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Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:40 pm
by Lurker
Masque of Red Death Story 4 -

Running list of important NPCs

Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet - Scottish noble, explorer and mountaineer - Home in Angus Scotland - Kirriemuir, sometimes called Kirrie, - a major ecclesiastical center. Later it was identified with witchcraft, family holdings on N W banks of Loch of Lintrathen

Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges (Bannerman) – late 20s – linguist, traveler, self-trained natural scientist writer poet balladeer - from NE scottland - a little further N than the area Sir Hugh is from - has real experience with the Dark.

Tullimet House - a few miles outside of Dowally, a small village, little more than a hamlet – 3 miles N of Dunkeld and Birnam

Dr James Lallard -

Mr Greer Lynn MacAulay - Dr Lallard's agent

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Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 12:53 pm
by Lurker
15 June 2020 recap

Wrapped up the end of story 3 and started the trip back to Dr James Lallard's home in Scotland

They helped Ms Tamarel Fanny Sonnenberg deal with her nearly being a human sacrifice. The advised her to find a middle road and not become a crusader fighting a war she can't win, but at the same time not to stick her head in the sand and ignore the fact that there are deep dark things that are deadly.

they found out that Ms Mina Bergson had been a spy for the evil cultists all along and she was one of the cultists in the basement they fought against and she had been part of the abduction of Ms Tamarel - she is now missing after the fight in the basement.

Another wealthy young Jewish man (they had never met) was also involved and was the cultist leading the sacrifice in the basement and casting most of the spells. He was the man that Father O'Malley killed at the end of the fight.

Father O'Malley and Rabi Mendel, and the Rabi's adopted son, blessed the basement that the cult had been using for the site of the sacrifice.

Father O'Malley remembered to send a telegraph to Mr Greer Lynn MacAulay - Dr Lallard's agent - to let those in Scotland know they were finished in Berlin

Captain Ernst Siskovis was ordered to the lowlands to follow up on the addresses the group found in the lowlander's hotel room.

Mr Doyle received a silver watch fob with a Jewish symbol marking him as a 'friend of the faithful' and it will be helpful dealing with any Jewish community.

Father O'Malley received a letter of introduction from Rabi Mendel Hirsch which will also help the Jesuit in dealing with any synagogue or Jewish college or library

Mr Blue received a flask to replace the one he used to help fight the swarm of vermin attacking Ms Tamarel and Mr Doyle

Ms Beatrice received a Jewish symbol of luck

The trip to Hamburg Germany was mostly uneventful

Hamburg the group doing some shopping and sight seeing stumble onto an imp - multiple very high rolls lets them know it is going about its business and not watching them - they follow it from a bit and watch it steel some random child's toy and hide it from the child. Father O'Malley torn between hunting it down and killing it, and not being drawn into a fight that is not their focus, he decides to put the toy back and give it a quick blessing so the child had a good night's sleep

That night Father O'Malley has a dream - not a dream - a force of will pressing an event into his sleeping mind. - has it already happened …. is it happening now in some nearby location … will it happen in the near future …. regardless, Father O'Malley knows Master James Dodd (aka bushy beard guy) has been/is/will be tortured and cast adrift in the north sea as punishment for his failure some weeks before in the little Moravian village.

The day arrives for them to travel from German to Scotland and the next chapter of their life.

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Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:33 pm
by Lurker
Masque of red death story 4

Cut scene

A ship, sails groaning with the late night breeze nudging the ship through the cold dark sea. The deck of the ship - lightly crewed. The weather – fair, clear skies, stars covering the heavens, but the moon had set hours ago leaving the seas dark. The breeze is light, but not becalming, there is no danger of storm, collision, or running aground, so the crew takes a chance to rest. One or two sailors lightly doze at their station, the officer of the watch focusing on the map, the compass, and the night starts – focused on navigation the ship, and spending a little extra time studying in hope of passing his next test and increase his pay with an increased rank

A lone boy, middle teen years, quietly moves across the deck careful as a church mouse … he closes his eyes

4 youth, those 4 are friends, each having 3 or 4 voyages on the ship, each quickly learning the skills needed to follow in their families’ footsteps and become an officer of a ship, command a merchant vessel, sail the seas and bring themselves (and Scotland) profit. …. A whaler vessel, or a merchant trader, or act as an agent or insurer for merchants, and any other jobs tied to the life around ships and ship profits … . 4 youth fast friends together

A 5th youth, younger, less skilled, lacking natural talent, and a heart not in the love of the sea. A youth begrudging his family for forcing him into this first voyage. A youth that hates the other 4 cabin boys and apprentices on the ship … the 4 that are friend and exclude him because of his … no thought on why they would dislike him, only that they do dislike him … the 4 that are better than him in all tasks required of a sailor and future sailing officer, owner or the like … , 4 youth that never pass up an opportunity to demonstrate their superiority and highlight his inadequacies …. 4 Youth that ostracize him, mock him, ignore him.

Hatred boils through his blood

The last item is careful placed in the bottom of one of the ships skiffs (thankfully hung overboard to make room for the extra cargo the ship took on board at the last Canadian stop before sailing back toward Europe, then maybe the return to home port in a few weeks). Gear and supplies are carefully wrapped and tied down to survive the drop.

A boarding axe carefully quietly cuts 1 support rope and then quickly another; the skiff drop the 5 feet to the dark sea water with a splash. The youth leaps overboard a second later. Landing beside the free floating life boat, and in seconds the boy scrambles into the small sciff’s safety (fear of the dark water and the fish swimming in those cold waters speeds the boy’s movement).

Even with the light wind, the merchant ship passes quickly and is unable to slow and turn before the boy hosts the skiff’s small sail and directs it into the night diverging from the ships path

The officer of the watch calling the ship to life, calling out the dreaded ‘man over board’ …. All too late; the crew ill prepared … the hate filled youth disappears into the night.

