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The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:18 am
by Captain_K
This will hopefully be the place for a new game of new and old DnDers to record their adventures.. we'll soon see if their is a Bard among them!

To get them started playing fast on their first night, I'm going to try the following "fast PC generation": We will use a "pass the cards" method. Categories of cards: weapons, special items, armor, stats, and money.

They are all new "apprentices" going with their "master" to a big festival for the "master" to meet up with some old friend. Its a simple dinner at a good Inn, so dress is "business casual". Using the cards, PCs will be created in under 15 minutes. There will be simple character interaction with basic mechanics of the game stepped through for the new folks to get the basics down, try what quickly comes to mind, and see how the game works. After the first night they will go home with "home work" to equip the PCs for adventure (shopping with proper money). Then before the second game they can opt to roll stats classically.

I'm guessing the group will meet once per month and only for 4-6 hours. So keeping it fast, simple, and not too involved in story plot will likely be the order of the game.

Once they "get it" and decide they want to continue we will follow the classic methods for second PC generation.

Each player will have two PCs to aid in games when few people can make it, players loose interest in one PC over the other, CK changes setting from dungeon to woodlands and the two PCs could vary from dwarf fighter to elven druid, and finally it will allow the CK to not hold back a "death sentence" when someone really earns it or wants to die heroically.. that second PC can be brought into play that same evening and that player is not down and out for the night.

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Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:52 pm
by Captain_K
The group is forming.... for those taking a peek early, here are some tips to help you plan or start to dream up your character: Is it just me or this thread pops up more than every so often... So here is my pat reply... at least its starting to seem pat...Assume the world is as it was in about 900 AD less Rome and Christianity taking over and all those various cultural ancient religions, beliefs, and superstitions are all "real"... if you think of the English Country side as being "Middle Earth" then you're pretty close to the right global setting, just expand it to the greater world and their unique cultures.

So if you want to play an Elven Archer from the Celtic Lands, a Druid who happens to be a Gnome from Finland riding a reindeer, a Viking from Normandy (Dwarven), a Japanese Samurai (human), a 1/2 Orc Paladin devoted to Anubis, a professional gambler/messenger/priest of Hermes (1/2 elf) or even a Hobbit Shaolin Monk,... we'll figure it all out and make it work.

Come with pencils and paper, a clip board helps, dice if you have them, but don't worry I have plenty for now. Beer and Pizza will likely be served. So do some creative day dreaming, have a character concept (or two or three) in mind and we'll take it from there.

Specifically, think how archetypal characters (fighters, wizards, priests & thieves) mixed with culture (Celtic, Norse/German, Finish, Greek or ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, or Babylonian or far away Indian, Chinese or Japanese) and race (human, dwarf, elf, gnome, hobbit, 1/2 elf, or 1/2 orc) will work best for you. The more detail the better, but again, that depth and link to history/religions/gods/races is has tight and deep as you make it. :ugeek:

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Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:05 am
by Captain_K
Guys, After we get started and if we're going to continue, there are copies of the 5th printing of the Players Handbook available on Amazon and elsewhere (check your FLGS), and if you want to see something in the meantime, go to the quick start rules: Please purchase the 5th printing.

The more seasoned players gave us this lead and suggest buying the 5th edition. I will be buying a copy and possibly we can buy all together for a discount or at least splitting the shipping.. so lets practice our team work and coordination on this one.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:32 am
by Captain_K
OK guys, the discount is for sure, so if you all like it, we will get a bulk discount on PHs.

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Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:15 pm
by Captain_K
Three hardy adventurers gathered for the first time at Ye Olde Firkin. There they met to discuss their fates over a pint of the black, or two. Although the man of the holy grove stood proudly among his future peers clearly stating his prowess, his compatriots identities remained shrouded in mystery and vagary. As is the habit of Firkin aficionados, the countries of the world were discussed, religion and the gods were exulted, and the heritage of the great and small races were debated. Their place in the world for Good or for Evil was plainly stated while their resolves to adventure steeled to a fine temper. These three future brothers of the blade solemnly swore to meet again, Tomes in hand, at The Eagles Roost Boarding House overlooking the Glen on the evening of the 20th day of the midwinter month of February (Gijamo).

