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Within are to be writ the tales of daring and adventure of those who have placed themselves on the path of glory. Share your exploits with other Castlers & Crusaders!
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The Borderlands Crusade sessions 001-002

Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:14 pm

The Borderland Crusade
Session Log 001-002
Game Date: 20160130, 20160213
Mystara Date: Flaurmont: Gromdain 09-Moldain 11 1,000 AC

Session 001:
Mission: 000 Character Creation and Introduction
Game Date: 20160130
Mystara Date: Gromdain 09, 1000 AC
Party Members in attendance:
Jonna, HEm (Thyatian) Lore Warden
Kwan, Thyatian Hf, Monk
Ohhh, Mongrel-folk m, Monk
Laranya, ½ orc f, Illusionist?

The story begins when a pair of monks arrive in town, Kwan had received a message to return to the town of Threshold from her father, indicating that he was in some kind of danger. She was instructed to visit the Adventurer's Academy and speak with it's head-master: “Vorkil the Aggressive”. She was accompanied by her fellow student, Ohhh, a strange looking humanoid, wearing a hooded veil, in addition to his monastic robes. They were stopped at the gate and questioned, the head guard grew insistent that Ohhh remove his veil for the purposes of identification. The guard soon regretted that choice when Ohhh revealed himself to be a Mongrel-folk bearing the worst facial features of Orc-Elf and human (Maybe some goblin?). The monks were finally allowed passage after paying the gate toll, and were directed to the Academy.
Kwan and Ohhh were ushered in to see Vorkil, who heard Kwan share her story. The Half Elf veteran listened intently, then finally informed Kwan that her father was currently away on a mission, but Vorkil had not heard back from him. Vorkil then offered an opportunity to do some adventuring long with another applicant named Jonna, a Lore Warden worshiper of Tvashtri, who is also a half-elf. After introductions are made, the trio were instructed to wait at the Gold Dragon inn, nearby.
They walked into the inn to find a loud argument being instgated by a Half-Orc Female and their wait-staff. Apparently the Half orc was displeased by the lack of Meat in a Thyatian owned establishment, unaware that they were primarily vegetarians. The two monks intervened, calming the half-otc down, She then introduces herself as Laranya, an Illusionist who migrated to Threshold to seek out a career in adventuring. The four then agree to work together and attend the appointment with Vorkil in the morning.

Session 002
Mission 001: The Sanctuary of Elwyn
Game Date: 20160213
Mystara Date: Tserndain 10, 1000 AC
Players in attendance:
Ohhh: Mongrel-Folk Monk
Jonna; Half Elf Lore Warden
Laranya: Half Orc Illusionist
Run as an NPC:
Kwan: Human female Monk

The Four adventurers entered into the Adventurer's guild office in the morning, and were greeted by Vorkil and their new client: Patriarch Vasili Basilevsky a Traladan Patriarch of the Deity Ukko.
Patriarch Vasili then explains that for almost a hundred years, the servants of Illmatar had kept a bell which uses divine magic found by the priest named Chardraxes. He had found this bell during a severe Pestilence caused by the Thyatian invasion. Chadraxes considered this to be an answer to prayer and rang the bell which soon cured those afflicted as even healed some wounded innocents. The bell was kept by the servants of Illmatar and was eventually used in Karameikos to settle the peace between the Traladans and Thyatians. However, in recent years the bell had been given to a young priest named Elwyn. A Promising young woman who, unfortunately, began to lose her faith in the Mother goddess. She eventually left the temple of Illmatar and fled to the wilderness with the Bell in tow. Rumors then began circulating of a group of Orcs being gathered as well as Acolytes of Hiisi, the Traladan god of Evil.
Vasili then informed the group that Kwan's father often worked for the Adventurer's guild as a kind of scout, who had quickly explored the area, and returned with two crudely drawn treasure maps which he believed hinted at the place where the bell was being kept. Vasili then informed the party that their mission is to retrieve the bell and Elwyn, if possible.
The party went underway, led by a logger named Baab who finally pointed to the direction the party needed to go. After Baab departed, they eventually encountered four troglodytes, which they struggled to dispatch. They then discovered a large black edifice built in the shape of a Black Dragon's head, built of Iron. They entered into a door way, finding themselves into a darkened corridor. Kwan quickly lit a torch allowing her and Jonna to see, while Ohhh and Laranya had use of their Dark vision.
When they had made their way into the complex, gigantic stone slab slammed down, sealing the entrance. They were then greeted by a feminine voice, echoing through out the chamber:
“Who Dares to enter the shrine of Elwyn Unbidden?”
Wicked laughter filled the hall, but the new adventurers moved undaunted down the corridors and eventually were confronted by six Acolytes of Hiisi, the Traladan god of Evil. As the party proceeded to ready for combat, Laranya stepped forward and struck using a spray of colors from her finger tips striking two of the acolytes, causing them to sleep. The leader of the Acolytes however, countered with a blessing to his comrades who then charged forward into the fray. The Oh and Kwan used their martial arts, and Jonna fired arrows, eventually defeating the Acolytes.
They eventually discovered a few rooms with false bells, eventually discovering a strange chamber. As they all moved into the room, the floor swung down, sending them to the lower chambers. They got on their feet to hear a distant murmuring, they were then set upon by a group of orcs!
The party used their magics and skills to finally take down the murderous humanoids in a fight that ended with the party chasing the surviving Orc up to the ground floor.
Once the orc was dispatched, the group then found wooden statue of Hiisi spring to life! Laranya announce the creature to be a Wooden Golem which requires magical attack in order to be damaged. Fortunately the Orc chieftain had such a blade, which was wielded by Kwan. The other party members ran interference. Laranya finally managed to knock the diminutive golem off it's feet, allowing Jonna and Ohh to hold it down while Kwan delivered the smashing blow. It was a glorious and hard won victory which left the party wondering, what could be next?

Re: The Borderlands Crusade sessions 001-002

Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:59 pm

Sounds like a great start! Plus Mystara is a very good setting, so that helps.

Re: The Borderlands Crusade sessions 001-002

Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:11 am

thanks! Basically I am using Mystara, with Hindu and Finnish Mythos from first edition AD&D.

Re: The Borderlands Crusade sessions 001-002

Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:33 am

I was kind of guessing that was what you were doing. Or, in my case, I usually allow all deities. Not always, but more often than not.
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