanna (goddess of love and debauchery) feels it necessary to make sure her friend Dworis stays save on this mission. The three travelers board a ferry on the river Wallow-Wash headed for Kingsvale. On the barge they meet a very eager and bright eyed Aaron Lassiter, who asks the Paladin if he can chronicle the Holy Warriors deeds. The Paladin is amused by the boy and allows him to come along. Tordus Knox is on the barge, but keeps to the shadows.

The five travelers arrive in Kingsvale at the same time the warrior Nightbear rides into the town, seeking information about the reports of the undead from the Mayor - Stanley Bowers. Kingsvale has a stench about it, in the form of the nearby swamp gases and pitchworks. The travelers head to the Oily Otter Inn, tired from their journey they seek refreshment and rest. Before their ale mugs can rest on the table they hear screams outside and a strange buzzing noise. Aaron, Dworis, Grikis and Nightbear investigate. To their horror they see no less than 12 Stirges attacking a group of women, children and halflings. The four draw thier weapons and confront the winged beasts. Nightbear is wounded in the battle, yet the heroes slay 6 of the creatures. Sadly 6 of them escape, carrying screaming children with them to the swamps. Three town constables and the mayor show up and offer a reward to any who search down Stirges and try to recover the children.

At the mention of reward, Tordus volunteers as does Layla and the six heroes, along with three town guardsmen (1 dwarf, 2 elves) are led into the swamps by local halfling and tracker Ian Lafferty. After several hours walking through the foul swamps the search party hears the faint moans of children, a buzzing sound can be heard as well. Soon the other six stirges are on the party and a frightful battle ensues. At the end of the skirmish, Aaron, Nightbear and the dwarf guards lie unconscious and bleeding. Sadly none of the children survived the encounter with the winged beasts. Dworis applies healing to the wounded warriors and they limp back to town with the bodies of the children. The townsfolk thank the search party for their efforts, and small rewards are given. Dworis and Grikis give their rewards to the parents of the slain children.

The next morning the heroes are summoned by Mayor Bowers who informs them of a robbery of his manse the night before. He says the sheriffs investigation has indicated that the Red Claw bandits are likely responsible. However they mayor tells the heroes that the most pressing issue are the reports of undead in the area (the reason Grikis and Dworis came here in the first place). The mayors says that the town mausoleums nearby have been emptied of their occupants.

The party proceeds to the mausoleums and there they find that several of the mausoleums are indeed empty except for some large spiders and giants frogs that have moved in. They dispatch of these squatters, and examine the remaining tombs. In one they find a great horror, the 6 dead townsfolk have been turned into vile zombie! The battle is furious and deadly, the Cleric and Paladin fell unconscious to blows and Todus Knox managed to kill himself with an unlucky ricochet of his sling. The party carries back the Paladin and Cleric, leaving Tordus dead, unable to carry his corpse. The heroes limp back into town and the wounded comrades are brought back to health by nearby Clerics of Zembis who have a nearby temple. The heroes decide to return to the tombs to find the source of the undead.

When they return they find that the zombies have turned to dust and Tordus's body has been removed. Searching for clues they find a piece of parchment among the tombs that reads:

"The time is near make your preparations, IMMEDIATELY. -N"

While discussing this note, a darkyl cloaked figure sneaks up of the group and attack them with a Sound blast. The figure heads back into the swamps, Aaron, who was not stunned by the attack lets an arrow fly at the villan, the arrow strikes true and they gather the nearly dead mystery man and take him back to town for questioning. Dworis and Grikis realize immediately that the man is a priest of Begnus, a vile god whose worship is banned in all of Zalmaria. Nightbear, Dworis and Grikis all try to intimidate and question the dark preist of his plans and the whereabouts of his companions. The evil priest laughs and spits at them, stalwart against such good men. Only Layla, who uses her physical beauty and kind words is able to learn that there is an ancient Cyprus grove where a Death Cult of Begnus meets.

The party leave in the morning after the dark priest in hung by the townsfolk. They search out the Cyprus grove and dispatch the four guards left there during the day. They dispose of the bodies and Layla, Aaron and Nightbear don the dark cloaks of the guard and take their place. There is an altar in the grove, soaked in blood, and Aaron lights the torches positioned behind the altar. The fourth guard, is positioned to appear to be leaning against the tree as Grikis and Dworis refuse to don clothing worn by servants of Begnus. Layla ensures that the cleric and Paladin are hidden away and the heroes wait to spring their trap.

As night falls the heroes hear chanting and see a line of torches approach the grove. 10 men in robes, armed with spears escort a bound human male, who is gagged and blindfolded. The procession is followed by a tall figure, cloaked in black and wearing the skeletal steel helm of a priest of Begnus. This masked figure approaches Aaron and asks why the ceremonial torches have been lit? Aaron tries to persuade the priest that is was an innocent mistake, but his unfamiliar voice alerts the priest of trickery. The priest freezes Aaron in place with foul magic, but he does not expect more heroes to spring from the grove. Grikis, Dworis, Nightbear and Layla spring their trap! With blade, spear and magic they dispatch the cloaked men. The bound human breaks his bonds and falls upon the priest, who has been torturing the Bard. This surprise attack causes the preist to lose control of Aaron, who joins in the battle and attacks the priest. The battle takes a turn for woe, the dread priest fells Aaron with his warhammer, and casts a darkness spell, escaping into the swamp. Grikis, Dworis, Nightbear and the mystery human pursue the evil priest, following his splashing footsteps in the swamp. However, the preist set a foul trap for the heroes chasing him. Waiting for the heroes, he cats as sound bust with knocks Nightbear and Grikis unconscious, the human and Dworis survive and battle the dread priest. The cleric of good, the human and the cleric of evil spar, longsword and warhammer clashing in the swamp. The mystery human drives a spear in the belly of the evil priest, who fells the man with a mighty blow from his warhammer. Soon Dworis falls to a crushing blow, but the dread priest, gravely wounded, leaves the heroes for dead, and escapes.

Now all of the heroes lay unconscious in the swamp, wounded and battered, defenseless in the deadly terrain. Only Layla is left standing, she has gathered the body of Aaron and is searching for the others.

Have the heroes been destroyed by an agent of the most evil god Begnus? Can Layla rescue her compainions before all is lost? Stay tuned for the next installment of the Veil of Darkness - the Kingsvale episodes!
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