CK Aside: We're in for 4 players guides (PH), we need to confirm with the others the date and their willingness to purchase PH in advance or wait until after the first night.

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Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:44 pm
by Captain_K
Books are on order, should be here in time. Total bill $127 sort of split seven ways is roughly $18 each. One person wanted the pdf, so that may be cheaper. Thus savings for one and costing the six remaining more. So bring a $20 and you might get change. :roll:

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Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 5:35 pm
by Omote
Got to have PHBs for everybody! 8-)


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Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:38 am
by Captain_K
Their forming night was I believe a success. Five of the six players and two guests arrived at 5 pm and the next five hours went by fairly quickly. I hope it was the game playing and not just the mead, which was first rate! Great questions were asked by the European guests, "How do you win?" "How long until you actually start playing?" Classics!

But the group did form, dragged out by their masters to a gathering of Masters (old friends and adventuring brothers) at the Ball and Wicket (a riverside inn). The half empty bar did not devolve into a brawl and luckily the dice game was cut short prior to the beating of a PC for cheating (or was he just really lucky), despite his native Gaelic accent and relative easy with the Dragon ship crew... cut short by a command by their Masters to take the Otterman (a Scandinavian skin changer) up river to Brock's Bridge Keep which is in eminent danger of being harassed by a large tribe of Goblins. Ordered to help row and escort only, "Do not leave the Dragon Ship!" Half the crew would be going with the masters along the Urban coastal road to support the Bridge Keep from the city side, the young apprentices would be simply delivering the Otterman (Ole) to the secret entrance of the river bridge keep to rally the forces trapped inside and let them know that help was on the way from "city side".

Well, as fate would have it, Brock's Bridge Keep, a highly magical stone fortress over the river, designed and build by the famed dwarven builder Brock, was somehow over run. As if a score of stupid little Goblins could somehow get with the 10' thick stone walls, "inconceivable"! With this new news, and no Masters present to restrain them, the young would-be-adventurers agree to help the two Ottermen (Rolf and Ole - Rolf having slipped aboard the ship after narrowing escaping the keep as it was being overrun) help retake the keep and save the last two bridge guard who even now are secreted away in the walls of the keep...

Want more.. well.. lets hope one of the PC pick it up from here...

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Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:35 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
In an attempt to approach the bridge subtly the experienced ship hands put on the leathers but the ineptitude of the young adventurers still resulted in a loud and conspicuous craft. Without a sure way of approaching the bridge unnoticed the crew decided to port the boat on the rural side of the river and divide the band of men in half. The young adventurers would be responsible for the lower goblin sentry held up at the base of an oak tree somewhere up ahead roughly 300 feet away. The two Ottermen would move forward to the upper sentry and signal when their sentry was taken out with a series of chirping signals. The plan after the sentries were taken care of was to count to one-hundred and then move forward to attack the group of approximately 200 goblins spotted another 300 yards down river.

The young adventurers split from their new found companions and went about the task of taking out the lower goblin sentry. The muddled group of; dwarven ranger, half wizard half fighter elf, druid gnome, half-elf rogue and elf cleric moved forward together up to 150 feet away. Then the druid gnome and elf cleric held their position back at 150 feet while the ranger, fighter and rogue circled out away from the bank of the river to try and spot the goblin's tree before the goblin saw them coming, under cover of darkness. With some terrible luck the elf and half elf snapped so many branches and rustled so many bushes that the goblin still at 50 feet away heard their movement and turned away from them around the tree now facing the river with his back to the tree. With still more commotion the goblin begins to bang his sword on his shield signaling an alarm to the other goblins down river.

With the banging noises being heard by the whole party everyone began to converge on the goblin sentry. The fighter charged in and at the base of the tree swung the short sword he grabbed off of the ship directly into the thick of the tree burying it deeply. The goblin's responsive attack was equally incompetent. The rogue darted in and attempts to attack the goblin with throwing dirks was equally unimpressive. The elf-cleric charged and attempted a swing of his short sword to no avail. The dwarf darted around the back and landed a glancing blow with his builder's axe. When the gnome arrived with spear in hand, he slid in between the now four men encircling the goblin under the legs of the cleric but was unable to attack. The goblin in a move of desperation dove into the river under cover of his shield and even more attempts to dismiss the evil demon were further thwarted.

