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The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society
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Author:  InFurno [ Wed May 09, 2018 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Here are my quick notes of what happened over the extent of the Wizzby group. Some of this is going back 5 years, so there is going to be a lot missing. Feel free to add on with anything I missed!

1. All the characters (apprentices) and their masters meet up at a festival
a. Apprentices commanded by their masters to take the Otterman (skin changer) up the river with the Dragon ship crew to Brock’s Bridge Keep which was being harassed by goblins
b. We (Apprentices) decided to take action and attempt to save the Bridge Keep ourselves
c. Diggory the beloved badger (RIP) befriended by Wizzby
2. We killed a sentry of goblins and took a goblin prisoner with the ‘amazing magical shield of invulnerability’ and alerted more goblins
3. Ran into a foxhole of goblins taking them out (and finding a flame strike wand)
a. Entered the Keep to be met with a stone troll and goblins. Dead corpses were stuck into the stone walls and ceiling)
4. We attacked the goblins
a. Wizzby rushed in first with Diggory in tow, who single handedly defeated many goblins after being enraged when Wizzby was damaged
b. The stone troll (and multiple companions) was destroyed with the holy flame wand and saved the Keep and the town from being invaded by an army of goblins
5. We received an honorary guard badge, a gold armband made from fine wire gold work inscribed with the motto of the city, and each adventurer was allowed to select one weapon out of the cities armory (Wizzby chose the composite short bow). We Joined the Dragon Ship Crew on a run to Crazy Old Ben’s place to ‘beer and pelts’
a. Crazy old ben had been ambushed by ghouls (thought to be coming from an ancient Celtic burial mound), and seemed to be sick and damaged
6. We head through the forest in the East to reach the raven shaped burial mound
a. We crept into the opening in the burial mount. The ghouls inside were quick work for the magical wand of auto-winning (I mean flame strike)
b. Two chests were found with gold and gems
c. A magical celtic spear of resurrection or something of death was found (it is covered in raven feathers and ruinic inscriptions)
d. Aelonor carried a cot back with him
This is where some detail notes end and my fading memory comes in
7. The Dragon ship continues down the river stopping at some town (Art joins the game – Spencer). The town is suffering from a poisoned water source according to a Green Wizard in town.
a. We travel up the creek to see what is happening to the water
b. Diggery meets a lady friend and has a passionate night in her den…is Diggory a father now??
c. Wizzby was turned into a tree and given visions by tree-ents about the evil monks
d. Wizzby received 6 magical acorns that could rid the creek of evil
8. In a most impacting event of our crew’s history, Diggory, the badger beloved by all, is killed by a giant magical frog. Wizzby loses 2 fingers and a hero point trying to free Diggory from the foul beast stomach.
9. The CK choses the next game to start with the death of a grizzly bear (at the hands of an Owlbear) and the smashing of two bear cubs via tree trunk right in front of Wizzby (who has always dreamed of befriending a bear) and rushed off ahead of the group to save them.
10. The group reaches a keep in a clearing in the woods surrounded by a small moat. We were attacked by something (can’t remember) and a slime ooze that awakened after Aelonor fell into the water. We were saved by a magical talking unicorn with an elf riding on it who gave Aelonor another magical wand (this time of healing). We were attacked by zombie monk creatures in chains that seemed to rise from the 6x pits containing illusionary snakes surrounding the keep.
11. At some point we rested for the night in a tree. We were woken by a beautiful panther being attacked by some evil undead creature with long finger claws. The panther was rescued and because the best friend and companion of Wizzby.
a. The 6 acorns were planted in the 6 pits surrounding the keep, to grow into magical trees to rid the creek of the evil. They were watered. No effect was noticed, but mission accomplished???
b. We managed to get across the broken bridge and into the keep
c. Did we do anything once we got in? No idea.

Author:  Captain_K [ Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Its time again for a call to arms. A call for heroes willing to risk their mortal souls against evil most foul. Someone has gone to great expense to place a word in all the right ears and even magical runes in key London establishments and guilds. Who will answer the call of the Holy Knight and the near legendary Druid of the Berkshire Woods Wizzby Anklebitter?

A meeting is called for the 14th of September around Noon at rather famous pub… will you heed the call?

Please RSVP, be at U-Pick Six back seating area around Noon, PC ideas in hand, if you’re not going to play what last you played.

We will likely be 5th level PCs.. or not… I’d like them filled out (eventually) on the attached sheet – example PC attached. But the purpose of the meeting is to decide what to do and how to do it.

I’m hoping for others to run games also.

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