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Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Tue May 22, 2018 9:26 pm

Reporter’s notes:

Received tip from AnB about a moving company and some warehouses.

AnB no show for group meet up, follow up delayed till later.

Came across a story heading home from the office. Drug store got rolled over, guy assaulted, targeted, beaten nearly dead in main room. Organized op, 15-20 peeps involved, vans used were from same company AnB gave the tip about. 2 of 3 Vans we’re stopped around/at the scene, 1 Partial load got away. Drugs were their cargo. Blue’s are thinking military org, too organized, too well equipped.

Two girls at the scene were able to get away, saw them being chased down alley by shotgunners. They got away in a burst of light and a fog bank- like fog that was inside the drug store. Don’t have good footage of them, it was dark. I’ll keep my suspicions to myself, hope they can keep their distance from this mess- orgs hate Ends.

Footage was cleared by cops, made a new friend, Baby Blue has my card.

Footage was picked up by the local station the next morning, made sure everything was nice and neat before I turned in. Made a decent buck, tossed some to JDoolz as apology for him missing the action.

Called meet up, AnB missing again. Made due. Oliver Twist showed up first, fed him. Hunter and then M&P showed up. Made sure to have JDoolz there too- wouldn’t forgive me otherwise. Gave them the DL. We agreed to go check out the warehouses.

Warehouses may have been fruitful, found the place we think (insert address here). Got some stock footage for the local stations on current crime stats and a lot of footage to go through with JDoolz of the places ops. They may have gotten his plate. Maybe we should get another van soon - Start operating out of the company vehicles for awhile.

We have a few hours of footage. JDoolz will cover the pizza.



Loyd Wolfe – USMC Lt Gen (R) – completed move back to his home town, 20 miles NE of the twin cities. In 38 years of service held multiple commands including CG of near east forces. Says proudest command was MAR SOC forces in Iraqi invasion. Earned multiple awards including Silver star (Iraq & Afghanistan), Bronze Star with Valor in Panama invasion. Was a graduate of University of Michigan ROTC program. As said “What society needs, what America needs and what the military needs is more men & women with a little bark left on their chests … I have never met a Marine or soldier that was a success that didn’t first show their metal in sports …” He has set up a foundation that will offer 10 scholarship (5 for boys 5 for girls) per year for under privileged at risk youth that are involved in community and in sports.

Notes read: The drug store attack was very professional, here's a guy who could organize that kind of man power and know how to keep it in line. Working with the youth gives him a way to recruit, especially with already "at risk" youth. Could just be a good man, but the timing is notable.


Local religious and community leaders are coming together to work towards an inter/intra faith alliance to assist the local community with a united focus to the various societal problems. Members of multiple local denominations and faiths have been active in the alliance, though the MRA is slow to attend and support the group. Additionally, opponents – mainly the Atheist Association of Business-persons and Concerned Citizens – claim the alliance’s methods and views are exclusive narrow minded and misguided. The alliance has begun to work hand in hand with other nonprofit organizations to support homeless shelters and food kitchens, and give assistance to local needed veterans.

Notes read: This kind of program is long over due but seems too good to be true. I hope it's legit but part of me thinks that abandoned veterans are a great group of already trained professionals to recruit from. If there would be any that wouldn't take the offer it wouldn't be hard to have them written off as another suicide in the community... I hope I'm just being cynical.

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Tue May 22, 2018 11:59 pm

Tree .... so this is what it is like ;)

Glad you all liked it and enjoyed it.

So I /we don't forget,

You all have specific license plates for 2 of the vans, and can recognize at least 2 drivers and 1 or 2 of the thugs.

You have good intel on the 4 warehouse that are grouped together. 3 are normal and unimportant (except for being possible routes into the one being used by the thugs) the target ware house has normal loading docks and doors on one side (west side) the south side has 2 doors, and the loading dock that looks mostly unused with trash around it - the one being used by the thugs. The N & E side of the ware house is backed to the other 3 with a 20 - 30 ft alley between them. Also, there is the door on the roof , but no guard staying up there.

2 wandering guards checking all 4 ware houses, 2 or 3 other guards for the thug ware house, and at least guards trying to not look like guards. You don't have info on the numbers of the people in the ware house and the specific lay out in the ware house, but you did get a glimpse in the ware house begging for change.