Floating down the river, seemingly magical shield in hand, the goblin seemed as though he might just escape.

The mismatched band of adventurers then began throwing anything they could at the goblin. One by one weapons were lost in the muck and murk of the river bank, bolas, axe and spear. Finally the rogue, after running down the bank of the river was able to land a deadly blow once and for all dispatching the ever so untouchable goblin. The group finally finished their task... all without ever waiting for any signal.

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Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:21 pm
by Captain_K
What will our unlucky yet brave group do now that the realization has dawned on them, "They jumped the gun and alerted everyone in the area with the sounds of desperate battle and panicked alarm?" The enemy sentry outpost of 12-24 (not 200) Goblins (dug in under a mighty fallen Oak) is still 1000 feet away, deeper onto the flood plain of scrub and briar. The Ottermen may or may not have dispatched their sentry, no sound is forthcoming from up river, have they had time to position themselves near the Goblin hole? Little time is left to ponder for a great cloaked figure rushes close by our group of vacillating would-be heroes; headed straight toward the Goblin position. As the powerful figure sprints past her confused comrades she hisses, "Surprise is lost you foolish men, charge or flee!" She waits for none to decide as she leaps over or crashes through any unlucky shrub or bush in her path.

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Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:04 am
by Captain_K
The next gathering at The Eagles Roost Boarding House appears to be on the 20th day of Winter's Demise. Until that time each PC has "homework": Provide here (or on paper handed to me) your desired PUBLIC history and backstory, being sure to entwine your link to and relationship with your teacher/mentor/master. Please ensure your family history and their "occupations" are noted for at least two generations (aka back to the grandparents). On a detailed note, ensure your pre- or non-character (class or race) based "secondary professional skills" are noted clearly (night soil collector, pig iron monger's apprentice, etc.) as well as ensuring your mundane accomplishments/skills are also hinted at or simply listed (excellent creek diver, giant wolverine rider, advanced finger-based totally organic face-painter, etc.). All public or secret backstory should be on paper and handed to me unless your INT is less than 8, then post it here too.

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Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:21 am
by Captain_K
6 beautiful new 5th Edition PH have finally arrived.. just in time for next weeks fun...

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Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:35 pm
by Captain_K
The next gathering at The Eagles Roost Boarding House has been moved to the 19th day of Winter's Demise.

The start will be crisp, fast, thorny, and likely very bloody, but have no fear for in the wake of Pantheos Adonisia et'Turin (just call me Pans) a swarthy crewmen has joined the fray and bids your welcome while trying not to drop his armload of long spears!

The Goblin "hoard" awaits, what can we do, what our are best options, such thoughts, such planning may have past, its time for action, grab you weapons and join the charge or be left behind.

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:39 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
Backstory for Aelonor "Aelonor the Holy" Devorathonea - Elf Cleric

My teacher is Galenic Brevian a monk who teaches and worships Solonor Thelandira in an isolated monastery deep in the wooded elven forest southeast of Cydford for the past seven centuries. I became associated with Galenic when my parents sent me away from home as a teen. My parents, Aelo and Elasnoria, were both born in an elven city outside of Gloucester but have lived on the Isle of Wright as elven ambassadors to the human race for the majority of their life together and this is where I was raised. My father was a elven judge of a small local elf/human court. My mother was a gardener and did some weaving of cloths for local shops. I also studied for years as a musician in the monastery composing praise to Solonor through musical performance. Before being sent away to monastery I did have some minimal experience working with my grandfather Jelano on leatherworking projects.

Mundane accomplishments/skills:

1. Often tended many vegetable gardens of mostly beans throughout time at the monastery. (Farmer = main profession)

2. Spent a lot of time wandering in the forest alone, climbing trees and hiking through dense forest is very familiar and natural to me.

3. My father imparted upon me a keen sense of justice and pensive judgment even under high stress situations.

4. Spent many hours of silent prayer and meditation at the monastery alone in the deep woods.

5. Have only witnessed few types of creatures and mostly the small woodland ones. I have little experience with larger creatures only reading about them in books. I am used to small woodland animals though and not disturbing them in their natural wooded environment.