Sadly, the youth’s ability to read a map and plot the ships position was as inadequate as his other skills on ship.

What was expected to be a 20 mile course S by SE to land on the N shore of Scotland was wrong. A day a night and the next day, open waters. The youth sees an island. Little more than a tumble of rocks, a small hill of wet stone, a bit of thin soil, and a few scrub brush. A sickly tree or 2 at most. A place for sea birds to land and rest, a place for those birds to nest and hatch chicks, a place for flotsam in the N Sea to run aground, but little more

The skiff is thrown hard against the rocks on shore, the hard oak boards crack, the boy scrambles ashore and pulls the boat onto the rocks . the boat will not sail again.

The youth’s miserable life has worsened , until ….

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Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:12 pm
by Lurker
22 June 2020 recap

The group spent the remaining time in Hamburg looking for unique specialized items - silvered daggers, silver bullets, sword walking cane with silvered blade etc - As these are all unique items and need to be special ordered and will take time to be made, they did not find anything that met their needs in this area. Though they did buy a sterling silver knife and fork as emergency weapons - They did find more items, but they were blatant knock offs, or costume items being passed off as things more special than they actually were, so they decided not to waste their money.

Their ship - the Thistle Rose - departed without incident. A comfortable enough 300 foot steamer, though it was missing some of the amenities that Ms Beatrice is used to when traveling abroad. The trip to Glasgow Scotland will take around 3 1/2 days, so the group settles down for a bit of rest.

Walking the deck Mr Doyle & Father O'Malley notice a man setting open book in one hand, a cigar in the other, a crystal tumbler of (assumed) Scotch on the table next to the bench, and another closed book on the bench next to him. The man dressed in solid comfortable cloths, looks to be a little taller than average and defiantly more athletic build than average. The man has a blank look and is either lost in thought, or letting his mind wander. Mr Blue, as he finishes his jogging around the upper deck notices the man too, and head down to his room to quickly refresh himself follow his run

The 2 books are "Crossing the mountains of East Europe & the lands of Carpathian" and "Myths and tales of the peoples of East Europe"

Father O'Malley & Mr Doyle pause at the guard rail watching the North sea as the ship exits the mouth of the river harbor, and keep an eye on the gentleman reading odd books about the lands they recently visited. Soon Mr Blue, having put on a clean shirt and wiped his face following his exercise come back, but he doesn't hesitate. He walks up introduces himself to the man (I rolled painfully low, so he didn't notice anything till Mr Blue was there smiling and hand extended for a friendly introductory hand shake).. He is surprised but friendly
He is tall and athletic (though not as large or strong as Mr Blue) with a easy smile and firm handshake. Mr Blue notices the mans hands are more calloused than expected, and his cloths, though sturdy and comfortable, are well made.

The stranger introduces himself as Hugh Munro. Mr Blue &e Mr Munro spend sometime talking - some failed perception checks here - but then a ship's steward comes up, apologies to Sir Hugh for the ship not being prepared for his traveling on the ship, though no special accommodations have been made, the ship's chef will be able to provide acceptable fare for one of your stature, and of course you and a guest (looking sideways at the black American ex-slave as he says this) will be guests at the Captain's table.

The stranger looks embarrassed at this and after the steward leaves he admits to Mr Blue he is Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet of Munro.

At this a lady approaches - the group had failed to notice her as she, like Doyle and O'Malley, watched from a little distance off down the deck.

She thought she had recognized The Munro, but wasn't sure, hearing the ship's steward confirm this she wanted to introduce herself - Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges

As the 3 talk, Mr Blue finally nods over to his 2 friends a little ways away (I rolled high enough earlier that Sir Hugh had noticed them and was watching to see what they would do) and they eventually come up and join the group

Cigars are offered (to the men) and scotch is offered to all, Mr Blue sends a steward to Ms Beatrice's room to have her also join the discussion.

For the next 3 1/2 days the group has a chance to get to know the 2 new strangers/friends.

Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet – Scottish noble, explores and mountaineer – Home in the shire of Angus Scotland ; Home in - Kirriemuir, sometimes called Kirrie, - a major ecclesiastical center. Later it was identified with witchcraft, in the witch trials in that area, family holdings on N W banks of Loch of Lintrathen - He is returning from SE Austrian holdings (in the area around Romania - from helping a friend map a pass and get some practice climbing the areas larger mountains. He has a passing interest in myths folk tails and the like from the various peoples of the lands he visits.

Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges (aka Mary Anne Bannerman) – late 20s cute if a little more athletic than is fashionable (esp for a female & a female writer) slightly above average height, well dressed habitually carries a leather currier/writer's shoulder bag. She is a linguist, traveler, self-trained natural scientist writer poet balladeer – published writings (In own name) on travel, botany, traveler's journals etc / works on gothic as her maternal grand mother’s last name - Grand mother was Mary Anne Bannerman a fairly well known Scottish writer of Romantic and Gothic works from the 1840-50s. Her father was an adventurer, traveler, soldier . SHe is from an area near, but further North than Sir Hugh's family holdings.

From the 3 days talking with her, reading her works etc, they put together that she does in fact believe and may have had experiences with dark forces - no mere writer rewording old ghost stories here. Some of the works have a feeling similar to thri individual dreems.

However, from talking with them, she also puts together that they too have had dealings with the dark …

The ship pulls into the bustling port of Glasgow late Saturday afternoon (the end of the 1st week of June 1880)

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Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:09 pm
by Lurker
6 July recap

Before the Thistle Rose landed in Scotland, Father O’Malley had a chance to listen to Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges (pen name Bannerman) as she talked to the group and Sir Hugh Munro. Those conversations, and reading over her work gave him enough insight (along with a very high perception roll) to figure out that Ms Burges had in fact had dealing with the followers of the Red Hand or other Dark forces. Plus since she did not carry any taint of evil, he could be fairly sure that she had or was a fighter of sorts against the dark. However, her views and writings left out any explicit religious views. This being odd since for the most part every group of peoples he had met or heard of tended to be tied in some form to a religious view.

