The Marnor Campaign

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The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Cinabro,The Mad CM, is at it again. Here are the game recaps for his current campaign.
See his previous game recaps and decide for yourself if he is mad or not.

The Marnor Campaign

Act One:  Horror in Tlasha

Gerag the half-orc monk - Myself (greenbadge)
Sansa the elven cleric of Fairie - My wife Renee
Middlin' the neer-do-well Dwarf fighter - Seth
Tania the half-elf wizard and daughter of Alasotur, - Seth's wife Jess
Morir, human thief - I forgot the players name (He was only with us for one or two sessions)

We opened with a mis-matched band of folks in the small coastal
village of Tlasha.  Some were brought there by warnings that the Dark
Gods are stirring, others were forced into the investigation, and one
is wondering what happened to her home and father.  The tower of local
celebrety Alasotur collapsed a few days ago.  Alasotur was a magic user
and it is pretty well known that he came here a few years ago after
being involved in the over throw of Milton Drac, Sea Lord of Marnor, who
tried to stage a coup in the large city about ten years ago.  Rumors
circulate that Drac was a worshipper of the Nameless One and his mad
scheme involved opening a portal to let the Nameless One into this world.
Alasotur, or so he claims, and some of his friends were key in helping
to stop Drac's coup.  He eventually left the city and settled into Tlasha
refurbishing a disused light house.  All was quiet until the tower
collapsed and the town has since been overrun by nocturnal giant rats and
crabs, and a crab fishing boat has gone missing.

    Investigating the ruin the party finds mutated giant rats, an
angry animated mirror which leaves Sansa unable to speak, and some
lethal traps.  No closer to solving the mystery they have to foray again,
finding a zombie, more rats, a ghoul, and a group of chanting Cultists
who the locals recognize as the crew of the missing crab boat.  They
find a shrine to the Crab God, and fight a final duel with a giant,
albino salamander which Alasotur's daughter recognizes as a mutation
of her father's familar.  A captured Cultist raves about The Nameless
One, and the town elders, led by the quivering sage Brodert Quink, suggest
that the party should go to Marnor, contact Alasotur's old friends, and
warn them that the Cultists are on the rise again.

    On the sea voyage to Marnor they are attacked by a Crabman, who
the locals again recognize as a missing crab fisherman, revealing the
horrible, final fate of those who worship the Elder Gods.  In the distance
they see Milton's Folly, the incomplete, red brick Marnor light house that
Sea Lord Drac was building at the time of the failed coup.

    Tune in next time to find Goblins in the Sewers.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by cinabro »

This adventure is mostly the Lair of the White Salamander from Dungeon Crawl Classics The Adventure Begins. This is a rather brief summary that I gave the current players as a reminder after a hiatus caused by me moving. It hooks the characters into a rather twisted version of the Freeport Trilogy. The Lair of the White Salamander was pretty good and was a good introduction for this campaign. Aron was the name of the player of Morir. As we move towards the current campaign the summaries get more detailed.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Act Two: Goblins in the Sewers

    In the large port of Marnor the party goes to the Drac's End neighborhood
to an inn and pub near the University called the Indecipherable Scroll.  They meet
Wilemina Gertz, aka Mina, who was one of Alasotur's old assciates.  They find
Ate Eez Pop icon Trace Silky performing his song-poem Never Gonna Give You Up, which
Mina hates so much that she threatens to turn him in a newt so hard that his whole
family will be turned into newts.  Mina confirms that she worked with Alasotur on
bringing down Drac, hears their tale about the going ons in Tlasha, sends notes
to Alasotur's other surviving compatriots, and reveals that she was also involved with
Alasotur in rivalry with Tania's mother.

    Hassel, another old fried of Alasotur and Mina's, turns up.  He is accompanied
by guards and is unusually armed with rapier and dagger.  As the story of what
happened in Tlasha is recounted Mina breaks down raving that "It is happening
again," and "They are knocking on the gate.  We can't let them get in."  Hassel
calms her with some strong drink, and tells the party that magic users had it
hardest fighting the minions of the Elder Gods as using magic in their presence
tended to mess with their heads.  The Thief and the Cleric had it easiest as they
died in the final fight against Drac; all who lived still have the occasional
nightmare.  Mina is a hero as she had the courage to toss a fireball at the
tentacled horror that was reaching out of the darkness while others
fled for their lives or were transfixed with fear.  Subsequently she was a
Professor at the University, but it was too stressful and she bought this place
to run which seems to suit her well.  She should be fine in the morning.

    Councilman Captain Roberts turns up.  Another old friend of Alasotur's
who has gone on to fame as a pirate and now is a member of the ruling body of
Marnor, the Captain's Council.  He too has body guards, and the two sets
eye each other with distrust.  He talks a good game, and tells them he will provide
whatever help he can.  Both he and Hassel suggest that Police Captian Sondek
would be their best point of contact to find Cultist activity in the city.
Roberts leaves with the impression that he said lots of words, but very
little of substance.  Hassel also takes his leave saying that they can
contact him at the Halfling Benevolent Association and that he will leave
a few guards behind to make sure they are not bothered and that nothing
happens to the incapicitated Mina.

    The party is kind of freaked out by the whole thing, I am sure it
was the performance by Trace Silky,, and they
decide to set watches on their rooms here.  While Tania is on watch she sees
a goblin coming out of the room the men are staying in.  The creature is too
fast, but she does manage to use a spell to knock off its back pack as it flees.
The party looses some weapons and some potions.  Within the pack is a skull, some
candle like things, and a piece of rotten horse meat wrapped in paper with the
letter M on it.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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In the morning Captain Police Sondek turns up.  He is a member of the
Sewer Guard who patrols the sewers of Marnor.  They have been having trouble
with Goblins from the Bloodsalt, the humanoid ghetto in the city, infesting
the sewers and thieving in the rest of the city.  Mina notes that the M is
the logo of a nearby butcher shop.  Gerag meets Sister Regina, Priestess of
Ares in the chaotic Fool's Market.  She warns him against the Temple of Ares.
Morir checks the archives of the Shipping News getting confirmation of the
Drac's failed coup although nothing is mentioned of Cultists and Elder Gods.
On the way to the butcher shop the party sees Anemic Jack Lash, done up like
a corpse, performing his Ate Eez Pop anthem Billie Jean.  At the Marenky Knackery
they learn that the proprietor has been harrassed by Goblins and to placate
them he leaves out some rotten horse meat, and unblocks a sewer entrance to
his main yard.  They come at night, and the party decides to set an ambush.

    Sansa looks up Corbus of the Vale a sylven elf like her in the city.
They find him at the Cafe Ilkhan writing a bad play about the revolutionary
overthrow of an oppresive city government and trying to mooch some food.  On
the way to Knackery they stop at Belle's Well, a water well in Drac's End
looked after by the bit off Belle.  She tells them that an angel lives in
the well and it will appear in times o need.  Despite their best efforts
they find nothing unusual about the well.

    At the Knackery as night falls two goblins coming out of the sewer are
slept by Tania.  The female becomes cooperative when they feed her and return
the skull, apparently of her dead brother Plaarg, which she talks with.  She
tells them that her tribe is from the swamps, came to the city for work, and
have been enslaved by a big red furred thing that makes them steal in the
main city.  She will lead them to their lair on the promise of freedom for
herself and her tribe.

    Morir disappears over night.  Another old friend of Alasotur's turns
up the next morning.  Alexander Tovag now works as a private investigator
and spends most of time chasing after the wayward children of the rich who
are disturbingly dabbling in the worship of Elder Gods.

    Ekkie leads them into the maze-like sewers and they attack killing
some guards, Sansa falls into a pit with armor damaging acid, they kill
another guard, Middlin' is felled by a Flash-Bang, but the goblin
alchemist drops his own grenade of sneezing powder letting the party
over run the guards and capture the alchemist.  Pressing on led by
Ekkie they destroy the Prince, a purple wearing goblin who usually
sang his battle cry, Doves Cry, and encounter the big, red furred creature
in a Temple dedicated to an Elder God.  After a tough fight, seeing
Tania almost killed by an arrow and Middlin' stuck in a glue trap,
Ekkie delivers the killing blow screaming her hate at her former
tormenter.  Gerag orders the remaining goblins to leave the city,
Ekkie elects to remain with the party, and they carry the body
of the "mutated goblin" to the Indecipherable Scroll where Mina
identifies it as a Bugbear, which cannot be good as they are hired
by the city to keep order in the Bloodsalt.

    There is a note for Gerag from Sister Regina saying that she
needs his help with a problem.

    Next time Death In Marnor.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by cinabro »

Some set up and an adventure based on The Rise Of The Goblin Guild for Pathfinder. That is a quite a good one. Aron dropped out, he only played two actual sessions, and we elect to continue with Ekkie from the adventure being an NPC thief. At the end of this Seth and Jessica had to drop out, we fell to two players, and we had a bit of a hiatus as we scrambled for some more players. That would end well, as we shall see.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

At the end of this Seth and Jessica had to drop out,
How Dare Seth and Jess want to start a family!

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Act 3: Death in Marnor

    Tania decides that the adventuring life is just not for her, and says
she will be going to her mother's people, the Sea Elves.  Middlin' begins
raving about the rising water and Mina suggests that he cannot be
depended on to adventure any more.  She employs him here at the Indecipherable
Scroll.  She also introduces the others to Odhran, a Dwarven bard, who
has also seen visions of rising Elder Gods.  He discovers that many of
the local musicians dismiss Ate Eez Pop as a low quality, passing fad.

    The next day Corbus of the Vale shows up warning Sansa about the
Alchemical Oddities shop that he suggested to her as it contains a creepy
giant plant.  This simply intrigues Sansa.  Corbus also mentions that his
friend Lucius, an employee at the Great Library has gone missing.  This
bums Corbus out as Lucius would get him books and some times let him stay
at his apartment under the nose of Lucius' facist landlady.  Lucius is
a strange guy.  A few years ago he started acting strange, got tossed out
of the Library, went on a years long sea voyage, returned about a year ago,
seemed to be OK, and got his job back at the library.  He has been acting
strange again lately.  Investigating Lucius' apartment they find a "To Do"
list which mentions a meeting with Captain Scarbelly who they discover is
a notorious pirate, currently in port.

    They visit Alchemical Oddities, a small shop in the Eastern District,
and see the creepy plant and the even more creepy proprietor.  He becomes
very angry when Sansa tries to get a piece of plant, throwing them out.
Gerag and Odhran arrange a meeting with Captain Scarbelly and return to find
Sansa and Ekkie about to execute a scheme to get a piece of the plant.  Gerag
simply goes in, his meer presence intimidates the proprietor, Sansa gets
a cutting, while Corbus, Odhran, and Ekkie provide a distraction.  They see Mad Donna
performing her tribute to human sacrifice, Like a Virgin.  They meet Captain
Scarbelly who tells them that Lucius sailed with him some years ago, recently asked
to see him, and asked nonsensical questions that he should have known the answers to
about his time on his ship.  Scarbelly does not reveal much about his past

    At the Great Library they meet Milos who is Lucius' boss.  Lucius
is a good librarian who was asked to leave when he went into part of the library
forbidden to him.  He returned and was rehired and has been doing well.  He
has not shown up to work the last few days, Milos assumes he is sick, and
provides no further help on Lucius.  A librarian here cannot ID Sansa's
cutting and suggests she show it to Professor Kuzer at the University.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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The next day as they make their way to the University they are ambushed
by The Yellow Hats, some local thugs.  In the street fight that follows they
capture one of the thugs who tells them that one Enzo hired them to take out
the party.  Sansa is convinced this all about The Plant and Gerag is reminded
of a nightmare that he had last night involving human headed rats struggling
with a giant plant.

    Returning to the University, Professor Kuzer ID's the plant as a Spawn
of Vulthoom, who is an Elder Plant God.  It creates Thralls of Vulthoom and
eventually a gate is opened for Vulthoom himself to do very bad things.  He gives
them a letter to the Town Guard telling them of the severity of the Vulthoom
threat, and excuses himself.

    The party goes to see Captain Sondek who has learned nothing about the
bugbear who was leading the thieving goblins, but does get together a detail
to deal with Vulthoom.  They descend on the shop, burn the plant, and arrest
the raving proprietor.

    They meet with Enzo and easily manage to capture him.  He tells them
that the Master ordered them deade.  They meet at a Bricked Up House
in Scurvey Town.  There they find a tunnel behind a wine cask leading to
a Temple to the Nameless One.  They clash with primitive Snake Men, see
a very frightening chamber, fight with some skeltons, gather the Book
Of The Nameless One in a well stocked library, a letter mentioning
the "Brotherhood" and "N'Tal", an unpleasant list, and have a final fight
with Milos who is revealed to be a Cultist leader.  They defeat the
Cultists, rescue the badly battered Lucius, and finally manage to get
out after running into more Primitive Snakemen and Cultists.

