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Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:33 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
I vote dice roll generate, I don't remember how long it took.

My thoughts on the progress of the night:

I think Ben is too valuable an asset in the fight against the undead that we need to keep him alive and on our side as long as possible even though he does seem to be getting worse. Also, for our next move my vote is to move towards the Celtic burial ground to the west in an attempt to eliminate the undead threat, hopefully with Ben fighting on our side.

What are the other adventurers thoughts on our next move?

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:27 am
by Captain_K
We are set to play Tuesday I believe....
Will you find out what Mysteries Come in Threes? Will the Ranger Post? Who will dare to look under the black horn of chance?

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:05 pm
by The_Fury
Name: Orentalio il Drago
Mentor: Snerdliel il Poderoso
Alignment: Good Lawful
Deity Clanggedin Silverbeard
Age: 157
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Red

Orentalio grew up in the Italian Alps, near Mount Blanc. His father, Darekeli was a smithy who crafted some of the finest jewelry in the region. Orentalio grew up learning his father's trade. All was well, but as time went on a once far off goblin presence began to come down from the north. Soon Orentalio was no longer making jewelry, instead armor, axes and swords. The dwarves had dug deeper and discovered a vein of mithril. For a while it seemed like the goblin surge was held at bay, but one night there was a surprise attack. Orentalio woke up to his family being slaughtered by a goblin war party as they were making their way to Mount Blanc. He tried to fight but was knocked unconscious. He was only spared due to having his father’s corpse land on top of him. He spent the next several years hiding in the halls where he once roamed free, killing unsuspecting goblins who were alone. He became adept at sneaking, and once engaged his fury was a sight to behold. Eventually he was discovered by Snerdliel who began to train him in the ways of the ranger.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 4:39 am
by Elnaur
The Raven Mound as told by Tahlaer Dal'Bael

I welcomed the quiet work of stacking wood and removing the foul bodies of the undead from around Old Ben's cottage. It gave time for reflection on what we had learned so far, ghoul attack, gnolls among those turned, and a human necromancer. After so many days together it appears that we at least learned to work together, since our task was completed in just little more than an hour. The typical debate ensued over how to proceed, when our rogue came walking back over the hill, perhaps his luck hadn't held out as it usually did. Finally Ben agreed to lead the way to the Cairn he suspected as the source of these foul creatures.

Upon approach to the Cairn it was apparent the mound was in the shape of a giant raven, and the belly of the beast had been clearly excavated. I immediately began scanning the area for any residual magical presence while the others sorted through the remains of what appeared to be a battle atop the mound. Some magic lingered around the tunnel entrance, and something quite powerful lay within. Ben quickly pointed out at least six creatures were down there from the tracks, ghouls most likely. Taking the initiative I set up our single file rank into the dark, putting our dwarf first so at least the blind wouldn't be leading the blind. Ben fell in second and I behind him.

Down into the utter darkness we descended. I must trust this dwarf more than I knew to allow him to take us in here. Devoid of any light source he was now our eyes. Down, down, down we descended until we suddenly stopped. We stood silent in the dark for what seemed like ages while only a few seconds had past, when someone behind me let out a less than faint noise. The dwarf screamed, 'LIGHTS!!', I set my sword aglow and was met with the sight of our expected hosts, six ghouls beginning to move toward us. I thrust my sword down to keep the light and nocked an arrow to my longbow. No sooner did I do this than I saw my brother elf, the cleric, step forward and level his wand of fire upon them. The full wrath of the Elven Gods washed down over them sending four sprawling and leaving two ash piles where they had stood. The dwarf burst forward cleaving the head from one ghoul. The rest were already dead or dispatched quickly. In all that commotion I had little time to take in the room but saw what looked like a cot, two chests, and a gleaming spear buried into skeletal remains across the room. Both chests were laying spoken curses on any who touched them. I gave them a glance with my wizard's sight, a simple magic mouth charm, but something interesting was in the larger footlocker. With a bit of fuss and the constant beratement in Gaelic from the chests they were opened. The one contained gold and gems, nothing to turn your nose up at, but the other was far more interesting. A desiccated hand, spellbook, clothing and component lay within, all appeared to belong to a necromancer hopefully the one that was currently resting on the pyre we had built. As I devised a way to take these for closer study. The rogue called me over, 'You're from the northland what does this spear say?':
Runes on the Spear Shaft
Runes on the Spear Shaft
SpearRunes.JPG (8.97 KiB) Viewed 16948 times
'A Gift of Fire and Ice from the Gods? This must be the magical aura I was sensing, but yet a mystery within an enigma.' I took the spear, much to my comrades surprise. But this was clearly a holy object even if it had been bent to dark purpose. We took the chests whole, not risking to touch the foul objects within. Upon leaving a booming voice in old Gaelic rang out, warning us that we were now tasked with the removal of undeath from this land. Clearly more than the mocking jibs from the chests, this voice was old magic and we best obey it to the best of our ability. The puzzle of the spear weighs heavily on my mind as we head back to Ben's and eventually our ship. I must get to a proper library in the next town we come across and begin to unravel this mystery.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:46 pm
by Captain_K
Guys, From a helpful Board Posting Pro who I asked how you smart phone toting guys can be notified when threads you like are added to or when you get a PM from me.. here is his reply:
Hey hey,
Assuming that they get email notifications on their phones, they should get emails from the boards notifying them of PMs and of updates to subscribed forums/threads.
In each forum, there's a little link that says "subscribe forum" on the right side. That sets up the email notification for updates in that forum.
In each thread, on the *left* side, is a "subscribe topic" option that does the same.
I haven't tried either, but this is what they are supposed to do.
I hope this helps!