On arrival in Glasgow, the group took some time to check out the local shops, paying particular attention to the book shops. Ms Beatrice focused on Scottish/Celtic myths and fairytales, but only found ‘children’s books’ and nothing that had any meat to them. Though she did find a book about Scottish ghosts and the like slightly interesting. Father O’Malley look into Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges works and found a few scientific writings on plants and animals etc, but nothing interesting. However, he did find a copy of her grandmothers Gothic short stories and poems. He couldn’t resist purchasing it to at least see what the young Ms Burges’ grandmother had written.

The next day the group traveled inland into Perthshire , the inner Scottish area that divides N Highland Scotland form S Lowland Scotland via train. They easily found a wagon to take them from the train station to the hamlet of Dowally Perthshire Scotland. However, they decided to walk the 3 miles from the village to Tullimet House (Dr James Lallard’s home). As they walk a wagon traveling from up the road passes them heading back to the village they just left.

When they finally see the house they are overlooking a grand old Scottish manor 4 stories tall, with a steep red tiled roof. Glass windows making the house bright and inviting without being too cold and drafty. It is in a U shape with the main face of the manor overlooking the road to the south, with a long 1 / 4 mile drive way connecting the road and the house. Multiple out buildings behind the house including a chapel, a green house, a carriage house and other buildings, with a formal garden behind the house that extends back to the beginning of the Scottish hills glens and moors stretching to the N.

The group arrive and meet Mr Greer Lynn MacAulay who they had already met in Berlin, Mrs Athol – the House Keeper and head of the manor’s limited servant staff – who is unhappy and put out at the arrival of multiple visitors. They also find out that a Ms Grace Wyittcliff had arrived some 30 min before they did – explaining some of Mrs Athol’s annoyance.

The group is able to talk with Mr MacAulay as their rooms are prepared and Dr Lallard finishes talking to Ms Wyittcliff. After some 20 to 30 min they are taken up stairs to Dr Lallard’ s study , finally meeting the good Dr along with Ms Wyittcliff and Mr Isaacke Peter Reidmuir (Dr Lallard’s valet and steward). The group notices that Ms Wyittcliff seems to have a shadow of sadness even as she smiles.

Also, the group especially Ms Beatrice notices as they walk through the house that there are numerous paintings and artwork in the house, but there are no portraits. No only family paintings no pictures of a family or wife in the house.

For the next few hours, the group recounts their stories from the events since the fateful leap from the train through the Berlin affair. Dr Lallard, Mr MacAulay, Mr Reidmuir & Ms Wyitcliff ask multiple questions throughout the interview, and the group is honest and does not attempt to hid any information as they talk (though Mr Blue does down play his new found mental powers and the specifics of his dream which give too much specific information about his dark past. Thankfully no one probes too deeply at theses bits of glossed over information).

The group is given rooms and free reign of the house and surrounding grounds and plenty of time to recover from the events.

Father O’Malley finds old papers letters journals and the like stuffed away in the basement of the chapel. Some well over 300 years old – none specifically interesting as study or preparation for hunting the Dark forces, but very interesting for study of religious thought from 300 years ago and other bits of Scottish history. Additionally, he finds a dirk. The handle of old wood dry rotted and unusable, but the blade itself without rust or blemish. On one side a sun and Greek letters IHS (Greek 1st letters for Jesus’ name) on the other side Jacob Marches (a very high history roll here – he was Father Jacob of the Marches – Francian soldier priest in S Scotland a generation prior to the reformation. The dirk will be exceptional when it is repaired and has a usable handle.

Mr Blue finds time to finish the leatherwork needed to repair the glyphic bone parts he found in the Berlin museum and make them into a function cestus (magical +1 to hit and damage).

Mr Doyle, one morning before sun rise hears a noise in the hall outside his room, and follows it – always a step ahead, whatever it is leads him out of the house through the garden and into the moors to the N of the house. Finally, he catches up to Ms Wyittcliffe setting on a rock overlooking the dark gloomy moor. Without looking she reaches back with a flask in hand, and a small bag of food for breakfast beside her.

Taking the flask, Mr Doyle and Ms Wyitcliffe have a talk as the sun rises. She warns him away from the life of being a hunter of the Dark, explains the hardships and dangers. Tells him to go find a lass and have a family. He explains he can’t he has seen too much and has too much of a love for learning to turn back now. She says those are the things I said some years ago, but she would have not been able to live with herself if she had not at least attempted to warn him from the dangers he would face. However, if he decides to soldier on, he needs to be prepared

She tells him to find a place to keep his sanity, tells him of other hunters she knows (an exceptional Londoner with 2 friends that uses music and hashish – regrettably on that last part – as his balm; a Frenchman that uses the kitchen as his ground to sanity, and a Spanish lady that loves art and manmade beauty). She then spends the rest of the time there at Tullimet House training him and initiating him into the Die Wachterm, (The Watchers or The Watchmen)

After over a week and a half, the group is told tickets to America have been acquired.