    Stay tuned for Rats in the Walls.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by cinabro »

We were very fortunate to add Odhran and his player. He has been very imaginative and provided an excellent breath of fresh air to our efforts. This is mostly Death in Freeport which is being used as Marnor. It is a good adventure and simply sets us up for more. The long running struggle with The Plant is terribly amusing. I use die rolls to guide what happens and Sansa's interests and some unlikely rolls led to the long struggle with Vulthoom, the Eldar Plant God. There was no plan for this when I started, but character actions and the dice drove things in unexpected directions. As time as gone on in this campaign it has gone in many unexpected directions. I think this is a good thing, and I hope the players are continuing to enjoy it.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Cinabro, I have to say for myself I am enjoying the current campaign. You are doing a great job at running a “sandbox” game. The style of the game really fits the characters and their players.
Without a doubt Odhran has been the best player that we were able to recurit off the street, Not only in the game but also in the real world. Looking forward to the 23rd

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Act 4: Rats in the Walls

    Back at the Indecipherable Scroll they have collected a Shield of
Breaking, in form the town guard about the Temple to the Nameless One,
and decide that the Book of the Nameless One is a nasty piece of work.
Mina tells them what she knows about some of the things on their list.
Lucius was clearly set up by Milos and they wanted to know about his
travels and began torturing him when he could not answer their questions
about his travels.  He genuinely cannot remember and he is plagued by
nightmares.  He is most upset that they stole his books.

    Trying to destroy the Book of the Nameless One Gerag goes to
Sister Regina, and while she cannot destroy the book, she notes that
Gerag is tainted by Vulthoom.  She suggests that the Temple of Poseidon
is the place to go for both of his needs.  She warns him to avoid stress.
Odhran tries to turn a captured Cultist into a spy, and that seems to
work.  His name is Lamar Bosi and is supposed to check in at the
Old Whore, and bar in the docks.  There Odhran meets Dardiana Chroster,
aka Mad Donna.  She tells him that Captain Councilman Tarmon, who
is also a powerful magic user, is financing and encoraging the
Ate Eez Pop fad.  They see the Ate Eez Pop band the UT singing
yet another homage to sacrifice, With Or Without You and the spend a
pleasenat night togheter.

    The next day Sister Regina fails to Purify both Gerag and Lucius,
and they go to the Temple of Posiedon for help.  Lucius stays there to
heal more and they will try to purify them both at tomorrow's service.
High Priestess Lorilee is disturbed by their story and urgently calls
a meeting of those who may help in the struggle against the rising
Elder Gods.

    The next day the impressive ceremony at the Temple of Posiedon
fails to fix Gerag.  They see a newspaper story about the defeat of
cultist up rising in Tlasha.  Sansa heads down to the Cafe Ilkhan and
finds Odhran canoodling with Dardiana and Corbus of the Vale who
gives Sansa some "herb" to keep Gerag calm.  Upon adminstering that
to Gerag he falls asleep and has a disturbing dream about a menacing
plant.  The others head to the Bloodsalt and see a squalid ghetto
with the red brick barracks of the bugbears, the red brick Alchemy
Factory, and the precarious tower of Glitch.  There are a pathetic
bunch of sick and injured goblins and orcs at Glitch's door, and Sansa
heals some while Dardiana and Odhran entertain them.

    They meet Glitch, a goblin magic user who is doing his best to help
his people.  He tells them of the brutal nature of the bugbear's rule
over the Bloodsalt, how the people are forced to seek the dangerous work
in the Alchemy Factory, and that he gets help from the Temple of Athena (aka
the Great Library), The University and Mina Gertz, who he claims is the
smartest mage in the city.  He also says that the snake people used to
rule this area, fell in some castastrophe and are now divided into
degenerate, primitives and the exalted sort who are adept at shape changing.
Sansa becomes convinced that Mina is a snake person.  He also tells that
the red bricks weaken the barrier between worlds and probably contributes
to why the bugbears are so nasty and that Alchemy Factory is so dangerous.

    Dardianna is clearly moved by what she saw and herd in the Bloodsalt.
She tells Odhran that one Miles Craxton, director of the arts in city and working
for Captain Councilman Tarmon, paid her to get close to the party and report
on their activities.  She is not going to do that and takes her leave of the
distressed Odhran who becomes drunk at the Cafe Ilkhan seeing Biceps Sterner Gnu
perform his ode to self immolation, I'm On Fire.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

The next day at the Temple of Athena, the Great Library, there is
a large meeting about the recent out break of Cultists.  They also note the
respect that the powerful paty to Mina, and begin to realize that she may
be more than a crazy inn keeper.  Some seem committed to the struggle, Mina
and the Temple of Posiedon, while others are not yet convinced, the Town
Guard and the Temple of Athena.  In fact the Town Guard is more concerned
about a missing pearl merchant.

    After the party and Mina make a to do list.  Mina takes Gerag to her
hidden lab, and in a rather impressive display of power pulls out of him a
Spoor of Vulthoom.  The others go to Otto's Blades and Baldrics in Scurvey
Town to try to find some Fey that Sansa has heard are living there.  They
find evidence, leave a note, and buy Ekkie an expanding sword.  Gerag asks
Sister Regina to teach him the Ning Ring Broadsword and she begins.

    Receiving a cryptic note they return to Otto's, stopping at the
Scurvey Town Guard house where they are told that the missing pearl
merchant, Marcione, was last seen in the company of some ladies who
work at the Shy Mermaid.

    At Otto's Gerag buys a very nice 9-Ring Broad Sword, Odhran
leaves a wooden doll that he claims is a very sick Fey, and Sansa
and Ekkie sneak below and see evidence that Otto is working with
Fey.  Exploring Scurvey Town guided by the cryptic note Odhran
finds the Dead Pelican Bar, and confuses the patrons by asking
after the Angry Turtle.  Within he looses track of time and finds
his boot being gnowed by a human headed rat.  He reports back to
the others about the Splayed Puffin, and Gerag recalls his
nightmares that ended there.  They head to the Shy Mermaid, which
is a brothel, and Odhran hooks up with "Candy" who says that
Marcione took her and another girl to the cock fights at the
Stormy Gables three nights ago.

    Back at the Indecipherable Mina got nothing but frustration
at The Temple of Athena.  They head back to the Dead Pelican and
offer to clear the place of rats, find a basement passage
to the sewers, and eventually find a nest of human headed
rats and a pile of human body parts and a dead Fey.  They dispatch
the rats and find a large orange amulet which makes all of them
hungry for raw meat.

    Back at the Indecipherable Scroll McRund is performing
King of Rock, and Mina destroys the Amulet and learns that it was
dedicated to The Hunger, the Great Old One Rhan-Tegoth, who
incites his followers to cannibalism.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by cinabro »

No module, just lots of character driven running about the city and setting them up for the next adventure. As greenbadge notes the campaign has become rather more of a sand box than usual. I think that is evidence of growth by me as a CK and the players who have gotten more comfortable just doing stuff rather than being nudged by me into action. Most amusing to me is when one character becomes convinced one of the NPC's is something and the dice reveal something rather more interesting. That will unfold very slowly over the course of the campaign, and with an already brewing idea, will lead to the next campaign.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Act 5: A Missing Pearl (ongoing)

It is 1 February, Candlemas.  Mina is making candles.  Odhran writes
a song about the being in Marnor, Turning Marnorese.

    They return the dead Fey to Otto's.  They are shocked to find that the
wooden doll is now acting as greeter in the shop.  At the Cafe Ilkhan Odhran
performs his new song, it goes down very well and they invite him for a show
on Saturday 11 Feb.  They see La Hen Van performing Jump.  Odhran asks after
mushroom ice cream and is directed to the Dented Helm.  At the Stormy Gables
they meet Trixie, a very large transvestite who directs them to Gyni the
fortune teller who was with Marcione.  Odhran approaches her and she will tell
his fortune back at her apartment.  Trixie only allows Odhran upstairs.  Gyni
offers Odhran some tea which he quaffs, feels dizzy, and manages to hold off
the murderous Gyni.  She flees down the stairs, flying by Ekkie who had snuck
in a back window.  Downstairs Gerag is unable to get by Trixie, but Trixie also
blocks the fleeing Gyni.  Suddenly the room is full of blinding fog, and Gerag
and Odhran manage to capture Gyni.  They interogate her and she says that a
Halfling called Welby knows where Marcione is.  They dump her at the Scurvey
Town Guard station and Detective Emisso convinces Trixie to let them search
Gyni's apartment.  There they find some of Marcione's effects and a barrel full
of body parts.  Gyni is clearly guilty and will be tried, found guilty and
executed.  Emisso encourages the party to follow up on Welby, and warns them
about Gyni's bugbear boyfriend.

    Back at the Indecipherable Scroll, Sansa has a package containing a ever
buring fairy fire, allowing her to learn Hold Person, and an invite to the
daily lighting of the Fairy Fire at Otto's in the early evening.

    The next day there are news stories about Gyni and the party goes
to the Bosun's Knot to find Welby.  They find Welby that evening, he flees
in a row boat, Sansa manages to hit him with a long bow shot, Ekkie stops
the angry crowd with a Sneeze Powder grenade, and the party slips away.  Odhran
confronts a bouncer and convinces him to send a note to Welby asking to meet
the party.  Welby does not show that night.  At the Cafe Ilkhan they see Bile Jolly
performing Uptown Girl and encounter and uncharacteristically manic Corbus
of the Vale who is taking interest in the performance.  They also hit Otto's,
meet the fire fairies, who give them 5 applications of Fairy Fire, learn
that the male fire fairies are desperate for some female fairies, invite Sansa
to their Saturday night party, purchase some sparking arrows, and get directed
to Ningel's Concotions for more Sneezing Powder.

    The next day they head out to the Harbor Halfling floating neighborhood.
They meet Gartold Kingnetter who is distressed to hear that Welby might be
involved with Gyni's nasty business.  They get to Welby's boat, find some
booby traps and blood stains.  At his family's fish processing barge they
struggle with Welby, his young cousins, and some dogs.  They crush these folks,
badly wounding one of the cousins, and capture the fleeing Welby.  He tells them
that Gyni would send him a signal, he would collect a body that she dumped
in the harbor, and then go leave it at the Troll's Way dock.  He would then
send a signal and a hearse would come and pick up the body.  He did this for
money to pay his gambling depts.  They turn Welby over to the Harbor Halflings
for justice.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

Post by greenbadge »

Sansa goes to the Cafe Ilkhan and finds the very wild Corbus of the Vale.
She tries to capture him, but he runs off.  At the Temple of Posiedon they
bring the healed up Lucius to the Indecipherable Scroll.  They meet Tabios
Kenos who is working with them on the cultist problem.  Odhran goes to meet
with Gyni who will executed tomorrow.  He manages to get her to tell that
she was also working with the mortician Arteud.

    A reporter, Pernys Salmundo, turns up and gets some information about
their investigation of the missing Marcione.  At the Scurvey Town Guard
station they learn that Arteud runs the Good Rest mortuary which is just
out of town to the east.  They go there, break into the body preperation
room, subdue and tie up two helpers, encounter Arteud who fires Magic Missle
at them, are attacked by an animate mirror, and capture him on the top floor.
He confesses that he was working with Gyni and someone called Mary Black
who took the corpses away.  He takes them to his secret lab, tries to flee,
gets Held by Sansa, and attacked by a swarm of body parts.  They see bodies
of hobos and someone they think is Marcione.  They make Artued send a signal
to Mary Black where they struggle with some Imps which Artued also says
are annoying.  From the roof they see skull headed cultists
moving around the building.  As they head down they smell smoke, Gerag fights
with two of them, Sansa falls while trying to jump around the blockage, but
falls and is knocked out.  Odhran succeeds, but suddenly all are engulfed
in an obscuring cloud.  As the party stumbles out of the cloud, Odhram blows
an alarm on a horn, they are attacked by a floating, bloody axe, and they see
six of the cultists who demand Artued.  Ekkie threatens to kill Artued, and
does so as the cultists close in.  At this point the cultists break off,
and the building behind them is engulfed in fire.  The party flees through
the garage, find the helpers dead, and run off as the fire brigade turns

    The next day the party reads of Gyni's execution, the fire at the
mortuary, and the death of Bile Jolly.  At the ruined morturary they
smell pitch.  Odhran gives Lucius a book which makes him very happy,
and asks where he might find Corbus.  Odhran decides to place a classified
ad asking for information about Corbus.

    Sansa asks Mina about water fairies and she suggest either the
Sea Elves or the Nor River Goddess.  In an attempt to find some compainionship
for the fire fairies they head to the vice dens of Dreaming Street in Scurvey
Town.  At "The Giving Tree" they arrange for a couple of girls to dress as
water fairies and visit the fire fairies this evening.  At Otto's there
are more such girls provided by Otto who tells them that he sees to all of
the fire fairies needs in return for them doing work for him.  They depart
as the debauchery begins.