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Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:00 pm
by Captain_K
10 gp to Ealonor for being first to post his back story and handing me his private history. 9 gp for next, 8 gp for next, etc.. That extra money goes a long way when your outfitting your PC.

Coin treasure from the Goblin Guard Post (to be split 7 ways): 35 gp, 105 sp, 49 cp. Ottermen indicate that all you find is yours to keep.

Another 10 gp to the best/first recap of the last gaming session: "The eradication of the Goblin Guard Post and the successful covert access to Brock's Bridge Keep".

Outfit your PCs, look into your specific skills, and be ready to retake the Keep... formant a solid plan (please don't split the group) and follow the K.I.S.S. principal. :ugeek:

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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:48 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
Gaining a seaman to the crew of adventurers they joined pans and charged towards the goblin foxhole up ahead. Approaching the downed oak it began apparent that these were white faced goblins known for their poisons. The foxhole being in the middle of a thick brush proved a hindrance, however, the team began launching ranged attacks at the goblin fox hole aiming for the goblin with the signal horn. After a few attempts and a sling with magic pebbles the goblin signaler was forced back into the foxhole. Pans charged forth and cast a spell over the goblins dropping them all to the ground. With that the team charged in ended the goblin outpost. The shaman's body was checked for items and many things were found; herbs, some money, daggers, darts and a magic wand, a holy flame wand!

After a little time gathering weapons and scouring the newly dead, it was decided that it was best to attempt an all clear signal using the goblin's own horn. After a botched attempt let out a loud belt of noise from the horn, the second attempt was much cleaner. Whether this actually aided our troubled group remains to be known.

After a short jog back to the boat the team found, tied to the stern of the boat, a goblin with next to him a magical shield of invulnerability that looked quite familiar. After a short row the team came upon Brock's Bridge keep at an attempt to enter the keep from below. Our motley crew all voluntarily squished into one of the otterman's magic pouches and were carried by the shape shifter up to the lower entrance which appeared to be nothing more than wedged rocks on the side of the semi-circular structure. The adventurers slid out of the bag one by one in the opposite order of how they went in and quickly filled up the remaining rungs on the makeshift ladder. After a few attempts at single-handedly pushing a two foot thick dwarven stone the team gathered together and got a few hands on the stone and perhaps a little luck to open the dwarven door. In doing so whatever was atop the door slid of to one side. Naturally, the dwarf jumped in first and came upon the sleeping goblin that happened to be atop the lower entrance door. After a quick snap of the neck the team was all inside.

One of the ottermen slid his hands across the seemingly smooth stone and the stone fell into itself and moved inside itself to reveal a hidden entrance into the walls themselves. The adventurers quickly followed and were inside the walls. After the dwarf gazed in amazement for some time the party moved through a hallway across to the other side of the common area and into a room with a giant spiral staircase. Upon entering the group saw two tower guards brutally killed, their bodies left imbedded in the stone itself, one half in the ceiling with his legs seemingly grown into the stone itself and the other laying in a permanent casket of stone encasing almost his entire body stretched across the ceiling.

Bracing for the worst, our team circled around the cleric, wand in hand, when the wall from floor to ceiling morphed into a giant living stone creature which began walking straight towards our unlucky yet brave group while at the same time a flood of goblins rushed down the spiral staircase all with the thirst for blood in their eyes.

And this is where we leave off... until the next meeting at The Eagles Roost Boarding House on the third day of the current moon cycle.

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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:37 am
by Ceallian
Backstory for Ceallian – Half Elf Rogue

Ceallian was brought up in the woodlands of Dal Cais, Ireland by a small tribe of roaming hunters. The leader of the tribe, a wiry human named Liam the Cunning, raised Ceallian. Ceallian’s parents were said to have been killed when a Dullahan suddenly appeared from the mists one evening. They quickly covered young Ceallian’s ears, but heard their own names from the Dullahan’s lips, and were dead within minutes.