Father O’Malley is presented with a leather satchel made to hold a bible and prayer book, some flasks of holy water/oil, extra padded pockets to hold glass vials of holy water/oil, vestments for holy rites, and a hidden pocket to hold a gun or notes. One side has the Catholic cross and the Jesuit symbol worked into the leather, the other has starts in the constellations of Orion Taurus and Pleiades worked into the leather (to remind hunters to defend the innocent – like Orion should – and not to fall prey to temptation – like Orion did

Mr Doyle receives a shillelagh made of the root of a hard tree found deep in the moors. Stained dark gray capped with silver on the tip and the ball of the head. Perfectly made and balanced - +1 silvered club/walking cane. Also he receives a packet of letters, legal contracts, an extensive list of items in various schools and museums (some of which you did not travel to), the charcoal rubbings you have are in folder and it is in a water resistant wrapping, agreements for schools, museums (and a few private collections) to share some items with the New York museum and your school for study / your accounting is reworked perfectly accounting for every penny (and giving you and Father O’Malley, and Mr Blue $25 for extra pocket money – a benefit of now being a member of Die Wachterm, and their network of hunters and associates.

Mr Blue receives a padded box made to protect the statuette of the Roman Boxer he acquired in Berlin.

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Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 3:02 pm
by Lurker
2 Nov Recap

Retro of previous events by a week or so to introduce a new character

Mister KayJay (K. J.) Magnus, aka King Magnus, a young Dr and hobby archeologist, and supporter of Indian societies in the west, from the edged of civilized W – grew up moving between Chicago & St Louis – traveled to England. A letter from his recently deceased Aunt (reportedly of natural causes, but he has his doubts about that) and a ticket aboard a steamer had started his wild goose chase.

Arriving in England and traveling to Fairfield Lancashire, (outside of Warington, between Liverpool & Manchester), a quaint comfortable village overlooking the River Mersey. He finds Ms. Grace Wyittcliff is not available. Her cousin is watching her house. He is able to pick up that the man was gravely injured and recovering from the injuries.

Being a Dr himself, Mr. King Magnus offers to treat the injured man or at least examine him, but he is kindly told that the injured man has a Dr who is a close trusted friend. Luckily as they were talking the Dr actually arrived, and kindly thanked the strange Dr from America for offering to treat his friend. However, he has the recovery well in hand.

He is given an address to travel to, a house call at that the good Ms Grace Wyittcliff should be staying. Little more than a day’s travel by train. A place call Tullimet house in Dowally Perthshire Scotland.

He arrived at the old Scottish Manor House, was greeted by the Valet of Dr Lullard, and taken to the study of the good Dr. There he met Dr Lullard, Ms Grace Wyittcliff, Mr Greer Lynn Dr Lullard's agent, and Mr Isaack Peter Reidmuir – Dr Lullard's Valet/Butler. He delivered the letter and told Ms Wyittcliff of his Aunt’s passing.

He was interviewed (interrogated) for nearly 2 hours, and learns they are a group that actively hunts the forces of the Dark and the Red, and he is asked if he actively or passively hunts them himself.

He gives his history of being the son of a Dr that assists the Catholic order of Hunters, that his Aunt introduced him to the mystical arcane and that he furthered his studies afield in the wild lands with the Indians of America.

At the end of the interview he is asked politely if his story could be verified (by Mr Reidmuir – who spoke the request directly into the young Mr Magnus’ mind). Surprised he allows the reading of his mind, but in return he cast a spell of his own to verify the group’s good or ill intent.

Both are satisfied with the results. Mr Reidmuir verified the trueness of the American Dr’s story and he verifying the goodness of the group in the study (though he does pick up sadness and tiredness floating around Ms Grace Wyittcliff).

After the interview Mr King Magnus is introduces to the rest of the house guests here at Lullard’s home. The group spends the next week & half getting to know the new arrival, and he them, and each finishing working on tier own projects before leaving to return to America.

2 nights before they are to leave, Dr Lullard calls the group of American novice hunters up to his study. He has a problem. He has telegraphs from separate areas that require hunters to look into them. 1 a dangerous string of murders in and around the rural wilder lands in the Welsh area. Another strange events and disappearances in a remote NE Scottish fishing village.

Murders may be too dangerous for the novice group, but they should be able to at least investigate and look into the vague strange events and disappearances in a remote fishing village.

He tells them they are under no obligation to assist his group of English and Scottish hunters, but if they do he will be appreciative of the assistance.

The group agrees, and then see Ms Grace Wyittcliff go into Dr Lullard’s office (presumable to be given the more dangerous task of hunting the murderer. Before she goes into Dr Lullard’s study, she takes a moment to take Mr Doyle’s hand and give him a friendly warning and advice: I offered you the opportunity to diverge from this path … you are now in the thick of it … pay careful attention to the small things … they can open a hunt or be dangerous if missed …

Minutes later, Ms Grace Wyittcliff leaves Tullimet House and takes a carriage into the night.

The seaside visitor

The group leaves the next morning traveling to Montrose, Angus Scotland, a fishing and shipping village at the mouth of the North and South Esk rivers - North Bank of Montrose Basin.

The train ride across Scotland is uneventful and the group enjoys “The 2 – 3 months of actually pleasant weather here to travel in” as one fellow passenger puts it.

As they descend for the hills of the highlands into the plane that leads to the shores of the North Sea, the group spies a hill to the N of the train track. A lone hill with a white church perched atop.

As son sets the train pulls into the village of Montrose. A fishing village – a large village if all fishing and merchant trader ships were in port at the same time. However, normally there are significantly fewer men here than would be expected as they are always ship out fishing or trading.

They also hear the area is also known for its hospital for the mental disturbed and the poor. - Royle Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary & Dispensary / AKA Sunnyside Royal Hospital

They meet the good Mr Duncan Sloan, an older gentleman a retired constable. He is their local contact and will assist them as needed.

After getting the group rooms at one of the inns, and getting the group an adequate meal, he takes them for a walk – Father O’Maley & Mr Blue realize he is carefully making sure they are not watched or followed, and they talk at an open park bench that the area is well lit and would be hard for anyone to eaves drop (though an invisible imp of living shadow would be able to skulk by unobserved).