    Sansa spends the rest of night with a dark elf called Avanzo who
runs a brothel called "The Spider's Web".  He directs her to some higher end
establishments in the Old City and Merchants District where she might have
better luck finding water fairies.  Gerag and Odhran head to the Field of
Honor, main square in the Eastern District.  They participate in the amatuer
fights, with Gerag actually emerging as the night's champion.  He is approached
by a couple of gladiator trainers, but turns them down.  They see the Town Guard
perform Every Breath You Take.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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The next day they unsuccessfully look for Corbus, gather up the names of some
Scurvey Town mortuaries and ship building establishments, visit the God Shop,
and are directed to McGills Curio Shop for arcane books.  Avanzo has left flowers
for Sansa saying that he would like to see her again.  Odhran and Ekkie check out
the Boarded Up House, trying to recover Lucius' library, and find it heavily
watched by the Town Guard.  They are unable to get in.

    The next day Detective Emisso asks what they know about the fire at the
Goodrest Mortuary.  Fortunately they tell him most of the truth as they were
spotted fleeing the scene.  When they mention Mary Black, he recalls the name
and asks them meet him at the Scurvey Town Guard station tomorrow to consult
the files.

    They check out McGill's Curio shop, are let into the secret lower room,
and rent a book on Vulthoom and buy a book on Dark Elves and the Underealm.
At Ningel's Concotions they find a women who speaks a little Dwarvish and has
Sneezing Powder Grenades, Flash Bangs, and Smoke Bombs.  Odhran invites her
to his performance at Cafe Ilkhan on the upcoming weekend.

    Odhran and Sansa check out the House of Serenity, the best brothel
in the city, but there are no fairies.  They are directed to a place called
Secret Flowers.  At the Gentelman's Club, they are denied entrance but around
back say that they are scouting for comforts for Gerag The Wise, a visting
foreign dignatory.  There are no fairies here, but members who must be sponsored
by an existing member and pay an exhorbitant yearly fee, will eventually
be provided with anything they desire.

    A man turns up at the Indecipherable Scroll claiming that Corbus is
at a place called the Cracked Pot, and is hanging around with one of the
bar maids there.

    Odhram reads the book on Vulthoom and realizes how incredibly difficult
it is to grow the plant.  Sansa also notices that the book has a minor curse
on it, which they guess will execute if it is not returned on time.  They
decide to talk with Professor Kuzer about Vulthoom.  At the University Kuzer
confesses, under threat of physical harm, that he got a cutting of the Spawn
of Vulthoom, got the insane shop keeper out of prison, and is growing a
new Spawn of Vulthoom in the University's green house.  He realizes that it
has gotten out of hand, but does not know what to do as the shop keeper
will not let any one harm the plant.  Eventually they realize that simply
burning the plant is too dangerous, they drag Kuzer to see Mina.  She is
very distressed, goes with them back to the University, and in another
display of power, kills the obviously insane shop keeper and in a fiery
struggle destroys the plant.  Mina takes Kuzer and his students back to her
lab, and removes Spoors of Vulthoom from them.  She begins drinking heavily
and notes that tomorrow she will have to take this to the Chancellor, much
to Kuzer's distress, as the magic she used to disguise what was going
on will wear off.

    Ekkie spent the day with Lucius who has returned to his job at the
Great Library.  She does not want to do that again as it was so boring.

    The party heads to the Cracked Pot to track down Corbus.  They
are directed to a waitress named Sayl.  They listen to Chill Nillsop perform
Take A Look At Me Now.  They confront Corbus, and as he tries to flee, he
slashes Sansa with a knife before they are able to subdue him.  He is raving
about the evils of Ate Eez Pop.  They take him, and Sayl, to see Mina.
She notes that Sayl is fine, but that Corbus was infected by a Spoor of
Vulthoom, it germinated, and he suffered considerable damage when she removed
it.  This distresses Sansa after the suggestion is made that Corbus should
be looked after by Sayl.  They spend the night here.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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The next day Captain Sondek turns up saying that as far as he has been
able to tell that the bugbear leading the goblins in the sewers was a rogue,
and not connected with those guarding the Bloodsalt.  Eventually the cleric
of the Fire Fairies, Throyen, turns up after an urgent message from Sansa.  He
agrees with Mina's unhappy assessment and Corbus departs with Sayl much
to Sansa consternation.

    Mina drags Kuzer to the University to see Chancellor Whitmire, who is
old even for an elf.  He greets Mina warmly and tells her that she is welcome
back any time.  After hearing Kuzer's story the Chancellor punishes Kuzer
by withdrawing his funding, graduate students, and making him teach Freshman
Rhetoric for the next few years.

    They meet with Detectve Emisso.  He tells them Mary Black has turned
up in association with the powerful sorts of cultists sinces Sea Lord Drac's
failed coup ten years ago.  She has some association with the rich merchant
Achronus family.  They have an estate east of the city which is a constant
source of problems, but the family's riches have made impossible for anything
to stick.  They hold frequent parties, and he also suggest that they speak
with Professo Cloimser at the University as he is an expert on cultists.
They go to see him and he guesses that Mary Black is an illegitamate daughter
of the Achronus clan and is a follower of Xaoghul who encourages his followers
to practice ritual cannibalism which will lead to power.  He knows nothing about
the recent discovery of the Temple of the Nameless One by the party, and will
look into it.  He also mentions that the good snake people are followers
of Yig, a god of knowledge, and usually lay low here in the city.  They
warn him to take care as cultists are clearly active here in the city.

    Avanzo turns up and warns Sansa that big time pimps are asking
after water fairies, and this is not likely to end well.  They spend
the night together.

    The next day Gerag notes from the newspaper that the Achronus have
a monthly party and that one should be coming up soon.  Odhran goes to the
God Shop and orders some livery like that worn by the servants of the
Achronus.  They decide to try to get an invite for Gerag The Wise and his
entourage to the upcoming Achronus party.  Sansa and Ekkie go out to
gather costumes and get a poor Oriental costume for Gerag, and garish
clothes for themselves.

    Mina has met Miles Craxton.  Craxton has been ordered by Captain
Councilman Tarmon to promote Ate Eez Pop, but that the bands must play
a set of songs in a precise order.  This is clearly some sort of invocation
ritual, for what she does know.  Crossbows and Marigolds plays Sweet Child
O' Mine.

    The next day there is a newspaper article about the mysterious
Gerag The Wise who has unusual tastes, lots of money, and apparently
won the recent amatuer fights in the Field of Honor.  Odhran goes to the
Achronus Estate posing as Gerag The Wise's servant.  He meets with Anwys,
the Acrhonus social secretary, who is very anxious to have Gerag The Wise
attend the party tomorrow.  Gerag The Wise will be accompanied by
his current compainion, two servants, and later some fire fairies and
water fairies will arrive for his entertainment.  He will be picked up
by a carriage at the University, he should be bowed to on greeting, should
not be asked direct questions, not be touched, but does enjoy discussions
on philosphy.  He runs a mountain retreat in the orient where manuy
come for spiritual guidance.  Odhran leaves with an invitation, and the
promise that all of Gerag The Wise's needs will be taken care of.

    Sansa and Ekkie go to the God Shop to collect the Achronus livery.
A shop patron notices that it is obviously flawed, and while Sansa wants
to complain, Ekkie drags her out warning that this was likely done on
purpose and it is best if they do not let the proprietor know that they
are aware of the error.

    Sansa goes to Otto's and invites the fire fairies to the Achronus
party telling them will be lots of food, drink, and women like those who
attend their parties.  They are enthusiastic.  She visits Avanzo and asks
him to escort the fire fairies to the Achronus party and to bring along the
two girls in water fairy costumes.  He thanks her for the work.

    Odhran spends the evening out talking about Gerag The Wise.  He is
the talk of the town.

    The Achronus party is tomorrow, Friday, and the carriage will arrive
at the University at 7:00.  Saturday Odhran is scheduled to perform at the
Cafe Ilkhan.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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On the Thursday before the Achronus party, Odhran goes out and lets
it be known that Gerag The Wise is interested in Black Magic.

On Friday Lucius decides that he is well enough to return home,
and they decide that Ekkie no longer has to shadow him as nothing strange
happened at the Great Library this week. They tell Mina that they are
headed to the Achronus party tonight and she will come looking for them
if they do not return by noon tomorrow. Odhran goes to the Dented Helm,
finds it a Dwarven Gastro Pub, hits it off with Gerak, Dwarf ex-adventurer,
is invited to perform next Saturday, and buys two expensive casks of
Dwarf Whiskey. They meet the Achronus carriage at the University and
are brought to the estate. Gerag is announced as Gerag The Wise, Master
of Talkathee Mountain, Mystic of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, and Black
Belt with Three Stripes of Smasha. He draws lots of attention espousing
asceticism and a personal journey as the path to enlightenment. He also
recommends isolated places and the purity of physical competition. He
suggest that Sister Regina in the in Fools Market is an excellent spiritual
guide. Among the guests, Gerag is approached by the high priestess of Poseidon,
the priest of Poseidon working with them on cultists, and a priest of Athena, but
he lets them know that he is investigating and they quickly leave.

In the meantime the others are exploring. Odhran steals a set of
Achronus livery, and meets ex-girlfriend Dardianna Chroster (aka Mad Donna) who
has been reduced to waitressing since she has been unable to get work after
refusing to spy on the party. Sansa and Ekkie find a couple coupling in an
art studio, hear Lilac Meat performing Master of Puppets, and find that party
guests are asked not to go up to the third floor. Avanzo arrives with some
girls in tow and begins working the crowd advertising the services at his
Scurvey Town establishment "The Spiders Web".

Odhran talks up Gerag's strength, and some wood is gathered for a
Smasha demo, and as he finishes a spectacular display the Fire Fairies
arrive. They are a big disruption eating food, drinking, dancing wildly,
doing Karaoke, and propositioning random women. Odhran uses this as a chance
to go up to the third floor carrying a cask of liquor. At the top a voice
screams "For the hunger" and a guard appears. He uses the liquor to light
the guard on fire and press forward. The people on the second floor raise
the fire alarm, interrupting the others trying to get passed two unusual guards,
grey skinned, smelling faintly of swamp, on the second floor. The two guards
go towards the fire and the party finds an empty bed room and a self important
necromancer from Mora coming out of another bed room. Ekkie robs the rooms.

Odhran enters a trophy room, hears a commotion in the next room, and
finds two women struggling. He attacks the blonde in a white dress who
was tying up a women in black. Three guards burst in and attack Odhran
as he tries to crash through a window with the woman in black to the lower
floors. He is unable to complete this as he is Held by woman in white.
She orders one guard to restrain the woman in black, sends the other two to
fight the fire, identifies herself as Kythra Achronus, and the other woman
as Mary Black who is raving about The Hunger. Kythra expresses confusion as to
what is going on, and a fogged memory of the last few months. After some
discussion they decide that Mary Black should be brought to the Eastern
District Town Guard Station accompanied by Odhran, his friends, and one
Achronus guard. They head down stairs to find the others.

Meanwhile the others join the crowd downstairs where a very drunk
Anwys, the Achronus Social Secretary, is encouraging the crowd to continue
to enjoy the party while the fire is dealt with. The Fire Fairies begin
to leave saying that the meat pies are "messed up," they are accompanied
by some women, they invite Sansa, but she declines. Avanzo is also leaving,
thanking Sansa for getting him and his girls here, and mentioning that he will
make it up to her later.

They all meet, get in a carriage with a guard and Mary Black, who
has been slugged into being quiet. On the ride, Odhran goads Gerag into
attacking the guard, Ekkie stabs the guard who passes out, Sansa and Ekkie
jump from the now speeding carriage, and Mary Black is thrown from the carriage.
Gerag and Odhran eventually get the drivers to stop, but their attempts
to convince them that Mary Black had gotten loose and was controlling them leads
the drivers to flee into the night. The party gathers the battered Mary Black,
and make their way to the Indecipherable Scroll, arriving after closing time.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Friday 10 February

With the trussed and gagged Mary Black the party makes its way to the
Indecipherable Scroll. Odhran slips into a near by bar and convinces the
patrons there to verify that they have "been there all night". At the Scroll,
Odhran attempts to intimidate Mary Black, but she continues to spout insane
propaganda about The Hunger. Mina will have a look at her in the morning,
and Gerag guards her over night while the others rest. He notes commotion
out in the streets as a troop of Town Guard sweep by saying that they are
looking for dangerous criminal loose in the city. They do not give him
a second glance.

Saturday 12 February

Upon hearing Gerag's news they burn their costumes, attempt to get
more out of Mary Black, until Gerag slugs her into silence. The morning
paper has a deeply disturbed account of the party at the Achronus Estate
last night, which provides no details on Gerag The Wise, his entourage,
what happened, and has no mention of Mary Black. Mina notes that Mary
black has some feint decaying magic on her, and realization strikes that
the "meat pies" were likely made of victims and some sort of attempt
to sow chaos and control those that partaked. Ekkie and Odhran had

Ekkie's haul is a book of photo-realistic pornography that becomes
more strange as it nears the end showing humans in congress with tentacled
horrors. All agree that is likely highly valuable. There is also a key
made of a strange yellowish metal that Mina notes is well known as being
amenable to being magicked. Within the book is a note:

Report back when the flowers start to bloom. The shiver and
six nigleons will be ready then. Use P. the one who misdirects; he has
a taste for the ladies. This will get you help from the wilted leaf in
the market. She sells fruit and likes to tell stories. Sign and counter
sign number three until further notice.

