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Chronicles of Scandia ~The Last Druid

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:45 am
by Rhuvein
Chonicles of Scandia ~ The Last Druid.


At the Grand Lodge Council Meeting – Druid’s Grove in the Sylvan Woods.

Nicodemus, reporting at the behest of his High Druid – Eusebius the Wise.

The lodge is a beautiful round building constructed of wood beams with oak trim. The wood is polished and wonderfully decorated. Garden plants and flowers are in abundance around the complex.

A call to order by Nicodemus and the council begins:

“Welcome druids! And a special welcome to our guest, Galathil - who nods to the group smiling.

Needless to say, but things have progressed rapidly since last week to a juncture in time that requires extraordinary measures. I’ll speak about this in a few moments.

But first, I’m loath to tell you the following news:

Our druid copper orb of power has been stolen from my office.”

A hush goes over the council and then much chatter begins, as the Eusebius takes a drink of wine to fortify himself.

“Yes, Penrod witnessed a strange humanoid creature running from the lodge yesterday when we were out fighting that orc patrol. He couldn’t catch him, but was able to track him to Dwarf Hill. Not surprising – since we know that is where the orcs are, using the old abandoned complex as their stronghold.”

Nicodemus recognizes the young druid Artemis, who speaks:

“My Lord High Druid, we should mount a full assault on the complex to find our stolen orb!”

This is followed by some low level chatter of support among the younger druids.

Eusebius looks down from his chair on the dais, and says,

“I agree completely good Artemis, but not yet. We need some assistance. And that’s why I’ve called the council together. There are some usual strong forces guiding these orcs and I’m feeling some very powerful evil elements on the wind.

So, I’m traveling to Fountains Abbey to see Sir Regis and seek his advice as to how to proceed. There is nothing happening in Scandia that he doesn’t know about, thanks to his great gnome advisor, Laroo.”

A young druid initiate raises his hand and is recognized by Nicodemus.

“Lord High Druid, you mention some strong force may be helping our enemies. And so, I re-call my father telling me of a druid of this order that was cast out some many years ago. Whatever became of him?”

Eusebius nods remembering and understanding why Bartimius would ask the question:

“Indeed, Bartimius. He was cast out, but left the continent and has never been heard from again since that time. But you generate a possibility that I must present to Sir Regis. He and his staff know almost everything that is happening around our world.

And thank you for reminding me about . . the ex druid ~ Boniface! He wasn’t a bad fellow, but wished to follow his own path rather than that of our order.”

Suddenly, a young druid girl/woman says, “Lord High Druid, is it true that there is a Silver Dragon in the mountain peak above Fountains Abbey?”

Nicodemus stares down the young druid, who flushes and bows and then sits down.

“Ah, it’s OK Nicodemus. Arise young Winifryde, all druids need to know that, yes – there is a mighty Silver Dragon that lives up in the high peaks and guards all of Scandia and most of the northern continent. My uncle told me tales of Argenteus when I was a young lad. He is a champion of everything that we druids espouse and a powerful ally against evil all through our woods and forest lands.”

Eusebius takes a breath while seemingly thinking as he looks at the wall above the council . . and then continues:

“Alas, if only King Argenteus were here to help us. But he had not been seen in many years. But I’m sure Sir Regis will know what we can do.

So, I leave tomorrow to be gone for less than a day. Nicodemus will lead you and act as your leader. Galathil will leave 6 of his archers here to assist with the protection of our grove.

Artemis, Galathil and Winifryde will accompany me. And now, let’s have dinner and tomorrow morn we will make haste to the abbey!”

Nicodemus nods to Seamus, the cook who then signals the acolytes to bring food and wine to the table.

A splendid dinner is had, even if the druid grove is on full alert. The acolytes and novices take their turns outside on patrols, relieving others who have been on guard.

The night passes peacefully.

Re: Chronicles of Scandia ~The Last Druid

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:31 am
by Lurker
I may not be in the game, but I love your write ups!!!!

Re: Chronicles of Scandia ~The Last Druid

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:31 pm
by Rhuvein

As you know, it is a challenge sometimes. But when I have the energy it is fun to write them.