He tells of multiple teens and younger 20s have gone missing, and surprisingly some youth from the hills at the edge of the highlands have been found here. That 2 brothers (own their own fishing boat) were found dead – 1 at their cottage in the poor part of the village, and the other out in the hills by the highlands (the police there would not have known who he was if he hadn’t had a bill of sale from unloading their last catch a few weeks ago). Also there has been a surprising number of instances of vandalism – attacks on and wanton destruction of chicken coops, and the killing of the chickens, to be precise. Again, starting about the time of the brothers return from their last fishing trip.

The next day, the group investigates the brothers’ cottage & their boat. Between the investigators (with good rolls) they find:

In the cottage
Find some jagged sharp edged rocks (that are not native to the area) with strange symbols carved in them – no symbol seen before
an old scrap of oiled leather – old rain slicker partial E E on it
a few small human bones (finger toe tooth or the like) old weather beaten – Father O’Malley senses a lingering wrongness in them

On the boat:
3 or 4 more rocks not from the local area and with strange marking scratched into them
Clutter & flotsam from an old and extremely weather beaten find – just random junk and bits of trash
a few old human bones again like those in the cottage
a partial scrap of an oiled leather tarp faded “Lady Ed.. …len” on it

They then investigate some of the vandalized chicken coops
Attacked torn apart with hatchets & crow bars, chickens clubbed and rocks – again scratches carved on one side. (With a good high investigation roll) They also they find similar frantic scratches etched into nearby fence posts and the like – in areas one would stay at to observe the chicken coops etc and wait till the area was clear.

(A HIGH roll by Mr Doyle) As he studies the scratches, etching and bloody marks and symbols on the rocks, fence post and secluded walls, he lets them know the scratched symbols are not writing or language, and they are not mystical symbols either. They are the work of a frantic nervous hand.

That concluded the 1 st day of the investigation.

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Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:45 pm
by Lurker
16 Nov recap

The seaside visitor - day 2

The evening of the first day's investigation comes to a close, and the group joins Mr Sloan for an evening stroll along the promenade . A time to relax, see and be seen (and as Mr Magnus put it get access to some of the town's gossip)

The did hear a bit of news, 1 or 2 of the wealthy houses have been vandalized. Rocks thrown through windows, hatchet or crow bar taken to storm shutters etc. (a high roll picks up the names Lieckie & Baird

As they were walking, in an alley, across one of the 2 streams that meander through the town, Mr Blue notices an intently staring face and the hairs on Father O'Malley stand on end. Unfortunately, before they can make it to a foot bridge to cross the stream and return, what ever was there at the mouth of the alley watching is gone. The do find some smears of blood (the right height for a young teen but not an adult) and the beginnings of franticly scratched symbols in the wall.

The group continues the investigation the next day

They are able to go with Mr Sloan to the police station and listen to the morning brief, review notes etc.

They hear a boy (dressed like a farmer or shepherd out closer to the highlands) was killed. He attacked a drunken sailor and the sailor defended himself and ended up killing the young boy. The sailor reported the boy was babbling nonsense, but the local police brushed it off since the sailor was drunk himself.

They find out that the deck hand to the 2 dead brothers was attacked and nearly killed a little over a week and a half ago, He is recovering from the attack in the local 'poor' hospital/clinic. He was mugged and stabbed coming out of a public house, or so the police believe.

They hear a complaint that the Lieckie house was attacked again last night - shutters based and rocks thrown through some 1st floor windows. - They hear the Master Lieckie is out of town to the south on business and his wife& kids are away on vacation

They also remember the rumor from their walk and look into the same complaints from about a week ago from the neighbors of the Baird house. They also find out Capt David Renny Baird is out to see and his house is empty for a few more months until it is close to time for him to return.

Mr Sloan send telegraphs to the police stations in the towns at the edge of the highlands to see if they have any oddities to report, but it will be at least a day before news comes back from them.

He also goes to look into ships logs for anything E E and any accidents or unfortunate events - focusing on 5ish years ago.

As he does that, the group goes to visit the brother's deck hand - Jance in the local pore clinic. He is bandaged and recovering from the beating (and 5 stab wounds too), and fogy due to lodumn. Mr Blue (rolled low) and was almost not allowed to see the injured deck hand, but Mr Magnus (dropping Sloan's name, and being a Dr himself) was able to smooth the ruffled feathers and get permission for the group to talk to Jance.

The find out that Dann made a habit of looking into little rock islands they pass going to coming from the fishing areas. On the last trip they found a rock island with a nook of a cave, in it a skeleton of a man. Seeing it Dann became obsessed with gathering the skeleton, and everything there in and around the cave. They brought it with them on the trip back, but something felt unsettling about the pile of bones there on the boat. They unloaded their catch, and he went to visit his family for a few days. When he came back that night leaving the public house he was attacked (he didn't know that the brothers were dead). Magnus used a touch of mystical powers to heal him (and clear his mind from the lodumn) and he remembered a little more

The boy that attacked him, his screams included "I found you … you will not take me back there … you will not tell the secret … I will not go back …"

After that the group headed to Master John Thomas Lieckie's House and interviews the butler and some of the house staff.
The find out that Master Liekie he is away on business and his wife and children are away for vacation.

They find more rocks in the yard and the few thrown through windows, mainly local river rocks, but with scratching or smears (either from blood or from ash) like they have seen before, they find an old rusted hatchet (used to bash the storm shutters.

They find out that some of the house staff have been approached by poor youth, some local front their dress others from out in the farms, and asked about Master Lieckie's family. When told they are all away they grow angry and storm off cursing.