Brust, Praetor

It came out of the room of the Moran "Necromancer" which all agree
is likely to have been some sort of spy. Mina notes that "nigleon"
is an anagram of "legion" which is a Moran military formation and that
"Praetor" is a sort of Moran official.

After some discussion they decide to turn Mary Black over to
the Town Guard, put out that she is being held at the Scurvey Town
Guard House, but actually put her in the dungeons of The Tombs in
the Palace of Justice. The hope is that her followers will come
looking for her and more can be learned about what is actually
going on here.

They go to the Scurvey Town Guard House, find Detective
Emisso, who goes along with their plan. He will take care of
moving Mary Black discretely to The Palace of Justice, and beef
up the guard here. Meanwhile Gerag trains with Sister Regina,
tells her that she is likely to see an influx of interest, she
already has, and she knows nothing of The Hunger.

At lunch time Avanzo turns up at the Scroll and invites
Sansa out on a date. They end up at the Spider's Web, his brothel
in Dreaming Street, which she finds creepy as it is decorated
like a temple to the Spider Goddess of the Drow. He reassures
it is just for show, but she finds some unpleasant magic. He tells
her that he was on a mission to the surface world, something went
wrong and the portal that was to get him back became broken. The
only was back he knows are too dangerous and he had to find a way
to survive.

Odhran collects Dardiana Chroster to prepare for his
show tonight. She has adopted the new stage name of Dottie
Danger and disguises herself with a platinum blonde wig.

Ekkie and Gerag go to the main market and try to figure
out who "the wilted leaf in the market who sells fruit and tells
stories" is. They get directed to Janis Hawthorn, a half-elf
fruit seller who seems to talk more than she does business.
Ekkie maintains a watch on her while Gerag checks out the
Scurvey Town Guard House and buys a "potion of courage"
at the Dented Helm.

They arrive at the Cafe Ilkhan for dinner and Odhran's
peformance. They suffer through Atheism Or who play Janie's Got A
Gun. Odhran and Dottie Danger's performance goes well. Ningel
the Dwarfophile owner of an alchemy shop is there, telling
Odhran that she enjoyed it very much, and he invites her to
his performance a week from now at the Dented Helm.

They talk with Pernys Salmundo, reporter for The
Shipping News. They feed her their story about Mary Black
playing up the angle of human meat pies being consumed
by the well heeled. They all agree not to explicitly
mention the Achronus, and she promises to have the story
out for tomorrow after she does some fact checking.

Back at the Scroll, Sansa mentions her misgivings
about Avanzo and The Spider's Web to Mina who promises to

Captain Emisso turns up with the bad news that Mary
Black was killed while attempting to escape. All but Gerag
go to investigate and find that the guards assigned to transport
her, trusted by Emisso, tell a consistent story but have no
good explanation as to why they killed her.

Sunday 12 February

At Sister Regina's Sunday service, which is so crowded that it has
to move to the steps of the Fool's Market, Gerag is approached
by Rakgha Echew. He is a member of the city's army, and tells
Gerag that word has reached them, he gives a long string of people
who managed to connect Gerag with Gerag The Wise, that he may be
help them with a problem of a necromantic nature they are having.
He also indicates that no one in the army has any interest in
revealing Gerag's secret identity. Apparently the city is guarded
by six cannon that are in the towers of the wall surrounding the
old city. To fire these cannon a person puts their hand on it
and dies. They typically use condemned prisoners to fire the
cannon, but one of the cannon no longer works. Can Gerag
help? Gerag is a bit taken aback, asks how to get in touch
(no problem, just go to one of the Old City towers where
the army has a public office), and asks Odhran what the
hell they are supposed to do now? Odhran thinks this is
a great opportunity to get paid for doing nothing.

Captain Emisso turns up with Bob and Larry, the two
guards who killed Mary Black. The exasperated Mina finds
nothing unusual about them.

The morning paper turns up:

Dangerous Cultist Behind Fortune Teller Murders
Captured by Town Guard

In a surprising development in the Fortune Teller murders, a
dangerous cultist leader, Mary Black, has been captured by the
Town Guard. A team of undercover investigators managed
to discover that she was the behind the scenes puppet master
of a cannibalistic cult. While Mary Black is not well known
to the general public, she is well known to the Town Guard.
She first surfaced during Sea Lord Drac's attempted coup,
where she was among his misguided supporters. Like many
she was only given mild punishment. Since she has had
numerous brushes with the law and is suspected of leading
a deluded and dangerous band of followers that are alleged
to have comitted numerous unspeakable acts typically on the
lowliest denizons of Scurvey Town.

The same undercover team that brought Gyni the
Scurvey Town fortune teller to justice doggedly followed
some loose ends left in the investigation of Gyni's
murder spree. These included the ultimate destination of
the bodies of Gyni's victims. They found that these bodies
were being turned into meat pies by Mary Black and her
gang. The pies were distributed in the city in an apparent
attempt to gain control of the unfortunates who partook of
them and thus widen the gang beholden to Mary Black. There
is no evidence that this mad scheme actually worked.

Mary Black is being held at the Scurvey Town Guard
House for further questioning. It is expected that she will
be swiftly tried, found guilty, and executed.
Backpage article in the Shipping News
Music fans in Marnor enjoyed a real treat at the Cafe Ilkhan
last night. A new artist appeared on the scene by the name
of Odhran Khafush. A Dwarf who plays a Dwarven folk instrument
that combines a drum and set of cymbals. He plays the instrument
with great skill. He was accompanied by a female back up singer,
also new to the scene, called Dottie Danger, whose accompainment
gave depth and richness to a very enjoyable set of music. They
performed a mix of Dwarven battle and folk songs, some standards,
and a few originals. Standouts included "Battle In Black" the well
known tale of the endless struggle of the Dwarves in the depths
of the earth, and "Turning Marnorese" a catchy original about
alienation and loss in our fair city. Khafush and Danger's
set was very well received with the audience calling them back
for two encores which led the two new comers to gamely improvise
with enjoyable covers of some recent hits.

Opening for Khafush were
the ever annoying Atheism Or, who tortured the audience with
songs from their hit making days, when I am sure we were all
under some evil spell as what else could explain these hacks
ever becoming successful, which generated some scattered applause.
They also insisted upon playing some of their recent offerings
which sent a large portion of the audience to the bar in hopes
of drinking themselves into a stupor to end the assault on their
sensibilities that is Atheism Or. Thankfully, being the
opening act, I only had to suffer through a short set from them.

Happily Khafush and Danger are scheduled to appear
next Saturday at the Dented Helm, a venue prefect for this new,
and I hope, soon to be in demand act appearing on the
Marnorian music scene.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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The Sunday paper arrives with stories about the capture of
Mary Black and a favorable review of Odhran's and Dardianna Chroster's,
aka Mad Donna's, aka Dottie Danger's concert at the Cafe Ilkhan.
Gerag makes a recce of the Old City Walls. He can clearly see the
very large guns at the tops of the towers. Odhran and Ekkie go
to Argyle McGill's Curio Shop to return his book on Vulthoom and
to try to sell the book of porn. McGill is very interested in
the book of porn, offering a few 1000 GP, but they hold out for more.
He says that he knows someone who will buy it, and he will arrange
a meeting. Odhran borrows Vengenti's Guide To The Power of Death -
Making The Dead Work For You, about necromantic power sources. It
is due in a week. Odhran leaves the book with Lucius, the librarian,
asking him to transcribe the chapters that might be relevant to the
guns. He goes on to the Scurvey Town Guard house, where Detective
Emisso that the lawyer looking for Mary Black will be delayed at
least day trying to find her at the Tombs. He sends a note to
Avanzo asking to meet in Old Town this evening.

Gerag and Sansa scout out the Main Market, which is closed today,
and note that the stall of Janis Hawthorn has a great view of the
Admiralty Dock, thus she can easily keep tabs on the Marnorian Navy,
and the two Old Town Wall Towers that overlook the harbor. There is
an address for Janis, in the Eastern District.

Odhran and Ekkie meet with Avanzo and ask him to dig up dirt
on the lawyer looking for Mary Black, Uskok Skilton. He takes money,
even though he says this is not his line of work. They break into
the lawyer's office, note that it is well locked up, but besides
discovering that there are more Achronus besides Kythras, they learn
nothing else. To cover their tracks they scrawl revolutionary
slogans on the walls.

Monday 13 February Odhran picks up transcriptions from Lucius. They
all go to the Old City, meet Lieutenant Echew, and get a tour of
the big guns. They see a practice round fired, but killing a
condemned prisoner. They realize that the guns make the city
almost impregnable. They are large enough to sink any ships
approaching the harbor and cover the roads through the swamps.
A limitation is that they are hard mounted on turn tables and
it would be very hard and noticeable to move them around.

The non-working gun is one that covers the harbor. They
learn that the guns have to be periodically "recharged" with
a special ritual that also requires a human sacrifice. This gun
failed in the usual way, but the recharging ritual, done twice
by Sea Lord Tarmon, head of the Wizard's Guild, also the
personage behind Ate Eez Pop, and whose minion sent Dardiana
Chroster to spy on them, and once by another prominent Wizard
Guild member, Rodsul Dartus, has not fixed the gun. A few other
things have been tried. Basically the guns have a necromantic
battery that powers the magical effect that turns a life into
an explosion. This battery is what runs down and has to be
recharged. Folks have tried grafting on a new battery, variant
recharging rituals, installing other sorts of magical power
sources, and even more strange things. Nothing has been
successful. Odhran realizes that the recharging ritual is
beyond his skills and probably needs a highly skilled mage.
Detect magic reveals lots of magic on working guns, but only
a little on the broken gun. Odhran's hammer vibrates a bunch
near a working gun, but only a bit near the broken gun.

The guns were captured by pirates during the chaos surrounding
the fall of the Moran Empire. They were brought to the city,
and have defended it since. In contrast to the usual sloppy
chaos that prevails in Marnor, they note that this operation seems
very disciplined. They expect a proposal from Gerag The Wise
including a cost estimate that they will cover. If the proposed
fix succeeds then they will pay a very large bonus.

They return to the Indecipherable Scroll. Mina does
not like Tarmon, is not a member of the Wizard's Guild, and
will have nothing to do with the creepy guns. If they want
to find a mage who is willing to go against the Wizard's Guild,
in fact claims that they are a bunch of evil cultists, they
should talk with Xort, who is some unknown sort of creature.

In the evening, Odhran goes to the Spider's Web, and
while Avanzo is engaged has tryst with Alice. He too is
creeped out by the decor and his hammer is vibrating.
Avanzo has made no progress on learning about the lawyer
Uskok Skilton, beyond knowing that he is the one that the
rich go to if they are in real criminal trouble.

On Tuesday 14 February Gerag visits Sister Regina for training
and she tells them that the donations from her larger flock
allows her to move to place in Drac's End. At the Scurvey
Town Guard House there is no news on Mary Black.

Mina returns to the Indecipherable Scroll after visiting
the Spider's Web. She did not like what she found there,
chaos corruption she says, had to get rough with Avanzo, and
cleansed the place with fire. He is unconscious and his six
girls, who are a big distraction, are here. She asks that the
party get a hold of some money as Avanzo and his girls cannot
stay here forever. Sansa takes Avanzo into her room, while
two of the girls distract Odhran. He does manage to do some
reading and learns that the broken gun either needs major repair,
or that somehow the recharging ritual has not been successful.

Gerag goes to the Main Market, notes that many Moran
sailors talk with Janis Hawthorn, and he meets with some of
them in a bar. They mention that they are told to visit her
when they get to Marnor, and tell her about their current voyage,
what cargo their ship is carrying, market conditions, news, etc.
They begin spouting Moran propaganda in praise of Emperor
Devit, who has recently recaptured the whole of the Talian
Peninsula, and has vowed to restore Mora to its former glory.

On Wednesday 15 February there is an article about the destruction
of the Spider's Web. Avanzo is semi-conscious and mentions that
his memories are hazy since the Achronus party, he and his girls
did consume "meat" pies. He is frightened of Mina recalling
wings, a bright, burning light, and then fire.

Captain Sondek arrives with three water fairies. He says
that one of his patrols found them in the sewer tunnels east of the
city, where the Achronus Mansion is. They are searching for their
sister, Leenasa, who was kidnaped about a week ago. They have
tracked her to some sort of cavern that connects with the sewer
system. They know that their sister is in distress, being held
against her will, and thinks that the people holding her mean
to do her serious harm.