O yeah , cameras on the corners etc, and thanks to a good roll from the mage, you know someone acting as a runner/go between being driven around in a good (for this neighborhood) black car.

Rhian - nice on "Baby blue has my card" , you without a doubt have a good NPC contact in the police. Use her wisely, and give her fair trade & she will be a big help !

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:19 am

Excerpts from recent excursion, late morning:

Quick bike ride over from campus to meet (with this intriguing, but strange group) at the diner. Events have proven fruitful. Still trying to figure where I fit in, but after today's discussion the upcoming covert work is right up my alley. How the academics on campus would squeal at the thought of such adventure!

Lukos and I will be entering the warehouse campus, while Sam provides surveillance overhead. The plan is to enter after dark, ensuring maximum cover and minimum opportunity for exposure. Things must be organized and in place. We are to ensure our phones are clean and set on vibrate. Burner phones were provided by Sam and Eva. We'll attempt to hide them either in a shipment, or in someone's belongings in order to track via GPS should the situation present itself.

Late the same night:

Lukos entered the compound via fence, leaving a small space for me to enter once the coast was clear. A single parked security van was noticed nearby, with the driver at the wheel, but fast asleep. He was able to open the door and render the rent-a-cop unconscious. I quickly entered, and assumed the likeness of said guard, shed my clothes and put on his. The clothes were a bit ill fitting, but with the temperature still being quite cool, the heavy jacket
was able to hide a lot. The guard was tied up, duck tape placed over his mouth, and was put in the back of the mini van.

With guidance from Sam several entry points to the building were identified. We chose the one that looked the easiest to enter. There was no keypad or alarm present, although we found a card with "passwords" on it in the guard's wallet.
I managed to find the right key from the guard's key ring, and we were in. Once in the warehouse, we spread out, searching for anything suspicious. Ignoring the fenced in area containing machinery, I noticed an office straight ahead, across the warehouse floor and went to investigate. Faint voices were heard, 2 gruff ones
in particular arguing about money and whether the risks were worth it. Another office was identified, and voices appearing to be women and children were heard. Attempting to move closer, I slipped, banged against a shelf,
and called attention to myself in a most unfortunate way. 2 Thugs burst out of the room and confronted me. The lead one reacted rather unprofessionally, screaming that I knew better than to be in the building. I made an excuse that I had to take a leak. They told me to take one outside like usual or they would shoot my white ass. I mumbled an apology and headed for the door, leaving Lukos hidden further in the warehouse. They followed close behind and locked the door. I made what I thought was a good show looking abashed, frightened, and thoroughly shook up. I hopped in the van and drove back to where we found it parked originally. Nice to know the 'morph worked just as planned.

Lukos was to make it out via the roof so we could regroup.

More to come...

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:36 pm

"They're in."

I turned my head toward Jeremy, his carefully low voice drawing me out of my reverie. It was chilly, and even with several layers and a good coat on every stray breeze seemed to go right through me, it always had, but I knew what I signed up for when I agreed to be on over watch. I found myself quickly wishing for summer before I turned my attention toward the warehouse we were trying so craftily to access.

"Oliver Twist" was beyond my ability to see but I was quick enough to see the disguised form of M&P close the door behind him. I leaned back around the corner and turned toward the alley to Jeremy's back.

"Good, hopefully we can get this done faster than we thought." I gripped my coat tighter around me as a particularly effective gust nipped at the exposed parts of my face. I could feel myself start to shiver and I hunkered down against the wall closer to Jeremy. I may be taller than him but Jeremy is undoubtedly bulkier and I hoped he would provide a welcome buffer from the cold. He sparred a glance toward me before he resumed peering through his binoculars toward the warehouse. I fiddled with the camera he had brought just in case we needed to capture any footage and made sure that it was still ready to go at a moments notice.

More time passed. I heard the crinkle of a wrapper and the distinct crunch of granola a few moments before Jeremy gave me a muffled "Here," and tapped another bar on my shoulder.

"I'm fine." I stuttered out, rubbing my shoulders hoping against hope that it might finally start working and warm me up. I didn't see so much as feel Jeremy turn toward me, I lasted a few moments before resignedly looking in his direction already knowing he was staring pointedly at me. "I'll be fine once we get in a car or something, I'm just cold."