Liam became Ceallian’s master, taking the young half elf under his wing despite the wariness of the rest of the tribe. Ceallian was a quick study, demonstrating an uncanny ability to understand people and their motives, as well as the environment around him. He possessed the ability to quickly pick up new skills, though he would more often than not abandon his training in one skill to pick up another before ever attaining true mastery. The exception to this was in hunting and tracking. Ceallian was a natural at bow hunting. His unique ability to understand both people and animals allowed him to seem to know which way his prey would jink, and just when to loose his arrow for a clean kill.

As Ceallian grew older, his master began to teach him the ways of the rogue and how to best use his empathy with the world around him to his advantage. His master would regal him with tales of his past adventures, especially of the great quest that he and his old group of adventurers undertook in Gaul. With his master, Ceallian began going into the towns to learn how to win people’s confidence, hide in plain sight, and to maneuver situations to his benefit. Additionally, he worked on honing his sneaking abilities.

Despite being a home in the forest, Ceallian has a terrible fear of spiders. He has been known to completely blow his cover when sneaking because a spider ran across his arm. To his chagrin, this always seems to happen at the most inopportune times!

- Ceallian is a proficient hunter/tracker, being most comfortable with doing so in forested areas. He has much experience with bow hunting.
- Ceallian is also quite proficient at setting traps and snares for hunting purposes, mainly for small game, though he routinely experiments with traps for larger animals as well.
- Ceallian has always been lucky, and so gaming comes naturally to him. He does well at most dice and gambling games, especially when reading the other players is key.
- While hunting with his master, Ceallian learned the skills of fire building, swimming, rope use, and horseback riding. He has minimal experience in bow shooting from horse back.

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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:46 am
by InFurno
Wizzby Anklebiter (Gnome Druid):

I am the son of Wizzbang Wormgear though my name was passed down to me by my late grandfather Bamwinkle Anklebiter. Bamwinkle was the court inventor for the last great underground Gnomish city of Snebevlin, under High Tinker King Gebble Mekkatorque. Bamwinkle was presenting his latest invention to King Mekkatorque when a he spotted a disguised assassin posed to strike a death blow to the King. All Bamwinkle could think to do was dive at the would be assassin. Being a rather small Gnome, Bamwinkel was only able to latch onto the assasin’s ankle, impulsively biting the flesh as hard as he could. The commotion alerted the King’s guard, saving his life. This great act of courage and keenness earned Bamwinkle the title of “Anklebiter.

My father, continuing the family profession as an inventor, set out to create something that could truly change Gnomish society. His great ambition was to create a Gnome powered flying machine that could revolutionize Gnomish transportation (we have very short legs). To do so, he built a small above ground cabin near Snebevlin. After decades of working on the project (I was born during this period), he was unable to successfully build his flying machine. However, during the process of designing and building prototype flying machines, he developed a system using a new type of gear. This gear, called a worm gear (Gnomes love naming inventions after creatures), was able to be used to make a sophisticated digging/drilling machine. This useful invention earned him the title “Wormgear”.

I grew up learning mathematics and engineering at a very early age (as do most Snebevlin Gnomes), but I was able to immediately apply my knowledge to help my father with his various inventions. Under my father’s guidance, I learned how to mold and shape wood and leather to suit any purpose I needed. Growing up outside of the city (above ground) on the edge of a great forest, I did not have much exposure to other many other Gnomes. Because of this, I sought out companionship with the animals of the forest. I would spend all of my free time communicating with and befriending the woodland animals. Seeing the crude manner in which many animals were forced to eke out an existence in, I set out to help them in any way I could. Naturally, I turned to my abilities as an inventor and builder to try and better the lives of my animal brethren. I built many contraptions and tools that I taught the animals to use. For the badgers, I affixed attachable digging claws to help them create the burrows easier. For the squirrels, I built small pouches for them to store nuts and grains for the winter. I showed the local bears the best places for them to their hibernation dens. I showed otters how to use rocks to crack the hard shells of clams and other crustaceans. As I helped my animal friends, my attention and focus was directed more and more from Gnomish society and my duty to serve my city through my inventions.

