The Borderland Crusade Session 003

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The Borderland Crusade Session 003

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The Borderland Crusade
Session Log 003
Game Date: 20160305
Mystara Date: Flaurmont: Moldain 12, 1000AC
Party Members in attendance:
Jonna: Half Elven LoreWarden
Kwan: Human Monk
Ohh: Mongrel Man Harmonious Brother
Laranya: Half orc: Shadow-Blade

The party finally gathered their wits after defeating the wooden Golem. They eventually discovered another cache of magical items. Later, they found yet another room containing a stone statue of Hiisi. They approached carefully only to see the statue turn and attack. Inspite of their best efforts, they were finally subdued and slain

Mystara Date: Flaurmont 22, 1000 AC
Vorkhill the aggressive sat in his office when a messenger arrived, The Captain of the Adventurer's guild was escorted outside the city and treated to a horrifying sight of the new adventurer's corpses set up in a ghastly display. A note was attached to the chest of the Youg Monk, Kwan:
“Hiisi found these challengers, Wanting.-Elwyn”.
After making the arraignments for their proper burial, Vorkhil gathered another group of adventurers:
Huey: A Traladaran Ranger/Initiate of Ahto – God of the Sea
Sir Esa Sorval: Traladaran Free-booter
Sir Alaric Karager: Traladaran Paladin of Ukko
Pa-Gha: Minotaur Wizard

After the Initial introductions are met, the group was also given special pendants as well as instructions on their use once they procured the bell. They rode out eventually finding the structure. As was the last group the new party was confronted by Elwyn's voice: “Another group to try my patience?”
Undeterred by Elwyn's taunting, they proceeded into the labyrinthine tunnels, retracing the previous party's footsteps in the hopes of finding some clue as to where they might have failed. They finally discovered the statue of Hiisi which slew the previous group and joined in battle. The second squad made quick work dispatching the statue which was appeared to not be a construct, but rather a living creature composed of rock!
Intrigued with the creature's blood, Pa-Gha took some samples of it's “blood” and “flesh” for later study. The first party now avenged, they traveled deeper into the complex, where another statue of Hiisi was encountered. Taking no chances, Huey approached with sword drawn, briefly touching the object only to find it trapped! It released a small jolt of lightning causing him to jump back. The group decided to leave that trapped statue alone and traveled to a large chamber containing five alcoves covered by black curtains with golden bolts of lightning sewn into them.
The first Alcove was exposed to reveal a painting of a Traladaran woman in brightly colored robes, slaying several victims with a sword.
The second Alcove held a painting of the previous woman, dressed in Purple with Six priests of Hiisi, Standing at attention.
The Third painting shows the woman, dressed in white, taking aim with a long bow against a flying being.
The Final painting shows her dressed in black, preparing to enter a dark chasm lead by a large hairy human, believed to be a servant of Hiisi.
They finally approached the final alcove, and proceeded to shoot arrows into it. One of which struck a metallic object, which produced an unnatural ring. As the supernatural din finally subsided, five shadowy humanoids appeared and proceeded to attack the party!
Alaric, in a moment of tactical genius, activated his divine aura, which prevented the creatures from physically assaulting him, proving that they were, indeed, Undead minions of Elwyn! The adventurers fought bravely, using their weapons and skills to defeat the shadows, eventually chasing two into the alcove where they were fleeing. Sir Esa, approached the altar within the Alcove and discovers a bell of exceptional craftsmanship. He attempts to carefully wrap the bell in a large sack, accidentally ringing it, causing it to summon two more Shadows. Not wanting to linger, Pa-Gha gripps Esa's belt and activated the Amulet, triggering it's word of recall. Alaric and Huey followed suit and promptly returned to the adventurer's guild offices.

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