Odhran gets a note from Argyle McGill saying that they
are to meet with Solestris Pine at his establishment, The Mouth
of Hell, a notorious Scurvey Town gambling and entertainment
house, late this evening about selling the Porn Book.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Wednesday, 15 February around noon at the Indecipherable Scroll.

The party talks with the three water fairies. They express no
interest in getting together with fire fairies, and are most interested
in rescuing their sister. Sansa asks about connections with Fairy, and
they say that away from the city, in the swampy river delta, that there
are places. They are hungry and consume some raw fish that Gerag
gathers for them. They like beer and flirt with Avanzo's girls and
Odhran, who finds them rather creepy. Sansa consults Mina about
what they have said and she confirms noting that she is not a big
fan of water.

Odhran sends a note to Dardiana Chroster asking her to handle
the possible sale of the Porn Book at the Mouth of Hell this evening.
He leaves the book with Mina.

On their way to the sewers in the eastern part of city,
Sansa visits Otto's and talks with the cleric of the fire fairies,
Throyan. She tells him about the water fairies and their mission
to rescue a captured sister. He provides her with the Cloak of
Eleandra, which can heal a hurt Fey. He cryptically warns that
it would be unwise for non-Fey to use it.

The water fairies lead them to a hole punched in the side
of a sewer pipe. Within a guard in a skull mask asks "Who calls
you forth?" and Odhran gives a muddled reply. "Excellent" is the
response and the guard bekons them forward onto a boat floating in
very large water filled cavern. Odhran gets on the boat, and Gerag
takes the opportunity to punch the guard sending him into the
water. The trashing guard attracts a large water hydra. The
water fairies dive into the water, and all note that they change
into transparent water snakes as they hit the water. They
begin struggling with the hydra, while Sansa and Gerag fire
at the beast. Odhran and Ekkie in the boat begin to row out
to join the fight. The beast is defeated, but one of the fairies
is badly hurt. The guard is captured and knocked out. The
boat is filling with water, Ekkie and Odhran manage to get it
back to the dock, and tie it off as it sinks. The hurt
fairy dons the Cloak of Eleandra and is healed.

Inspecting the other boat they note a hole that can
be stoppered, they enter along with the trussed cultist, and
propelled by the fairies they cross the large, underground
lake. At the other end there is a stone house and a cultist
on the roof behind a parapet begins firing on them with crossbow,
scoring some hits on Gerag. Ekkie begins climbing up the side,
Odhran enters the smoke filled lower floor, and Sansa returns
fire managing to score a hit on the well concealed cultist.
Ekkie and Odhran, who eventually finds a ladder to the roof,
finish off the cultist, who tumbles into the water. Within
the house are some gears and a crank which are turned to raise
a porticulus leading to another water filled room. Sansa
cures Gerag.

There another building rises out of the water and they
enter finding a room filled with pipes and valves being manipulated
by a six armed humanoid swamp creature with black eyes like they saw
within the Achronus Mansion. The creature turns some valves
and is quickly dispatched. They note with disgust that four
arms are grafted on to the creature. The water fairies tell
them that they have to hurry as the water level is now rising,
beyond are two large pipes that have begun spewing water into
the cavern. They get passed this on the boat, go up a tunnel
that ends in a metal hatch. They can hear voices beyond.

They burst into a horrible operating theatre where
bodies and parts are being worked on by a human sporting
a rapier and a knife and another swamp creature assistant.
These two are overwhelmed by the party and the three water
fairies who attack with clawed hands. Ekkie is badly hurt
and Sansa has to heal her. They take a small iron chest
that Ekkie IDs as being magically trapped. Beyond they
find a cold storage room with bodies and parts. They
begin moving down a corridor which the water fairies
think will lead to their captured sister.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Wednesday, 15 February

Creeping away from the hideous operating room and storage
locker they encounter a temple devoted to The Hunger. As they
cross it Odhran is siezed by an unnatural hunger and tries to head
back to the storage locker for a snack. Sansa tries to use Hold
Person on him, hits one of the water fairies who manages to
shrug it off. Gerag tackles Odhran, and slaps him out of it.
The same is repeated with Ekkie. Finally the horrid Temple
is gotten through by shouting "For the Hunger." Sansa preys
over the altar, Odhran reads runes on wall that are propaganda
for The Hunger, and the water fairies steer the party to the left.

They enter a cavern, ignore a vault with a chest, and
are attacked by some zombie-like things. Ekkie is discomfitted
when the yellow metal key she has been wearing begins glowing
hot. The "zombies" badly hurt Gerag, push Odhran into a pool
of water where an enormous claw grabs him. Odhran is saved
when all attack the claw, which drops him into the water, where
he is fortunate to be rescued by a water fairey. The "zombies"
are dispatched by the combined efforts of the party and the
water faries. Gerag is given the Cloak of Eleandra, which
partially cures his wounds, but leaves him "stoned" and
incapable of acting independently. They focus on an elevator
leading up, note that the corridor leading to the cavern
is filling with water, and realize that they cannot go back.

Odhran, Ekkie, and one of the Fairies go up and see
a cold furnace with some small gems lieing below it, and recently
repaired gears and linkages. They realize that they are within
some sort of monstrous, animated statue. Going up further they
note two cultists working on repairs on mechanical mechanisms, and
the 4th water fairey who is tied up. They attack the cultists,
defeat them, cure the captured water fairey with the Cloak of
Eleandra, and she "consumes" the two cultists leaving piles of dust

She tells them that she was captured about a week ago to
be entertainment for some grand personage. She was held in a house.
Something went wrong and she was dragged here where she was abused
by the cultists working on the statue and she thinks she was meant
to be sacrificied to power up the statue. At the top level they
see a constellation of rotating gems, and realize that the eyes
of the statue can be opened. Looking out they realize that they
are in the swamps east of the city, near the Achronus mansion,
and that the statue is concealed by a layer of mud and plant
growth making it look like a natural rocky out cropping. They
try to do damage to the mechanisms inside the statue, and
go out through the eyes.

They make their way back to the Indecipherable Scroll
where it is early evening. They give Gerag a sleeping draught
and talk with Mina about "The Idol That Walks," another item
on their list from the Temple of the Nameless One. They agree
that they need to destroy the Idol That Walks before it starts
walking, but Mina is reluctant to so openly demonstrate
her power. They hit upon using the city's eldritch guns, but
are concerned that the city's military may prefer to use the
Idol to aid in the city's defense. They decide to sleep on it.

Sansa tells the water fairies that the Cloak of Eleandra was
from the Fire Fairies and that they should visit them to give thanks
for helping to rescue their sister. They agree to do so tomorrow.

Dardianna Chroster turns up to deal with the Porn Book. She
and Odhran head off to the Mouth of Hell to meet Argile McGile and
Solestris Pine. They enter the Mouth of Hell where there is
gambling, food, a bar, prostitutes, and a performance stage where
some band is droning on about their love for Satan. Dardianna
mentions that it opened recently, has been very popular as a place
to go slumming, and that she is thankful that she does not have to
work there. Pine is very gregarious and talks to many and gropes
any of the female staff that he encounters.

Pine is very excited by the book revealing to them its history,
which Odhran is vaguely aware of. Odhran says the book is for sale for
25kGP, which Pine accepts after some thought. He tells Odhran and
Dardianna that they are his guest for the evening letting them eat,
drink, and/or enjoy the prostitutes for free. He encourages them to
use their money to gamble. They eat and drink expensively. As they
break Pine tells McGill that they will discuss a finders fee for him,
that will go to settle his gambling debts. Pine also agrees to see
their act at the Dented Helm on Saturday to see if they are worthy
of playing at the Mouth of Hell.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Thursday 16 February

Odhran sells the gems he found in the Idol That Walks,
finds them to be a bit valuable, and lies about their source.
Gerag visits the Temple of Posiedon and speaks with Tabios
Kenos, telling him about the party's recent activities. He
will look into what the Morans might be up to here in Marnor.
Sansa takes the Water Faireys to meet the Fire Faireys, and things
go very well. Throyen, their cleric, teachers her the Aid spell
and reveals that he knows a whole set of unusual spells that
he can teach her. Odhran orders a high quality suit of armor.
Sister Regina tells Gerag that she is relocating to a Drac's
End location.

Odhran distributes the profits from selling the Porn
Book and Mina manages to open the iron chest that they took
from the horrible lab in the Hunger dungeion. Within is a
Guide to the Worship of Xaoghul (aka The Hunger), a notebook
on necromantic activities with notations by all three of the
Achronus siblings, and The Grey Fragments of Malkith which has
a set of necromantic spells ans some pages torn out.

They argue about what to do with the Idol That Walks
and eventually decide to speak with the Fire Faireys about
dismantling it. Also they decide to gather up those who
were disturbed about cultist activity and see if they
have any insights. Mina will arrange a meeting.

Friday 17 February

Odhran and Ekkie go to the Office of Swamp Lands and
manage to buy the land on which the Idol That Walks sits. They
now as land holders are responsible for helping to provide for
the defense of the city. Gerag procures a Ring of Protection.
Sansa speaks with the Fire Faireys, they are planning further
get togethers with the Water Faireys, and describes the Idol
That Walks. They recognize the pieces as valuable. Odhran
and Ekkie see the Realtor Roberse Vlad to buy an apartment
building in Drac's End for Avanzo's brothel. Odhran tells
Avanzo that will not be a Spider Temple and has to include
some space for music performance. Avanzo agrees and notes that
the location is more upscale than his old place in Dreaming
Street. Gerag the Wise has a note from Lieutenant Rakgha asking
about his proposal to fix the broken Eldritch Gun. Mina reminds
them of Xort, rogue mage, who may be willing to work with them.
Odhran sends off a note to Xort inviting him to his performance
tomorrow at the Dented Helm. Ekkie is sent off to procure
credential identifying her as a lawyer.

Saturday 18 February

The league of anti-cultists meet at the Temple of Posiedon.
The party tells them of their discovery of the Temple of the Nameless
One under the bricked up house and the Temple of The Hunger and its
connection with the Achronus. They also mention the evidence of Moran
spying and try to link the Morans to the cultist activity. Captain
Roberts mentions that the Morans are becoming more aggresive, but
the current Sea Lord Marilise Maeorgan favors improved trade relations
with the Morans. He asks for help from those in the room.

The Temple of Athena/Great Library agrees and will bring
their concerns to the Sea Lord, while the Temple of Posiedon demurs
as they are not convinced that the Morans are behind the cultist
activity. The Town Guard agrees to deputize the party to continue
their investigations.

Sansa tell them very emotionally about the pending mingling
of the Fire and Water Faireys. The others are unimpressed.

Afterwards Mina tells them that she too is skeptical that the
Morans are behind the cultist activty. What would be the point of
taking over a city over run with cultists?

Ekkie begins drawing up a contract between the party and the
Fire Faireys on the dismantling of the Idol That Walks. Odhran goes
off to practice with Dottie Danger aka Mad Donna aka Dardianna Chroster.
On the way to the show, Gerag and Sansa stop off at Otto's and tell
the Fire Fairey's that they should keep an eye on the Idol That Walks.

At the Dented Helm besides the party Ningel, dwarfophile
alchemist and sweet on Odhran, Solestris Pine, accompanied by a couple
of floozies, are there. Xort, heavily robed and cowled with red glowing
eyes and grey, wrinkled skin arrives. He thanks Odhran for inviting
him, saying that he does not get out much. The opeing act is Rune Joy,
doing their song Don't Stop Believin', featuring their lead singer who
is apparently a minature troll. It goes will with the Dwarves, liking
Odhran and Dottie Danger very much. Pine tells Odhran that his act
is not appropriate for the Mouth of Hell. Ningel asks to see Odhran

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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The last adventure was A Pound of Flesh from 0one Games. That was obviously a giant bargain as we played the hell out of it for many sessions. Excellent stuff.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Sunday 19 February

Gerag visits Sister Regina's new worship site in Drac's End.
It is much better than her old location in the Fool's Market and
her flock has grown considerably. She warns agains the Temple
of Ares.

Odhran and Ekkie go to Argyle McGill's Curio shop to return
the treatise on Necromantic Energy. Odhran encourages Ekkie to buy
a beginning law book which she does. He offers McGill the book on The
Hunger, which he says is common and buys it for a small amount. McGill
will have nothing to do with the notebook by the Achronus on necromancy,
as it is far too dangerous. He advises destroying it. Odhran asks
for a treatise on the Eldar Gods and buys the Text of the Golden
Succubus which was authored by a famous madam, begins with a guide
to the Eldar Gods, and then gets "more esoteric." It is expensive,
but Odhran bargains with McGill about promoting his new house of
entertainment for patrons of the Curio shop. McGill agrees to


Mina spends some time with Avanzo. He is feeling much better,
but wants out of here as he is afraid of Mina.

Odhran starts reading the Text of the Golden Succubus. It begins
with a provenance of the Eldar Gods (they existed before time and stand
apart from all other creation). He realizes that there are spells in
the latter half of the book, but he cannot decipher them.