After being rebuked by my father for my waning interests in the family profession (as he saw it), I decided to leave my city and live among the animals of the earth. I am on a quest to see the beauties of the world, and to discover a way to become part of natural world so that I can truly help all creatures of the world. After years of nomadically traveling across countries and continents, I ran across a black panther prowling through the forest. Being in France at the time, I was naturally curious about this creature. After attempting to befriend the panther, it suddenly transformed into an Elf! This is how I first met the wandering Elvish Druid, Arakhor (One who Protects the Forest/Tree Warden). Seeing my love and empathy for the world, he took me under his wing as my mentor.

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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:04 am
by Elnaur
Tahlaer Dal'Bael Elven Fighter/Wizard

Tahlaer Dal'Bael: swordsmen, spellcaster, weaponsmith; he is known by all of these titles. Coming from a long line of craftsmen known for there exceptional blades and supple armors, Tahlaer began to learn the family trade as a child. The forging of elven steel was his passion and soon led him to also begin to master the use of the finest of his blades. No stranger to the wild, the northern forests of Scandinavia were Tahlaer's first companion and teacher, but an affinity for magic would lead him down yet another path.

Teleris Vornmegil of the Bladesingers, a select group of battle mages and guardians, took a keen interest in the young elf that showed potential as both scholar and swordmaster. Teleeris saw potential but also a youth in need of tempering, like any fine weapon. Having traveled much of the world as a younger warrior, Teleris was well respected as one of the finest instructors. Tahlaer was honored to be chosen by him. The next 35 years were spent studying the arcane, honing his sword arm, and learning the unique abilities of combining the two. The two spent this time keeping to the guardianship of the woodland realms. It was not until recently Teleris felt Tahlaer was ready to venture out as a true Bladesinger.

Character Traits
Tahlaer is not accustomed to the company of non-elves due to having spent the vast majority of his life within the forests of Scandia, he has some limited contact with the dwarves of the neighboring mountains and humans from Normorea.

Tahlaer is cautious and brooding, seldom speaking unless he is comfortable with his company or it is warranted by circumstances.

Having spent many year honing his abilities, Tahlaer is quick to take action dropping into an almost trance like battle stance.

Primary: Weaponsmithing: Having gained this skill early in life from both his father and grandfather, it has been brought to a high level expertise after nearly 80 years of practice.

Blacksmithing: A lesser form of weaponsmithing, but none the less useful. Focused mainly on tools and household objects since there was little use for horse in the dense forests of his homeland.

Dance: Not so much as a social grace, but as a fighting style. Tahlaer's movements in battle seem flowing and elegant despite the gruesome outcome.

Language - Norse: Tahlaer learned the local common dialect, primarily as a means to trade with both the humans and dwarves of his homeland.

Survival: Many years of both living and training in the deep boreal forests of the north has given Tahlaer the ability to live quite comfortably in the wild with little gear.

Spellcraft: Through deep study the ways of the wizard are familiar to Tahlaer.

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Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:52 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
For the gnome.

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Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:38 pm
by Captain_K
Aelonor is again, first to the post, 10 GP to your growing hoard.

9 GP Ceallian, 8 GP to Infurno, 7 GP to Elnaur, ...

6 GP awaits the back history of the Subterranean Ranger - Good Senor Dwarf

If you have any private backstory don't forget to get me a hard copy.

1 PP to the artist in the previous post, another to the poster of our last session, which will go nicely with the picture!

Well done, a more exciting night could not have been had.. the lack of luck by this group is mind boggling, but the team work and willingness to try, despite the total mutiny of your dice, warms the chambers of my heart like a flame strike, 6" from my chest!

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Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:42 am
by Captain_K
What to do with the Goblin tied in the boat? What to do with his magical shield? What to do after the Hero's Feast for saving Brock's Bridge Keep from the Goblin Hoard?

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 1:58 am
by Captain_K
Its time to make the "beer and pelts" run with the Dragon Ship crew. Last stop, Crazy Old Ben's place for the best pelts.

"Mysteries come in threes!"

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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:57 am
by The_Fury
Fully burdened Wizzby.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:45 am
by Captain_K
Great example of encumbrance rating. I think this is the real reason Gnome move so slow.