"You know what helps with the cold? Calories." He waved the granola bar at me again, "Also, warm coffee." I narrowed my eyes at him, he'd had coffee this whole time and hadn't mentioned it? Monster.

He dropped the granola bar in my lap and then turned back to the binoculars, "I will happily hand over the thermos just eat something first. Caffeine isn't good for an empty stomach." Ah. I saw now. I checked the nutrition information on the wrapper... too many carbs, too many sugars, and I was already pushing my calories for the day. I sighed and put it in my pocket, had to be careful of my figure if I wanted to be a news anchor or called on as a field reporter. At least I didn't have the strict dress code the poor meteorologists got stuck with I told myself.

It took about 10 minutes before the cold and my craving for caffeine and warmth destroyed my willpower and bade me to indulge in the snack. After the first bite Jeremy silently handed be the thermos, trusting after the may times we had played this game that I would know I would have to eat the whole bar if I wanted to keep the coffee. After a few more minutes my shaking subsided, just in time for Jeremy to let me know that M&P was coming out. I groaned quietly wondering why he couldn't have come out a few minutes sooner.

We met up with the group, M&P reporting that he had found two pill counters talking about their place in the operation and in the middle of handling what was likely some stolen goods. There was some debate over what to do, but eventually we all agreed to call the Feds about a crime in progress and let them handle it. I was just in a hurry to get out of the cold.

I have the story ready to go on the bust for the stations in the morning already. Unfortunately, I'm sure this was just one part of the scheme. There weren't many people in the warehouse and we know there is a larger, more organized group at work here than just a few street dealers- we didn't find many military like forces in the ware house that night. Hopefully, the cops can flip the counters and find out some important info, but chances are we've just forced the true organizations hand into becoming more careful about how they operate. Most drug stories end up like this though, you cut off one arm and you find more in it's place...

I don't know if AnnB will have us continuing to investigate but until I hear from her I need to see what I can find out about my associates on this job. Maybe if I can find a connection between all of us I can figure something out about our employers. Granted knowing them has been beneficial, but I know too much about the world to act like they are some beneficent overlord. I don't know what they want, and I don't know my part in their goals, but I'm not the type to just blindly go along with someone else's grand design. I'll do what I have to to get by, but I need to find out more about the people I work for to keep my conscience clean. So far we've done some good work, but are we doing this to help cean the streets? Or are we just getting rid of something bigger's competition? I don't think if it's too smart to ask questions- but I'm a Journalist, when did common sense keep me from investigating anything?

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:36 am

Well, it wasn't as action packed as I planned, but I hope you all still liked it.

Despite it not being the fight I planned, you all did stop them from using the ware house as a hinge point to their operation. So, you all did succeed on the mission.

By the way you two, thanks for the write ups.

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:37 pm

Lurker wrote:By the way you two, thanks for the write ups.

Awesome to see how your players imagined it, isn't it?

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:18 pm

Treebore wrote:
Lurker wrote:By the way you two, thanks for the write ups.

Awesome to see how your players imagined it, isn't it?

Rgr that & the little bits of humanity that are added to make it real for them/everyone.

Re: Monday Night Ne’er Do Wells One-Off’s

Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:50 pm

The plane was finally landing. Soon Sam would get to see his wife and kids in person again. Being able to do video phone calls was a really nice tech and all, but it still doesn’t match with holding your loved ones in your arms. Now to wait for the plane to pull up to the ramp, go to his car in long term parking, and drive over to St Paul and home.
DAMN CELL PHONES! Sure, they keep you in contact with family and friends, but they also keep you in contact with people you don’t want contacting you. Especially before you even get to go home from a long work trip to do some training down in Colorado. Oh well, at least they are meeting in a good diner, and Sam is hungry. Plus his cousin will be there, and he has been worried about her health lately. She looks so skeletal, and while she still moves with energy, its more like energy of will than of physical vitality.
Sam welcomed the familiar smells of one of his more favourite eating places in St Paul. Sam calls it Rose’s, but that is because of his favourite waitress that works here. That woman has a presence. Its not long after she enters a room that everyone becomes aware of her being there, and its not because she is stunningly beautiful, she isn’t. She is definitely attractive. It has far more to do with her voice. Not for the first time, Sam wondered if she was a Siren, and hoped she wasn’t. This place wouldn’t be the same without her.
Spotting his cousin, he made for the table she was at, along with the others. Whom he has never met. Sam sat, introductions were made, and issues were discussed, and a plan of action was made and agreed upon. Which made Sam happy, because he got to go home and spend some time with his wife and kids before having to head out in the early morning hours to do his part in the plan.
Sam walked in to see his two older kids, his son, Dean, and Gwen, his elder daughter, sitting at their children’s desks working on their homework programs on their respective laptops. His youngest, Bobbi, was taking a nap. Gen was over at their desks, doing the same job he does, as an RVSR, which is a Ratings Veteran Service Officer. Meaning he and Gen make one of the final decisions on whether or not Military Veterans get benefits they are applying for. A responsibility they both take very seriously. Gen was much better at it than hew was. She was able to do between 14 to 30 claims per work day. Sam usually completed 12 to 18. Both of them were still better than most others in their job position. Which is why they got to work from home all but one day a week.