Monday 20 February

Roberse Vlad shows Ekkie and Odhran a potential location in
Drac's End. It is a former small student dorm and with a bit of work
will be ideal. It sells for 8000 GP with 10% down and a 5-year mortgage
plan that leads to a net doubling of the cost. That is 800 GP is
due on sale and for the next 59 months 257 GP is due.

When they get back to the Idecipherable Scroll, Swithto, the
proprietor of the Bilge Rat, a tavern in the Docks, is there to ask
Odhran to play a gig on Friday. Some of the Dwarf ship builders/repairers
saw his Saturday show at the Dented Helm and recommended him. Odhran says
yes, and asks to meet with those Dwarves, as he wants to hire them
to fix up his new building. The girls and Avanzo are pleased to hear
that they will be leaving here soon and can get back to work.

Aleksander Tovag turns up at the Indecipherable Scroll with Richard Ashton,
who runs a Scribe shop in the Warehouse District. He has been unable to
get to his shop since Friday. The block that his shop is run by one
of the town's theives guilds and they regularly put up a sign telling
all to stay away. He surmises that this is when they are moving
contraband in and/or out of a warehouse on the block. Typically this
lasts only a few hours, not days. Thus he is concerned. He tells them
that he knows that secret passages connect all the buildings on the
block, but is ignorant of the details. They will investigate after
their meeting with Xort.

They meet with Xort on the broken Eldritch Gun. His office
is in the Eastern District and is marked by a sign with a rune that no
one recognizes. They are met by three minature "goblins" who act
in concert, and a menacing, strange dog-like creature with a fang filled
mouth. Xort reviews the materials and notes that only Sea Lord Tarmon
and "another feckless member of the Guild" and one of "Tarmon's
toadies" one Rodsul Dartus have tried the recharging ritual. He suggests
that they are either incompetant or failed on purpose "enacting
some cultist plot." He obviously has great contempt for the Wizards
Guild. He suggests that he meets with the party again on Wednesday after
he has had time to study the materials in more detail, and that they
should arrange a meeting with the military on Thursday. They do this on
their way back.

At mid-afternoon they enter the Scribe Shop. They explore
the Scribe's Shop finding a safe with some money, a passage to
the Warehouse, and ladder way to the Carpenters. In the Warehouse
they find a man hanging from the walkway and some boxes. They explore
the courtyard, and then enter the Potters. They find a clear sign
of a struggle in the Potters. They cross to the Carpenters and
find that the upper floor is a training area with blunted weapons,
and a set of locked chests. There is also a dead man who has apparently
cut his own throat and written "Forgive Us" on the wall in his
own blood. Even more disturbing one of his hands has turned into
a claw and some sort of growth has covered half of his face.
While Ekkie and Sansa focus on the chests, Gerag
explores the first floor of the Carpenters and Odhran
the house between the Warehouse and the Inn. Odhran finds a copy
of the popular but shoddy novel 50 Shades of Ulfire and a strong
smell of decay. Upstairs he finds a man who has bashed his head
out on a stone fire place. The man has left a note:

My Dear Christina

I hope that one day you will read this and know that
in my final hours my only thoughts are of you and the
boys. After what has happened here I cannot allow
anyone to leave, even to deliver a letter, and that may
be the only thing that saves the rest of the world
from the Hell we now face.

Please know that we no inkling of what it was we did
and that my men have sacrificed themselves to contain the
Evil. I can do no less myself.

Pray for me if you must, but from what I have seen here,
I cannot believe that his world is the creation of any loving Gods.

Goodbye, my love,


He also finds a map of the city with some markings on itand
a ring of keys.

Odhran moves on to the Inn, the Dog And Bastard. He enters via
a rear store room that connects to the courtyard. He sees some barrels
and a hatch leading below. As he is doing this and Gerag is entering
the courtyard, they hear Ekkie and Sansa throwing a chest from the
upper floor of the Carpenter into the courtyard. Ekkie was able
to open the first two chests, found them empty, but failed on the
third. Sansa and Ekkie decided to break it open by heaving it
out the window to the courtyard below. It breaks open, but there
is nothing within.

Odhran enters the main room of the Inn finding himself
behind the bar. There is a man in the main room of the Inn,
who is surprised by Odhran, but then moves to attack him with
a knife. Odhran dispatches him quickly. The others hear the
commotion in the Inn and find Odhran partaking of some of
the distilled spirits he found behind the bar.

They debate whether to go down the hatch or to explore
the other two buildings of the block that they have yet to
enter. One is clearly a house, while the other is some sort
of shop. It is late afternoon and starting to get dark.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Monday 20 February

They go into the basement below the Dog and Bastard and see
evidence of a struggle, connections to the sewer, another entrance
that leads to the Potters and a very strong door with two locks.
It is protected by a pit trap. Odhran has had enough and after
scuffling with Gerag he goes back up to continue exploring.
Below they have a key for one lock, Ekkie is able to pick the
other, but Gerag is unable to force the door. Sansa detects
magic, and they decide to head upstairs.

Odhran enters the remaining house, smells something
awful upstairs, throws up, sees a pool of black goo with some
bones, and finds a strange idol. The others join him and
realize the idol is a puzzle box. They gather a sample of
the goo in a glass jar.

They enter the last building, which is a butcher shop
with rotting meat and a horrid, zombie dog. The dog has tentacles
and hits Odhran while the others kill it. Odhran begins to
not feel well and they quickly take him to Mina at the
Indecipherable Scroll. She clearly sees that he is very
sick and tell them to take him to the Temple of Posiedon where
they hit him with a Cure Desease. He will be recovering
here a few days.

Gerag gets the Town Guard to watch the block and
let no one in or out. Ekkie goes to a magic shop and picks
up a Scroll of Knock. Sansa takes the black goo to Ningel
who will try to figure out what it is.

Tuesday 21 February

Ningel turns up in the morning telling them the black goo
is some sort of preservative and not harmful. Whatever it was
preserving is gone. Gerag tells the Town Gaurd to burn the Butcher
Shop and the house with the goo. When they do this, it gets out
of hand and half the block is destroyed. Ningel sells Ekkie
two sneezing powders and a smoke bomb. Sansa and Ekkie bring
the idol to Professor Cloimser, he cannot ID it, but will look
into it.

Odhrn is doing OK, but they want to continue watching
him. If all goes well, he will be released tomorrow. Ningel
visits him, and he invites her to his upcoming concert on

Ekkie completes the purchase of the Old Dorm and asks
about purchasing the block in the Warehouse district that
Odhran thinks will soon be very cheap. Coilin Shipwright,
a dwarf who works on ships, shows up to pursue repair work
on the Old Dorm. After viewing he says that he and some
of his mates will start on Saturday.

There is a note for the party from Roderigo, brother
of the unfortunate pearl merchant Marcione, inviting them to
join him at the Last Resort, the finest hotel in town, for
dinner on Thursday. He would like to express his thanks for
solving the mystery of his brother's death.

Sansa spends some time with Avanzo she tells him about
the Old Dorm. He feels like tomorrow he will be well enough
to relocate there. It is not ready for his girls to join
him, but after the Dwarf work, it should be ready for them.

Sansa and Gerag visit Otto's. There they learn that
the fairies seem to be hatching some rather frightening
plans for the Idol That Walks. Sansa learns Summon Fey Kin.
Gerag trains with Sister Regina.

Wednesday 22 February

Avanzo relocates to the Old Dorm. Odhran is well and
released from the hospital. They reply to Roderigo and tell
him that they will meet him Thursday.

They meet with Xort on fixing the broken Eldritch Gun.
He suggests that he can perform the recharging ritual, but that
it should be disguised as proposal to install a different kind
of battery to replace a failing one. He suggests doing this
Monday which will give him time to prepare and asking for 11kGP,
1k which he will need for materials and supplies, and they can
split the remaining 10kGP. They, minus Xort, will meet with
the military tomorrow to present their plan. Odhran pays
Xort 1000 GP to work with him in the future. Xort agrees, but
notes that he will be busy working on this over the next few


As they leave they are attacked by some robed figures
in green masks. One is slinging spells hitting Sansa with an
Acid Arrow and Odhran and Gerag with Fear. Some others welding
swords attack, and Xort's "dog" Spot joins in. Ekkie throws a
smoke bomb which leads to the attackers scattering. Three are
dispatched, but the others escape. Xort recognizes them as
a cult called the Students of the Green Thing, who worship
a big green rock that they found in the swamp. Their magic
using leader is a member of the Wizards Guild and therefore
is a "feckless cultist." He can learn more about them, but
not until he is done with the Eldritch Guns.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Wednesday 22 February

Gerag searches the bodies of the Students of the Green Thing
and finds nothing. The Town Guard shows up and the party flashes
their badges to get them to clean up. Xort cuts off the hand
of one and says that he will use it to track down the Green
Stone, but not until they are done taking care of the broken
Eldritch Gun.

Gerag goes to see Sister Regina. She saw the Students
of the Green Thing in the Fool's Market where they worshiped
some green mud covered rock that they found in the swamp. Their
leader was not a cleric, but some sort of wizard. He has a sword

Odhran goes to the Dented Helm where they know nothing
about the Students of the Green Thing. He checks on his armor and
finds that is going very well; it is of very high quality. It will
be ready Monday. He visits the Realtor Roberse Vlad and asks after
the block in the Warehouse District. Vlad tells him that it is a bad
idea to pursue buying the block, but to go further Odhran should
get in touch with Mr. Wednesday.

Sansa buys a nice dress for the visit to the Last Resort
tomorrow and goes to the Old Dorm to see Avanzo. He is busy cleaning,
etc. He plans a naughty school girl theme for the new brothel.

Back at the Indecipherable Scroll there are some folks from
the Great Library asking about some books that they know that the
party has. Specifically they are interested in the Grey Fragments
of Malkith, which has some necromantic spells in it. They offer
10k GP for it, it is missing 1/3 of its pages, or 1k GP to make
a copy. They also hint that any other texts they have could be
very valuable. Odhran offers them a ledger, which they dismiss,
and Sansa is suspicious of them, convincing the others to wait
until she can talk with Lucius. They will send a full offer
in the morning.

The Town Guard shows up saying that they have heard noise
from inside the Dog and Bastard, and the party plans to head
back in to the block that evening.

Sansa talks with Lucius at the Library. He tells them
Aysil and his friends are members of the Library's acquisition
staff. She begins talking about dubious magical books, and Lucius
becomes uncomfortable. She asks him for some books, he is not
a reference librarian, and helps her find a very basic book on
demons, she asked about succubi, and a very good picture book
of school girls, thinking she is helping Avanzo. The books
are due in two weeks.

Back at the Indecipherable Scroll they talk about
magical books and Lucius with Mina. Mina thinks the best they
can do for Lucius is help him rebuild his lost library and
that the Library is probably the best place for books of
a dubious nature. The necromancy in the Grey Fragments
of Malkith is a bit creepy, but healers learn that sort of
magic, and would probably be fine at the Library.

They head back to the block. They tell the guard
to only enter if they hear the code word "cantelope".
They enter the pub, see nothing disturbed, and go down to
the basement. They see unmoving figures and that the door
to the vault is smashed. Gerag contemplates moving the figures
into the sewers, Odhran talks him out of this, while Sansa
heads into the vault. The figures begin to move and the
tentacled zombies attack. Gerag is surrounded by three
and hit repeatedly, Odhran and Ekkie fight off two, and
one heads for Sansa, but falls into the pit trap. It is
a desperate struggle featuring Gerag and Odhran taking
many hits, Sansa falling into the pit, and five more
tentacled zombies, three which fall into the pit, come
from the vault. The zombies are dispatched, but Gerag
and Odhran feel unwell. Sansa and Ekkie gather up some loot
from the vault (clear glass ring, leather satchel, polished
skull, purple gem, silver crown, and jade dragon) and
they try to leave. They need the Guard's help to get
Gerag out and Odhran tells the Guard to tell Mina to
finish cleaning this place up.

At the hospital Gerag lapses into a coma, but the
doctors think he will be OK in a few days. Odhran is
out, but should be better in a couple of days. Sansa
is in charge, and all can feel a great disturbance in
the force.

Thursday 23 February

There is a note from the Acquisitions Department of
the Great Library. Ekkie and Sansa go the Old City and meet
with the military and present Xort's obfuscated plan for
fixing the Eldritch Gun. They think that it sounds good,
pay them 5.5k GP, schedule the fix on Monday at 9:00, and
tell them that there will be an observer from the Wizard's
Guild present to observe their fix.