Now Mr Fury, let's get a back story for your Italian-Dwarven Subterranean Ranger?

So posts on the past two adventures? People want to know..

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:33 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
The rogue crept up the stairs silently placing poison tipped darts gathered off of the white faced goblins on half of the stairs in anticipation of the oncoming goblin hoard. After getting to the top of the stairwell the half-elf peered from the cover of darkness within the stairwell into the upper room where the goblins were seated around a fire roasting a ripening corpse. After releasing a single arrow at the group of goblins he ran back down the stairwell and prepared for the ensuing onslaught.

Returning down to his fellow companions the half-elf positioned himself in the back corner with a new arrow nocked and ready for swift release. A three goblin crew ran down the spiral staircase and jumped off the side of the open stair into the fray of battle. The adventurers quickly swarmed onto the pile of goblins hacking and slashing attempting not to hit one another. After making relatively simple work of the first three and expecting more coming from the stair a sudden smash from behind revealed the other goblins had maneuvered to behind the group and came in the back door. At the same time, the dwarf was trying to perceive something different he noticed about the stone floor when he was perceptively pulled into the stone as though swimming through water. With the adventurers slightly scattered and the lights dim but a new enemy at hand the warrior wizard cast light in an attempt to blind the leader but instead lit the helm of their leader creating a bright beacon in the room. The gnome jumped a top the bed laid out in the room in an attempt to get a better vantage point before engaging the new enemy. The half-elf was doing his best loosing arrows, when Whizby, summoning a fearlessness not known to many of his stature, charged first into battle and started swinging at the line of the enemies with badger in tow while the dwarf and warrior jumped into the fray following Whizby's heroism. The cleric cast sanctuary in an attempt to stay alive long enough to face the true enemy, the stone troll, uselessly. While the main crew was hacking and slashing at the line of goblins, the dwarf battled tirelessly, placing repeated blows into the dense fabric of the trolls being. With a final heroic smash of his axe into the top of the head of the troll the dwarf lifted himself straight out of the waterlike stony grave back into the chaotic frenzy ensuing above.
After the gnome took damage from a goblin in line, his badger enraged from the attack on his beloved master set aside his own natural preservation instincts and jumped slashing and clawing at his master's enemies even hitting himself with his own claws in a blood lusted killing frenzy.

Once completing the attack and submitting the remaining goblins the team turned their attention to the stone troll emerging from the stone floor. The hasty spellsword and dwarf immediately ran toward the troll and both landed their steel into the stone of the troll. The cleric turned focused on one task, took aim and after deciding that the troll threat was too great to wait for any man's retreat, cast the holy flame wand releasing the flamestrike at the troll. A great pillar of flame came down from above smiting the troll where he stand and scorching the spellsword and the dwarf clearly in the line of danger. After the flames extinguished and the dusts settled a pile of stone was left behind and two unconscious travelers strewn across the cold dark floor.

The cleric and the remaining companions ran to the aid of the fallen scorched, battle-hardened souls. After some time mending battle wounds the companions were lifted up and able to walk away from such a treacherous encounter. In an attempt to lay the troll down in its own stony grave, the rogue poured a vat of acid onto the pile of remaining stones, disintegrating whatever was left of the evil being.

Triumphant and proud from their victorious battle the adventurers climbed atop the famous keep retaking the entire fortress and providing a foothold against the gathering goblin threat.

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Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:41 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
More memories from the epic battle.

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Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:42 am
by Aelonor_the_holy
A final picture.

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Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:37 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
After successful defeat of the goblin hoard and stone troll awards were given to the brave defenders of the keep. To each companion was given three items; an honorary guard badge, a gold armband made from fine wire gold work inscribed with the motto of the city circling around it's perimeter and each adventurer was allowed to select one weapon out of the city's armory. After a night of drinking, rejoicing and shopping for equipment throughout the city our adventurers arose restored and ready to continue onward.

After a much needed night's sleep the crew gathered and headed out on a task to help the river men deliver goods a variety of communities throughout the area. Multiple stops were made dropping off and exchanging goods throughout a hatter community, a homestead of farmers and a horse trainer's dunstable. While at the dunstable the rogue was taken under the sweet charms of a temptress and told the group to go on without him, that he was just fine in the company of his woman.