In the house, the look into Master Liekie's study. Find all the paraphernalia of a wealthy man that owns multiple ships etc. They also notice an old picture of a white ship triple massed schooner , a picture of 4 boys about the same age, and a list of 6 voyages

The butler know the pictures well - it is the ship Lady Edith Ellen , the Ship that Liekie and his friend apprenticed on as cabin boys years ago when they were in their mid teens - over 30 years ago

the 4 boys in the picture were : John Thomas Lieckie – now a ships owner / David Renny Baird - sea captain of his own ship / Henry Talyour – mercantile trader and banker / Robert Alex Burns – provost and ship insurer

They decide to actively look for the youth attacking the houses and patrol the area for the afternoon.

Captian Baird's house is just a few blocks away so they head there first (a high perception check) and they see the back door is slightly ajar - odd for a house that is supposed to be empty - Mr Magnus calls to the house servants in a near by back yard, to send for the police and makes sure she knows they are there to investigate the vandalism and that they are going into the house (it is like you were scared I'd have the police arrive and arrest you for doing something, don't you trust me …).

When they went into the house, it was indeed empty. However the smell of death and rot filled it. here and there in the house, head chicken carcasses lay rotting. a scarp of clothing, a left behind kerchief, a discarded sock let them know that people, different people, all younger, both male and female, had spent the night here in the house.

They also found more rocks with the frantic scratching etc. However, in the captain's study. destruction ! the room was tossed. the paintings on the wall defaced. (a good roll) finds the picture of the Lady Edith Ellen there torn in half, the picture of the 4 boys there the faces of each scratched off.

The police arrive, with Mr Sloan in tow and they are surprise at the condition of the house. it is one thing to get reports of basic vandalism, it is another for the house to be used by squatters, the study destroyed and thought the house dead chickens left to rot …

As they are leaving (another high roll) and the group hears that just his morning, one of the house servants of Master Henry Talyour had filed a complaint that a poor boy had accosted her outside the house and asked her questions about the master of the house and grew angry when she refused to talk …

The group leap on the lead and rush over to the house of Master Henry Talyour – no longer a sailor himself but a mercantile trader and financer for purchase of cargo etc.

His children are grown and out of the house, away in other towns or out to sea and his wife is away in England caring for her mother, so it is just him house hold staff there at the house.

the house had a rock or 2 thrown at it late last night, and the staff were approached by poor youth asking about the family. Having heard about his friend's house, he sent word first thing to the police - he is surprised at the spread they arrived, but confused a little that is is the group with Sloan and not detectives here (I rolled high for him to be grateful anyway and not suspect you all).

They confirm that the scraps of leather found at the brothers' cottage and in their boat were form the ship Lady Edith Ellen
As they talk to him about past voyages years ago, (3 back to back very low rolls) he can't remember specifics, it was so long ago.

As they talk Mr Blue opens his mind and tries to read the thoughts of Master Talyour - spending a fate point - he get flashes of (youth friend sailing learning the art of seamanship the 4 fast friends, and here and there other youth, other cabin boys, but not close friends like the 4. then one face a glimpse - not a likable youth so unliked, not competent … he can't remember more)

They talk for a time and confirm what they heard from the butler at the Liekie house.

As they leave (2 high rolls here) they notice a lass staring intently at them/the house/ the door they just exited … focused … father O'Malley's hair on the nap of his neck tingle.

She is there on a path between 2 houses, standing in the shadows, one hand out of sight, the other clutching her apron to her chest - it full of ???? - her face focused on the house

The girl doesn't notice them approaching until they are nearly on her and they are able to surround her before she can rush off (low perception roll on my part and a horrid initiative roll too)

She drops the items in her apron and backs away but is blocked by Mr Blue. She starts "just looking at the house isn’t it a grand house, bet it is always warm there and dry too. No rain blowing in I wonder do any sparrows get trapped in it what about sea gulls. Those are noisy nasty things they are .. wouldn’t you like a house like that"

They notice she has a fish monger's knife tucked into her belt, so as she talks, Mr Magnus tries to carefully take it ( I rolld high here for perception then a 19 on her dex) but she sees him and pulls back hissing like a cornered wild cat. Before she can pull the knife Mr Blue grabs her hands

Then he spends another fait point to read her mind (reading the mind of a possessed person is never good !) He is bombarded by thought of hatred, disgust, envy, cold, wet, the taste of raw sea birds and raw eggs and raw fish HATE for all hate for them hat for wht they did and forced him to do HATE loathing HATE

He wobbles as his mind is bombarded by the hate

Father O'Malley thinks quickly (and casts 'turn undead - rolling poorly, but I roll worse) and drives the spirit out of the girl and releasing Mr Blues mind from its grasp.

The girl crumpled at their feat sobbing and crying confused.

Mr Blue gagging from the taste of raw sea bird and shivering from the cold wet …

the session ends for another week.

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Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 6:41 pm
by Lurker
30 Nov Recap

Sea Side Visitor day 3

Yes I actually was so busy all week last week that I couldn't post this earlier.
Also, still fairly busy today sooooo this will be a trimmed down version of the recap

The group meets with Mr Sloan the next morning and go over what they have discovered, nd what the remaining loose threads are. - Mr Sloan has began to receive telegraphs from the outlying villages at the edge of the highlands referencing the missing children from those areas and asking about any youth found in those areas from his area. His wheels are turning a bit, but he doesn't have enough information yet to make the next deductive leap.

He mentions there are still youth in The Royle Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary & Dispensary / AKA Sunnyside Royal Hospital that may have been involved.

The group spends the morning talking to Master Robert Alex Burns butler (low rolls all around got then a snobbish cold shoulder), his secretary at his office, and then finally Master Burns himself (all through this lot of low rolls so they were all less friendly and willing to listen that the group hoped). Plus Master Burns was sure the local constables would be well able to handle any ruffians or thugs, so he felt no need for the groups assistance nd gave little weight to the implied supernatural problem.