Otto is at the Indecipherable Scroll. He is distressed
that the Fire Fairies want to move his gas line to the Idol
That Walks and start manufacturing some rather frightening
robots. The Fire Fairies want to move out of the city, as
their Water Fairy girlfriends do not like coming into the
city. Otto, obviously, is refusing to allow this, and Ekkie
points out that the party owns the Idol That Walks. After
some discussion they plan to suggest that the Fire Fairies
move their construction operation to the Idol That Walks,
and produce less frightening robots. Otto will shut down
his shop and all will talk with the Fairies next week.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Thursday 23 February Continued

A message arrives at the Indecipherable Scroll saying that
Odhran has recovered and is ready for release. Sansa goes
to get him. The doctor tells her that he is surprised that
Odhran has recovered so quickly, speculating that perhaps he
has built up immunity from the previous attack. Sansa then
becomes very annoying by questioning the care of Odhran
and Gerag, who is unconscious and expected to remain so for
a few more days. Sansa questions Odhran's plan to take one
or more of Avanzo's girls with him this evening, to which
he is incredulous as she plans to take Avanzo.

There is a letter from the Acquisitions Department at the
Great Library offering 10k GP for the Grey Fragments of
Malkith, 2.5k GP each for the books on the worship of the
Nameless One and Xaoghul, and 1k GP for hand written texts
or 1/10 as much to be able to make copies. They promise that
the books would be properly cared for and if dangerous will
only be made available to scholars authorized by the
Temple of Athena.

Ekkie has reviewed the agreement with the Militia on fixing
the Eldritch Gun. It seems standard, but Sansa is concerned
that they will be liable if the gun remains broken. Ekkie
notes that this is the point of having an observer present
who will assure that nothing is done to harm the gun. Sansa
further wonders if they can trust Xort, and Odhran notes that
Xort has been more than fair with them. Sansa continues to
hector Odhran about the upcoming evening, and he gathers up
the books and heads off to the Great Library.

There he meets Asyil and sells off the books and the notebook
of the Achronus on making zombie-like things netting 16.5 kGP.
Asyil is very pleased and asks that any other books he finds
be sold to the Great Library. Odhran asks for books about the
Golden Succubus, and Aysil gives him a book by Shah Lammed Tilte
called Dead Yellow Women. Odhran has heard of this author and
knows that he is famous for lurid tales of hard boiled detective
fiction. Aysil says, "Do not be fooled; he only writes what
he has seen."

Odhran gets some clothes for the evening, visits Avanzo at the
Old Dorm, which is going very well, and collects Lazi and Siouxsie,
who look quite good, as his dates for the evening. They all
return to the Scroll to pick up Sansa and Ekkie.

Sansa has visited Sister Regina and suggested that she send someone
to the hospital to keep a watch on Gerag. Sister Regina will do
this. She meets the others and they head to the Last Resort.

It is a beautiful five story building on the water front in the
Merchant District. They are met by the halfling Bobbin
Brandydale who upon learning that they are Roderigo's guests
leads them to a large table in the restaurant. They are swarmed
by servers and their every whim is satisfied. They note trays
going up to the third floor. Roderigo comes down and thanks
them for discovering what happened to his brother. They are
a family of pearl merchants. Marcione was the gregarious
salesman while Roderigo oversees pearl harvesting. They have
an office in the Merchant District where their jewelry is sold.
He suggests that they visit. They note Captain Horngold arrive
with a sea chest and a giant crate that many bell hops have
to help carry upstairs.

Countess Matilda arrives. Roderigo knows her, as his
family provided some of the pearls for her famous necklace,
The Tears of the Sea, that she is wearing. They have heard
rumors that the necklace is better protection than a dozen
armed men and/or that it is cursed. He takes them over for an
introduction and a drink. She is gracious, but standoffish,
and dismisses them when Baron de Clorevin arrives and draws
her attention away from Odhran. Odhran does invite them
to his performance at the Bilge Rat tomorrow.

Captain Horngold comes down for dinner, Sansa and Ekkie
slip away to investigate, and Ekkie manages to get into his
room. She finds the sea chest is filled with tropical art
objects and the big crate has a stone sarcophogus.

When dinner is over Roderigo takes his leave, telling
the party to stay as long as they like on his tab, and Odhran
tells Lazi to accompany him upstairs. He gladly accepts. They
note that the Captain is joined by someone who looks like a merchant,

Odhran and Siouxsie remain while the others go. Sansa and
Ekkie are alarmed by Odhran's frequent invocations of the
Golden Succubus. Avanzo knows nothing of this and he and Sansa
spend a happy night together at the Old Dorm.

The Countess and Baron finish and go upstairs. The Captain
and his friend go up and Odhran and Siouxsie follow. They knock
on the Captains door and are introduced to Quelch. The Captain
tells them that he and his crew found these items in a tropical
locale and many of his crew died recovering them. The sarcophogus
contains a mummy which he claims was taken from a sacred tomb
of a tribal shamen. Quelch and Odhran begin bidding for the items,
and Odhran triumphs, sealing the deal by promising the Captain that
Siouxsie will remain with him after the particulars are worked
out. Quelch leaves in disgust, and Odhran will return tomorrow
with the funds and take away the items.

As Odhran heads down stairs he sees a young man unhappily
drinking at the bar. He asks what is wrong and the man says that
he has lost all his money in high stakes card game going on
upstairs. Odhran is intrigued and goes up to join the game.
He does not know it well, does not play for long, and hears a
scream that he identifies as Lazi. He hastily follows the sound,
hears a struggle, and bashes into the room.

He sees a nude Roderigo with a sword struggling with
four masked men armed with clubs. Lazi is cowering in the bed.
Roderigo fells one of the cultists, Odhran knocks out one
from behind, and the two remaining try to flee. Roderigo
fells one, but the remaining goes out the window with Odhran
in pursuit. He is getting away from Odhran, but then stumbles
and falls, and is tackled by Odhran before he can rise. Odhran
drags him back to the Last Resort. The Town Guard has arrived,
and they begin helping Odhran when he flashes his badge.

They question the cultist who tells them that the Master of
the Nameless One ordered them to capture Roderigo. He does
not know why, but he met the Master at the Mouth of Hell and
he promises that loyal followers of the Nameless One will
enjoy power and privilege upon the Nameless One's imminent
arrival. The Guard takes the cultist away.

As this mess dies down the Countess is heard screaming
that someone has stolen her necklace. She was awoken
by the commotion, noted the missing necklace, and that
the doors to her suite are locked. In place of the
necklace is a black silk hankerchef which is the calling
card of the notorious jewel thief known as The Ghost.
The Baron arrives to console the Countess, and he
organizes a search of the hotel. Odhran and the
Guard help out. Odhran notices that someone entered
the Countess's suite via the window.

During the search it is discovered that the
Royal family of Kivel, an island city-state south of
the Tasprian Pennisula which was recently taken by
the Morans forcing the ruling family into exile,
is found dead. Apparently their meal, taken in
their suite, was poisoned.

The Tears of the Sea is not found. Odhran
collects Lazi and Siouxsie and heads back to the
Indecipherable Scroll. They do demand payment for
their evening's activities.

Friday 24 February

The Shipping News arrives with an article about
some of the events at the Last Resort last night.
Tumolt At The Last Resort

Yesterday evening the normally sophisticated atmosphere
of the city's finest hotel was disturbed by a series
of incredible events. The evening opened with a scene
being caused by the wealthy merchant Bartholomew Hodden.
For months rumors have circulated that his former actress
wife, Imelda, has been in an improper relationship with
the noted opera singer Thomas Rhymer. Apparently these
rumors were true and Hodden caught the two lovers having
a tryst in one of the hotel's luxury rooms. Rhymer was
humilatingly driven from the hotel in his underwear, and
Mrs. Hodden was seen sobbing in the street with her husband
shouting at her, "Forget that prenup, babe. You will be
lucky to keep your insanely huge breasts." We have
changed this quote to remove inappropriate language.

This salacious event was tame besides an apparent attack
on the noted pearl merchant Roderigo Lugo. He was staying
at the hotel asleep in his room when four men burst into
his room and tried to capture him. He fought back with
a handy sward and felled one of the attackers. A member
of the Town Guard was in the hotel on official business
and investigated the commotion. He joined the fight
and brought low another of the attackers. The remaining
attackers tried to flee. One was killed by the skilled
merchant and the other was captured by the Guard. The attacker
made confused claims that he had religious motives for
trying to kidnap the rich merchant, but a spokesman for
the Town Guard discounted this making it clear that the
attack was most likely an attempt to gather a large ransom
from the prosperous Lugo family. The Guard also said that
there seemed to be no connection between this attack on
Roderigo Lugo and the death of his brother Marcione Lugo,
one of the victims of the serial killer, Gyni the Fortune
Teller, earlier this month.

In a final improbable event the famous socialite and
philanthropist Countess Matilda was the victim of a
bold theft by the famous jewel thief known as The Ghost.
The Countess is a well known frequent visitor to the Last
Resort, making it her in home in town, when she is visiting
Marnor from her estate north of the city. She has been
often seen around town at cultural and social events where
she is usually sporting the incomperable pearl necklace
known as the Tears of the Sea. The Countess had dinner
at the hotel, was seen wearing the necklace, and retired
to her suite after dinner. After the events surrounding
the pearl merchant Roderigo Lugo, recounted above, and
ironically rumored to be the supplier of some of pearls
that went into the Tears of the Sea, the Countess informed
the Guard that the necklace was missing from her suite.
She was awakened by the stir caused by the attack on
Lugo, and noted that the necklace was missing. In its
place was a black, silk hankerchef which is the calling
card of the infamous jewel thief known as The Ghost.
The Countess noted that the doors to her suite were locked
and a search by her and her staff did not find the necklace
in her rooms. At this point she informed the Guard.
The hotel was locked down and a search led by Baron de
Clorevin, a recent visitor to the hotel, found no sign
of the necklace. The inconsolable Countess would only
say that she would give a large reward to whoever could
return to her the precious Tears of the Sea. She refused
further comment.

Very little is known about The Ghost. The thief has
struck in Mora, Carson, Canvil, and Venga with the only evidence
linking the crimes being a black, silk hankerchef left in place
of the missing precious object. Stolen items include the diamond
necklace known as the Satine, the large ruby set in a copper and
gold mesh necklace called the Blood of the Dragon, and the string
of rubies and diamonds arranged in heart shapes called the Pretty
Woman. All of these items are rumored to have magical powers and
are of mysterious provenance. Members of the Town Guard suspect
that The Ghost has likely stolen other items, but the owners have
not reported them missing. They also express bafflement, as the
items would be difficult to turn into cash due to their fame,
and, if they are magical, could not be broken up into individual
gems without compromising their magical power.

Bobbin Brandydale, the proprietor of the Last Resort,
expressed bafflement at the night's events. He said that the
hotel and restaurant prided itself on providing complete
service to its guests. He apologized if any other guests had
been inconvienced and promised that the Last Resort would
improve its security and its level of service. He urged
any one contemplating a visit to the Last Resort to not be
dissuaded by one "unfortunate night" and that any one
wanting to visit the most elegant establishment in
Marnor should be his guest at their earliest convenience.
Odrhan heads to the Last Resort to meet with Captain Horngold
to pick up his objects. He cannot arrouse the Captain, gets
the hotel staff to open the door. The Captain is not there,
the sarcophogus is open and empty, and a window is broken.
Bobbin is beside himself that there is yet another scandal
at the hotel. Odhran assures him that all will be handled
discreetly and calls for the Town Guard. Odhran writes a
receipt for the sale of the items to him. The Guard arrives
and after some investigation and questioning conclude that
the Captain was likely a victim of one of his items. They
will be on the look out for a murderous mummy. They gather
some samples of the art and let Odhran take the rest of it,
which he ships to the Old Dorm.

Odhran hears rumors that Janis Hawthorn, the half elven fruit
merchant that the party suspects of being a Moran spy, has
been arrested. Her stall in the Main Market is empty.

They have a note from Professor Cloimser at the University
asking to meet. They go there and he apologizes. He has been
unable to learn anything about the puzzle box idol that they
recovered from The Block. Whatever cult it represents is
too obscure. He also mentions that when he asked the Town
Guard about visiting the Temple of the Nameless One that the
party discovered beneath the bricked up house in the city,
that he was refused. He finds that strange since he is their
consultant on cultists. They share with him some of their
recent adventures and he finds it unusual that cultists had
interests in both Marcione and Roderigo Lugo.

Ekkie gathers some goblin help and they investigate
the location on the map of the city that they found in The Block.
It is a home and its outer walls seem to match the floor plan
that they have. Sansa goes to the Library and asks about the
Golden Succubus. A librarian shows her some back issues of the
Shipping News from about 50 years ago. The Golden Succubus was
a very well known high end brothel in the Merchant District.
One night all of the residents and a bunch of well heeled
patrons disappeared from the building. All that was found
were signs of a struggle and blood stains. Sansa is a bit
confused about exactly where it was located and what is there
now. The paper speculates that the Golden Succubus is some
sort of demon to which one trades one soul in return for
sexual satisfaction, which was the rumor that fed the
popularity of the brothel. She goes to Argile McGill's
Curio Shop asking about books on The Golden Succubus,
the Nameless One, and/or the Drow. He has nothing for
her and she threatens him with fire.