The rest of the group continued onto a miner's community known for their pair of cranky, stubborn dwarven brothers. Once off of the boat the adventurers were forced onto a narrow goat path under cover of deep woods and high tree canopies.

When night turned upon the companions heading down the narrow path the smell of burning flesh and a fine smoke overtook them. The path opened up and down the hill at the edge of a small creek where there existed a natural opening with few trees a small camp of a one-room stone and timber construction was seen.

Outside the cottage was a campfire where multiple bodies were piled and smoking. Around the camp lay wooden racks where animal skins lay stretched.

In an attempt to look closer at the situation the cleric stepped closer, stumbled, tripped on his own feet, fell and knocked himself unconscious.

After a moment to let the clumsy cleric recover, the adventurers heard from behind, turned around and met the seemingly calm and peaceful man who was talking to the officer who was guiding the crew. The team was introduced and found out that the man's name was Ben and he had been ambushed by ghouls. He seemed to hold himself well in spite of the fact that his armor seemed torn and tattered with large streaking gashes of material removed. He told a harrowing tale of the swarming of ghouls onto his cabin seemingly led by what Ben called "A bastard dandy" some foul large creature. Ben had not only slain the ghoul onslaught but also the bastard dandy himself, the leader's body still laying next to the fire by the cabin. With dusk setting in the companions followed Ben up to the camp and started investigating the bloody, rank and foul scene. The apparent leader had on a very nick cloak for such a foul beast, covered in mystic symbols and when the wizard reviewed his equipment saw a pouch so familiar that it could only have belonged to a fellow spell-caster.

After review of the scene, the gracious host offered up his only remaining drink, birch beer, and some left over mutton stew to tide over our appetites at least for a small while. After some quick decisions to try and contain the undead bodies part of the crew began gathering wood in an attempt to burn as many as possible. Ben did warn that he did not kill them all and assumed that at least six were remaining in the woods somewhere.

The cleric began warding the dead to try and consecrate the undead bodies and stop them from reanimating. The elven spell-caster went up into the trees to act both as a lookout as well as to get some much needed rest. The cabin was inundated with such a rank smell it was going to make getting any reasonable rest difficult. While in the cabin with Ben and initiating some small talk eventually it was learned that he believed the ghouls to come from the west where there was an old Celtic burial ground and that some of the beasts were not ghouls but gnolls. After closely watching Ben move around, with his tattered armor leaving gaps in his clothing, flecks of light reflected off many different places revealing that Ben was concealing many, many blades. Ben's eyes also seemed sick and off color. When Ben removed his boots one of his feet was badly injured leaving only a portion of the limb remaining. The cleric offered and Ben allowed a superficial bandaging of the foot to try and stop further blood loss, but Ben would not allow the foot to be amputated as was needed to truly stop the infection from spreading.

The remaining crew members returned with wood from the surrounding forest and began assembling a pyre to burn the undead bodies.

And this is where we leave our adventurers, gathered around a pyre full of undead in the dark of the night unsure of their next move!

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Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:52 pm
by Captain_K
I love the "fumble" dice picture... the luckiness of this group is so consistent I'm going to have to start planning for it, or really, lack there of.... ;}

I would like to point out a few minor corrections or at least add my point of view of the night and next days events:

The mine of the dwarven brothers was reached by day with the aide of the ship's first mate (actually first mate's mate, but first mate for this trip) travelling up a dry and steep stream bed. After the trip to the mine, the group travelled across the open woods toward the trappers cabin which again was a known location by the ship's first mate.

The team arrived just before dark and decided they did not want to gather the required wood in the dark, so the gathering of wood was done the next day. It took almost half the day to get enough wood to burn all those bodies. When enough wood was on hand the smoldering bodies and the wood were restacked for cremation. Did this take the whole next day or only partial??? If anyone has a clear recall, post it, otherwise we will "dice roll generate" something between 10 am to 10 pm the next day.

Key will be how to address: 1) "Too bad the Rogue isn't here!"
2) Where is that ancient Celtic burial mound?
3) What night are we playing next and what night in July?