Sam first went to his two eldest, got hugs, said their hello’s, then moved over to Gen. Peace filled Sam, as it always has ever since he first got to hold Gen all those years ago. He breathed her scent in as deeply as he could, and exhaled. He then went over to Bobbi, and looked down at his youngest, still a toddler. Sleeping the peaceful sleep of babies. A different kind of peace effused Sam, the peace of being with his family, and their all being safe. He then looked back at Gen.
“I have a shift on my second job tonight.”, Gen tensed up, as always. “Don’t worry too much. I’m doing Overwatch, so get to be at a decent distance. So as long as everything actually goes right, I will be as safe as I can be. “
“Good. “, Gen responded. “I’m still going to worry, though.“
“If it helps, I worry too. I want to come back to all of you, you know.”
“I know that too. No matter how often we talk it out, no often how I rationalize it all, it still scares the hell out of me.”
“Gen, it all scares the hell out of me too. Believe me, my drive to come home to you and the kids keeps me very vigilant. Even so, I have to do this. As you know. “
“I do, and I know I am being unreasonable, but nothing will help if I ever get a phone call instead of you coming through the door on your own two feet.”
“I fully understand that. As you know. Which is why I do everything I can to keep coming home. Yet I also know that doesn’t help with the dread that fills you if I ever fail to do it. It fills me too.”
“I know. “Jen said, still quietly. “Well, lets do what we always do, spend time together as a family before you have to prepare to go, just in case its our last time. “

Sam flew up to a good high position that was also deeply shadowed, to watch over the warehouse complex. There were several buildings to look over, and would require him to move to keep an eye on his first time partners backs. His cousin sat pretty much opposite of him, doing the same job as he, along with her Camera man, who while on bit on the crazy side, definitely seemed to be a good influence on his cousin, Eva. She was on the ground, since as far as he knew, she had nothing special about her as he did. He had suspicions, but nothing even close to being firm. He thought about asking her, but he still wasn’t sure he wanted her to know about him. If she also had powers, she likely had similar reservations.
Anyways, the operation went surprisingly smooth. They found out where the drugs were being sorted, even saw some of the workers, and set up a bugging device, a cell phone, hidden up in the rafters by one of his co workers. Sam quickly became sure the two entering the building have gifts, like he does, Just different. If he wasn’t aware of such powers being real, he would have written things off as tricks of lighting and shadows in the night, but knowing better, it enabled his mind to process what he was seeing as it was, instead of convincing itself it had to be tricks of the lights and shadows. Amazing how much of a difference it made in his minds ability to perceive such things, to know such things we real, and very possible. Not for the first time he wondered how long such abilities had existed among mankind. How many of the figures of legend were people much like he is? Sam knew he would likely never know.

Anyways, after his partners got themselves back out of the warehouse they discussed their findings with Eva and he. They decided on calling the FBI, and letting them do a bust. Little did they know at the time, the idiot FBI would pass the job off to the local police, who were very likely corrupt, and that corrupt person, or persons, would tip these drug mules off to run.
Still, they made the best decision they could think of at the time, and all went home safe and sound. Which always made Sam happy. Hopefully, cleaning up the mess the FBI failed to clean up, won’t be any more dangerous than tonight had been. Sam knew it likely wouldn’t, be he had to hope.
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