They then watched his house, and verified YES the police have increased a presence there in the area around his house.

They do get lucky and see his wife and 3 children - wife surprisingly pretty (considering Master Burns is shortish plump & balding - a LOT of money goes a long ways in making up for less than good looks) - young man early 20s (they saw a portrait in the house earlier where he was in his late teens and in a military style uniform, but it was from at least 2 years ago - middle daughter - mid teen girl 16 to 18 ish, mother's good looks - & lastly youngest daughter 12 - 14 years old ; this was the only 2 good high rolls for that whole morning.

They decided this may be more than they can handle themselves, so they send Dr Lullard a short telegraph letting him know they are investigation things, and a letter will be sent with a more in-depth explanation and a longer letter - the telegraph should be answered by evening of the next day. The letter will take at least 4 - 6 days to get to Lullard.

At lunch they take chance to talk and think, and eventually decide there may be helpful information there at The Royle Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary & Dispensary / AKA Sunnyside Royal Hospital, so they take the 5 to 6 mle carriage ride out to the hospital, and the little village that has grown around it.

The hospital is helpful, they have a good relationship with the local police, and with Mr Sloan. Plus, the hospital director & staff are know to be more progressive and offer education and support to local communities etc. THe Director himself is away speaking so he can't take to them, but the staff are open and helpful. Also surprisingly the hospital is significantly more humane and 'modern' than the type of facility they expected

the meet and talk to : 3 particular missing teens have been found and brought to the asylum 1 young boy little over 10 years old is not lucid, nearly catatonic moves when moved, eats when feed screams and becomes violent at night - Mr Blue rolls a very high perception check, and the boy is silently mouthing words, cold fish birds hate thirsty …. Mr Blue mentions yes he knows how bad the birds and fish taste and the boy reacts a little. Eventually mentioning the Sound of the bells hurting him and then he becomes agitated and lunges to attack Mr Doyle - Mr Blue and the staff stop him and take him back to his room.

Another ( teen age boy, name unknown) seems normal, talks normal doesn’t remember anything, wonders why he is here, he needs to get back to ma, the sheep will wander. His da will whoop him something terrible . Again the group talks to him, and he has no memory of sea etc, but when church is mentioned the boy begins to get aggressive. This time they calm down the boy and stop the conversation before he becomes unhinged.

Finally Another (late teen female from Montrose - Helen Taylor ) a nice enough looking girl a hair on the plump side and bookish looking. She is recovering but breaks down into tears – she was a preachers daughter - She is in the best shape (mentally) of the 3

She describes feeling like lost in a fog and seeing the world floating around her and at the same time being alone wind rain hot cold wet birds and the test of fish and sea weed and raw eggs , always thirsty always thirty, birds always screech . the waves crashing forever . She mentions it strange she grew up in church and hearing the bells and music at church hurt but it also calmed her too.

While talking Mr Blue slipped her chalk or charcoal and paper and she slowly absentmindedly began to make similar symbols to what has been found on the rocks at the houses etc.

As a side note, the group had Father O'Malley detect evil, detect undead etc - nothing - the 3 are not possessed, their issues are the lingering damage from …. what ever happened to them …

That is where the session ended

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by Lurker
7 Dec Recap

Finishing day 3 and lasting 2 more weeks

The group finished their interview of young Miss Helen Taylor (read everything was reviewed so everyone was on the same page since some had missed the previous week’s game)

They were informed that there is no scheduled wagon or carriage to take them back to Montrose, but they can wait at the hamlet that has grown around the hospital and one will eventually come from the village or leave the hospital, and the group can catch a ride with them. That, or they can walk the 5 miles back to Montrose.

All 4 of the group, being active outdoorsy types, decided to walk back.

As the left the hospital and walked through the nearby hamlet, the keen eyes of Mr Doyle noticed something interesting

A middle aged man, sad dejected, setting at the tea shop , sandwich in front of him with a few bites taken, but forgotten on the table. The man flipping through a sketch book

Unlike the frenzied frantic drawings they had seen the victims drawing in the hospital, these drawings were done with some skill. Mainly still-life or pastoral drawings. However, that is not wat drew his eyes. Tangled in the drawings, expertly done as they were, symbols … dark … dangerous … evil … intertwined in the drawings.

The group stops and watches for a bit over the man’s shoulder, and yes they all pick out what Mr Doyle thought he saw, so the group approach and introduce themselves

They meet Mr Jonas Newell. Middle aged – late 40s – sad tired …. They switch back and forth between talking to him and flipping through the pictures

They through the conversation find out:
His younger son - John Newell – is the artist and is a resident at Royle Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary & Dispensary / AKA Sunnyside Royal Hospital for some 5 years
His middle child (daughter) is dead – and the 2 events are linked some how
His older son abandoned him some 2 years ago going to America
His wife passed years ago So he is abandoned alone caring for his family lands and visiting his son here every few weeks to a month.

The pictures, on close examination do have elements of DARKNESS hidden in them
Prominent thins with the most darkness are wooded paths and forest clearings and hidden figures (2 female & a male) and dark unsetteling glimpses of …. Evil things unnamed and little seen.

As they talk, Father O’Malley, setting beside the group and more focused on the hamlet than the man notices someone in a carriage, 2 someones (and the driver of course) moments later one of them notice him, blink in surprise and smiles, She leans into the man in the carriage and whispers . The carriage slows and the 2 smile waive and ask in surprise what the group is doing here in the far E coast of Scotland “Weren’t you going to vacation and spend time with your acquaintance in the middle high lands?”

Sir Hugo & Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges first met on the Thistle Rose on the crossing from Germany to Scotland a few weeks ago.