Odhran and Dottie Danger have a very good concert
at the Bilge Rat. The Baron is there accompanied by a young
lady. Ningel is there and she finally succombs to Odhran's

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Saturday 25 February

Gerag wakes up in the hospital. They say he can go, but should
avoid stress for the weekend and come back on Monday for a visit.
One of Sister Regina's followers, who has been on guard, escorts
him to the see the Sister.

Sansa tries to find the location of the old Golden Succubus brothel,
and locates the Salon du Masque. She is told that it is only open
Thursday-Saturday evening and the entry cost is 100 GP. She says
that she is writing a history and gets a meeting with The Countess
on 3:00 on Monday.

At the Old Dorm the dwarf Coilin Shipwright and a few of his friends
shows up to do work. They will work through the weekend and expect
to be done Monday evening. They ask for 55 GP.

Odhran goes to the hospital and finds that Gerag has been released.
He asks after Mummy attacks, but they have nothing.

Gerag visits Sister Regina, they spar, she beats him easily and
she thinks he should take it easy until he finishes recovering.
He tells her what happened at the block, gives him some sword
training, and he heads back to the Indecipherable Scroll.

They all meet and talk and Sansa tells them her theory on
the theft of the Tears of the Sea. Odhran tells them his
recent obsession with the Golden Succubus has been to build
up interest in the soon to be opened Old Dorm. He and
Gerag plan to visit The Mouth of Hell this evening. Sansa
is still disturbed by the Golden Succubus and talks with
Mina. She is not convinced Odhran is behaving more oddly
than usual and is anxious to get Avanzo's girls out of
here. She is disturbed that Professor Cloimser was not
allowed to visit the Temple of the Nameless One by the
Town Guard.

Gerag goes to a magic shop in the Old City called the
Wizard's Pouch asking about something to detect possession.
They do not have anything, but tell him to stop back early next
week and see what they can dig up. He also heads down to the
docks and purchases two open tickets for a sea journey out
of town. When he returns to the Scroll, Mina also expresses
her worry about the Temple of the Nameless One.

Odhran explores the written work of Shah Lammed Tilte reading
the Thin Man (a tale of a sophisticated husband and wife investigation
team on the trail of a mysterious serial killer) and Blood Money (
a tale of a bank robbery that goes horribly wrong and the stony
investigator with no name on the trail of the criminals).

Sansa and Ekkie go to Pearls by Lugo. Roderigo is not there,
apparently returning to the family's island, and she makes arrangement
to buy some bracelets for herself and the pending fairey baby. They
will also make a cheap copy for public situations.
She also learns that they work with an enchanter called Riet Botoce
who has a shop in the Merchant District to add magical effects
to their pearl jewelry and an insurance company called Solara's
Protection, also in the Merchant District. She also notes that
Pearls by Lugo has shops in the same cities that The Ghost has
stolen items. Amazingly enough she does not threaten to burn
the place down even once.

Odhran and Gerag go to the Mouth of Hell. They conclude that
it is Applebees with gambling and whores. They hear Lichen
Oilier doing his song Hello, a homage to stalking.

Sansa goes to the boarded up house and the guards there will
not let her in even after she shows them her badge. They
tell her that Sea Lord Tarmon has ordered it closed.

Sunday 26 February

On the streets there are pamphlets on red paper called The Rights
of Man and the Urgency of Regicide. It mentions the fate of the
royal family of Kival.

The party rests and trains. Gerag on the sword, Sansa visiting
the fire faireys and learning the Consecrate Spell, and Odhran
making elaborate and expensive plans for the opening of the

Old Dorm.

Monday 27 February

Odhran's armor is ready. It is very high quality.

Xort arrives for breakfast and they go to the Old City
to repair the Eldritch Gun. Sea Lords Tarmon and
Holliver are there. Tarmon objects to Xort doing anything
to the gun, but Holliver tells him that his people
have had their chance and not succeeded and that Xort
should have a chance. Xort begins assisted by his
three miniature goblins who keep a book open in front
of him as he moves around performing the recharging
ritual. His "dog" Spot stands guard. At the end all
feel a powerful magical effect and Xort collapses in
exhaustion. He says, "It is done, and done well."
When a "condemned" is called for a test, Xort says
that it is not necessary and that an animal will do
fine. One is provided and a practice shell is loaded.
It works. Holliver is very pleased, taunts Tarmon,
and asks Xort to come see him after he has recovered.

Tarmon says that Xort was lucky and wants to meet with the
party. Xort agrees that luck did play a role, but now none
of the feckless cultists in the Wizard's Guild will ever
laugh at him again. The party tells him that he should
work on tracking down the Students of the Green Thing.

Tarmon tells the party that despite their success, he
mistrusts them hiding behind the facade of "Gerag the
Wise". No one understands the sacrifices that he is
making to protect the city from threats that make the
Morans look like boy scouts. They ask about the Temple
of the Nameless One and he says that it is far too dangerous
with an unstable portal which if disturbed could explode
and take out half the city. He dismisses them and
warns them to steer clear of him and his business.

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Re: The Marnor Campaign

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Monday 27 February

The militia gives the party a check for 5.5k GP for their repair
of the Eldritch Gun.

Odhran spends the rest of the day planning the Old Dorm
opening party.

Gerag goes to the Wizard's Pouch. They tell him that True Seeing
would reveal any possession. They do not have one, but they will
be on the look out for one for him. They also suggest detect alignment,
etc. can also reveal clues of possession. Gerag buys a Protection
from Arrows potion for 330 GP as a thank you gift for Xort.

Sansa visits Avanzo at the Old Dorm. He is very happy with how things
are going here. They have a happy tryst.

Sansa and Ekkie goes to the Salon du Masque to meet with The Countess.
They find that they have to wear a mask, there is selection provided,
to go beyond the entrance hall. They meet The Countess in an office.
She is alluring with an attractive body and eyes. She does not have
any knowledge of The Golden Succubus, and she bought the property with
the help of Roberse Vlad, the realtor. Its unpleasent history allowed
her to pay less for it and adds to the mystery of her establishment.
She invites Sansa to visit as her guest, elves are always good earners.
Sansa says that she will come with her Drow boy friend, even more
intriguing to The Countess, and they will come on Thursday evening.

Gerag visits the Hospital. They find no trace of the infection and

In the evening they are passing through the Old City and see
the Town Guard assault on the Wizard's Guild Hall. They see
the skull gernades and Ekkie gets hurt by one. They enter
the building and Gerag flashes his badge and talks with Captain
Rudle. The Guard has been ordered to take over the building
by Captain Holliver. Odhran gathers up one Julian who sees
after the spell components supply for the Guild. He says that
this is clearly some dispute among the Sea Lords. Odhran offers
him protection, and they take him back to the Old Dorm, where
Avanzo will be sure that he stays out of sight.

There they find that the repairs are complete and it has been
done well. Odhran pays and thanks Coilin. Coilin notes that
he and his Dwarf buddies have figured out what is going on
here, and Odhran invites him to the opening on Friday, giving
them a free evening including a visit.

Sansa cures Ekkie.

Odhran pens an angry letter to Sea Lord Holliver expressing
concern about the attack on the Wizard's Guild Hall.

Tuesday 28 February

Front Page article in the Shipping News:
Town Guard Raids Wizard's Guild Hall

Members of the Town Guard were seen entering the Old City
location of the Wizard's Guild Hall. They were reported to
have been struggling with those within who were defending
the premisses with some sort of thrown projectile which
exploded into a shower burning hot black skulls. Despite
the attempted defense the Guard were seen to be in full control
of the compound late yesterday evening. There was no comment
from any of the members of the Captian's Council or their
staff. We did manage to learn that an emergency meeting of the
Captain's Council had been scheduled for early this day.

Gerag sends his present to Xort. He visits Sister Regina
who beats him easily. He tells her that he is planning
dealings with Faireys and she warns him of their mercurial

Odhran goes down to the main market and buys 500 GP worth
of baubles to bring to the Faireys. As the party gathers,
he sings to raise their spirits.

They discuss their plan. They will try to convince the Faireys
to build useful stuff rather than scarey and frightening stuff.
They let Mina know that if they do not return by tomorrow morning,
then she should come looking for them at the Idol That Walks.

They meet at Otto's with Throyan, who speaks for the
Fire Faireys and Otto. After some discussion they
reach an agreement with the Fire Faireys. They get the use of
the Idol That Walks, and are able to scavenge its materials in
the manufacture of weapons and robots. They will continue to
supply Otto with weapons as before and he will continue to see
to their needs. In addition they will provide the members of
the party with one "weapon" each year. Also each moon cycle
they will manufacture one "robot" like the greeter in Otto's
shop with some specification by Otto and the party. The Faireys
and their allies will be able to turn the Idol That Walks into
Fey Territory, defend it, and not expand the Fey Territory. They
reach an agreement with Otto about moving the gas line and the
flame to the Idol That Walks. Ekkie writes up the contract
basing it on the old agreement the Fire Faireys had with Otto.
The Faireys were motivated to relocate to the swamp as
their Water Fairey girl friends do not like to come into the
city. Thus they are pleased with the agreement.

Odhran gives the Faireys a token from his stash of
stuff, and they give him a small jeweled frog with a wind-up

Talking with them takes most of the day. Afterwards
they head back. Gerag does sword training with Sister
Reginna. Odhran works on organizing the opening of the Old
Dorm. Sansa learns the Entangle spell and tells Mina what happened
in the only way she can. Playing at the Indecipherable Scroll is
Seafarers Fort doing "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

Wednesday 1 March

Front Page article in the Shipping News:
Town Guard Withdraws from Wizard's Guild Hall

The Town Guard has left the Wizard's Guild Hall. Guardsmen
were seen to be leaving the building as known members
of the Wizard's Guild arrived and entered the buildings
of the compound. No one would comment on any of these
puzzling events. It is not clear why the Guard wanted
to enter the Wizard's Guild Hall, why this led to a
struggle, and why the Guard would abandon the Hall after
having taken it over for one day. Another mystery is why
no one will comment on whatever it is that is going on.

Tabios Kenos finds the party to tell them that he checked
in on Lucius yesterday and found him in some sort of trance.
He thinks the party should keep an eye on him. Odhran
gives Tabios three VIP passes to the opening of the Old


Ekkie hires some goblins to keep an eye on Lucius. Sansa,
Ekkie and Gerag will go check out Lucius's apartment, while
Odhran will go to the Great Library and check on Lucius.
In the apartment, Ekkie gets them in, all looks OK. They
do find the fragment of a translation about power sources
and lubricants. Sansa checks for Magic, Chaos, and Evil
and gets some feint hits of Chaos and Evil. They withdraw
and keep watch. Odhran has lunch with Lucius. He seems
OK, and Odhran notices the goblins keeping watch. He invites
Lucius to the Old Dorm opening party.

They talk at the Idecipherable Scroll and agree to keep a
close eye on Lucius. When he leaves the library at the
end of the day, he is carrying a book. Sansa and Gerag
go to the Library, it is after hours, but Gerag flashes
he badge, gets in, and looking at the records they find
that Lucius has not checked out a book recently.

They join Odhran and Ekkie who followed Lucius home.
They see him come out, and he is in a sort of trance
walking right past them without noticing them. He goes
down to the border of the Merchant's District and the
Docks, where he pulls up a sewer grate and enters the
sewers. They follow him as he takes a circuitous path,
and Ekkie is not even sure where they are. He eventually
stops and opens a secret door in the side of tunnel.
He enters and they follow. They are in a small metal

Lucius bumps into the back wall and
asks where he is. They hear a loud sound and feel
the floor shaking. They can see a small window,
and dimly see a man operating some levers a ways
away. Ekkie manages to climb through the window,
while the others are having trouble standing on
the shaking floor and seeing amid the dust. Gerag
realizes that the top of the room hinges open and
grabs onto the teeth of the ceiling lids. As the shaking
grows worse they note that the floor is tilting and
they can see the grinders that the stuff in the
room should dump into as the far wall begins to hinge
open. Sansa grabs onto Gerag who has a firm grasp
on the cieling. Ekkie is clinging to the window.
Odhran throws a rope with hook onto the window and
hangs on. He grabs Lucius. They all manage to hang
on as the floor tilts 45 degress and the room
continues to shake. The shaking stops and the
room returns to its original position.

They climb out the cieling and realize
that they are in a masonry factory, Crocker's
Bricks and Mortar. There is no sign of the
operator, and even though Sansa wants to burn
the place down they can see no obvious way to
do this.

They confront Lucius who has no memory
of the last few hours. He tells them that his
job at the library is to maintain the machines that
read the books that are encoded on all the
skins of dead reptiles. He tells them that small
things (snakes, lizards, etc.) make unexciting books
such as cook books. Predators such as aligators
make interesting books such as detective novels.
Intelligent creatures such as lizard men, make
valuable non-fiction like science or history.
Magical creatures like dragons make magic books
with spells, rituals, and such. It is a great
secret and they can tell no one.

They convince him that he is in serious
danger and he agrees that they take him to the
Indecipherable Scroll as the "the lady there
can protect me."

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