At least Sir Hugo also recognized Mr Jonas Newell and gives his condolence on his son’s continuing condition and tragedy he has faced over the last few years.

The 2 join the conversation for a moment and eventually Mr Newell excuses himself

With him gone the Sir Hugo & Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges become more focused and ask more specific questions on why the group is here – Mr Doyle remembers that good Ms Burges is experienced with the occult and is at least a novice hunter, in her own fashion, so they are able to talk more freely.

They are intrigued by what the group tells them, and Sir Hugo is enamored with Mr KJ Magnus and his mentioning of exploits in the American west.

He offers the group access to his holding, which include an old church school and library, with a good amount of resources dealing with the witch hunts etc.

When Mr Newell returns he accompanies the group back to the hospital to examine his son.

They find him setting listlessly in the sun overlooking the hospital’s grounds / garden.

Mr Magnus completes a physical examination and find the man (20 years old now) weak, muscles little used . But with no great underlying health conditions. At least not any significant physical condition. In the examination the American Dr detects undead (none) and evil …. The young man’s soul is dank dark evil and shriveled like the man’s body … surprised at the level of malicious darkness, he attempts to discern whether the man is possessed or himself evil … no residue of a possessing demon or spirit, the taint is all the young man’s.

He asks to review the hospital’s records on the patient, but (thanks to a roll of a 1 and followed by 2 3s, plus Mr Magnus’ own modestly low rolls) the hospital staff hesitate and then refuse. It is bad enough that the strange American with buck skin pants who claims to be a Dr but they have no verifiable proof of it, examines the patient, and interviewed other patients, but to demand to see 5 years’ worth of records is too much.

Magnus, the prideful young man that he is, escalates the conversation and after insulting the hospital staff, leaves.

The group meets Jonas Newell, Sir Hugo & Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges, and are given a ride back into the village

The talk to Mr Sloan and receive the telegraph from Dr Lullard letting them know that he will wait for their letter, be careful and if needed help can be sent.

Mr Sloan has received a few more telegraphs form outlying villages along the edge of the highlands, but he is still missing something …

He reiterates that he thinks there is a pattern with 3 to 5 ish days of the destruction of the chicken coups etc and then a 3ish day lull, and then the cycle starts again. However, with the events the other afternoon (with the group chasing off the ghost) the pattern has been broken, and this is the first full day of no reports of disturbances that fit the pattern. Maybe the 3 days have started over.

The next morning the group leaves with Sir Hugo & Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges, and with Jonas Newell. On the ride, as they talk they get more information from the sad man

His daughter didn’t ‘die’ she was killed in the woods
That same time his youngest son was found catatonic
His older son has gone to America because as the young man put it “Everything that needs to be done here has been, and now things must follow to America. Maybe there it can be ended”

At Sir Hugo’s holdings, they are surprised by the actual information open to them in the library

Where Dr Lullard had a vast library but of greatly varied subjects, here Sir Hugo’s is more limited, but exceptionally focused.

They can study on the witch hunts, skills needed tools used etc, and on demons devils and spirits tied to the black arts, and local myths legends and stories about the spirits that frequent Scotland.

The research takes time (eventually 2 weeks to be complete), but they (with good rolls in general) find out:

They face a strange type of A Haunt – however, most haunts are tied to a location this one is different (they figure out it is tied to the skeleton)

It Can leave 1 body and attempt a possession – CHA save - or attack the body (reducing dex until 0 and then auto posses the body[ body will be noticeably bruised though and draw attention]

The physical body it posses can be killed or subdued with little damage to the ghost (the spirit only takes magical or blessed damage)

They find out its strengths and weaknesses (mainly from talking with the patients that it had possessed) and know that holy ground, holy music, church bells etc weaken it

And they find out how to destroy it, they have to either:

Find the body is found, the bones gathered (placed in a sealed holy box), and then buried [with food water, flint steel and clothing/blanket 9items it desired greatly in life before it passed), and blood or something valuable from each target (valuable things from those that fueled it’s hate], in holy ground (the spirit will be released from the physical world to go to judgement ;

or the bones are burned and the ashes put in a holy box or urn, and the urn is placed in holy ground or in a church – the spirit will remain and be a very weak echo and be hate filled till the end of time – too weak to do anything except cause nightmares and then only if away from holy ground.

They prepare the necessary box and ready for the coming actual hunt.

As the academic spend 2 weeks engrossed in the studies, Mr Blue focuses on getting back into fighting shape, and talking with Ms Frances Mary Anne Burges.

She was interested in his life story and the recent events (more than likely he is giving her seeds for more Gothic dark stories and poems).

One morning as the sun rose the 2 were standing looking at the fog covering the nearby lake and filling the surrounding valleys. She made a comment about looking like the sea and islands … however, Mr Blue, never the literary or poetic type of fellow , blinked nodded and shrugged his shoulders at her poetic description of the Scottish landscape the fog and the hills leading up from the distant seaside to the highlands.

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by Lurker
Final Wrap up Story 4 - Seaside visitor

Dec 21 & 28 Dec


You investigated the now arson damaged house of Capt Baird - found 2 things that could be considered truly valuable to banish the ghost with

You stopped an possessed girl's arson attack on Master Taylor's house

You Investigated Master Lieckie's house and found something that could be considered truly valuable to banish the ghost with

Got blood from Master Taylor and Master Burns - high medical and cha rolls were critical here - to have all items needed for the banishment

You protected Master Burn's family from an attack and saved his younger daughter from possession and an eventual drowning attempt by the ghost.

You tracked down the cave the ghost hid it's bones in

You fought off an attack by the ghost

You defeated the ghost at the church & laid it's bones to rest with the valuables (and you didn't take the bait to leave a tie open where the ghost could work its way back in the future

It is now officially completely sent to judgement and punishment