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:39 am
by InFurno
Wizzby Anklebiter (Gnome Druid) – The Burial Mound:
Despite the deep unease I feel towards Old Ben, I defer to my comrades (now including our deserting Rogue) decision to bring him along with us to the Necromancer’s burial site. Something about him simply screams out to me: Danger – evil – caution. Diggery seems to share my feelings about Old Ben, as I can sense his terror every time Ben nears him. This further unsettles me; Diggery has proven himself to be a very keen judge of character. I decide to keep my distance from Ben, and always keep an eye on him, least he catch our group unaware.

We begin our mission to the burial mount at a steep pace through the forest…and what a forest it was! It had awhile since I had felt so alive…the energy of life surrounding me was simply overwhelming. I think at one point, I even saw a red tail flying squirrel gliding from tree to tree as we ran! I reached my mind out to it, but it was simply too far away. Running alongside Diggery was simply a joy, and one that strengthened our bond upon every step. The only thing preventing me from completely losing myself in the forest was my growing suspicion of Ben. He was completely unhindered by his gangrenous half-foot. There is certainly something magical…or non-human about him.

After nearly an hour of running, we reached an open clearing with the raven shaped burial mount (or so we were told). From the initial looks of it, a tunnel was recently dug out of the base of the mound, at the stomach of the “raven”. After careful investigation, Orantalio determined there were the tracks of 6 beasts leading into the depth of the tunnel. Not wanting to wait until the beasts came out from the burial mount, we determined we would try and sneak down into the tunnel and attacks the beasts as they slept. Forming a single file line, with me at the end, we slowly crept into the danger ahead. There was an unsettling lack of any kind of life within the tunnel; there was not even a ground worm to be seen. I opened my mind to search out any nearby creatures, but was answered with a resounding silence. It was as if the evil of the place had driven all life from it.

Suddenly, a dwarvish voice ahead cried out “LIGHTS!!”, followed by a flash of blinding white light. Not even a few seconds later, the sound of an explosion followed by huge wave of heat rushed through the den. Not wanting to miss out on the action, I dodged through my companions ahead into the open area ahead. Seeing a bed and a large chest, I naturally ran and jumped on the chest to gain the advantage of the high ground. Immediately upon landing on the chest, a booming voice erupted from within the chest. Though the words themselves were meaningless to me, I understood the cursed nature of them. Upon hearing the voice, I did as any right minded Gnome would and jumped flipped off the chest (quite gracefully I might add). Only now did I look around and notice the fire and the burned and writhing Gnolls at the back of the den. Leaving the dirty work to the others, I found Diggery shaking under the bed and calmly comforted him (he was a little shaken from the fire blast and the evil voices from the chest).

As I sat and played with Diggery (my only true friend here), the men and the elves, speaking in some form of Gibberish rushed about pointing at some “special” spear and rummaging through those darn chests…I all I could think about was the journey back through the forest. We left the burial mound 2 chests, a spear, and 1 cot (silly cleric :roll: ) heavier than when we entered. The return journey through the forest was just as enjoyable as the first time, though there was no flying squirrel to be found this time. After spending the night at the cottage and getting some nice time to continue training Diggery, we left Ben back at his cottage, much to my pleasure, and returned back to the ship to continue on with our journey together.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:26 am
by Ceallian
An excerpt from the secret notes of Ceallian the Sly:

. . . but that is enough detail about my night with the Dunstable Maid.

My next evening was spent in the company of two Dwarven brothers. Far less appealing on the eyes. Though I must give them this; for Dwarves, they were not half bad dice players. I must have used too much luck escaping the Maid's father earlier that morning for after many hours of games I had to resort to bringing out my weighted dice. Imagine that! I must be slipping. I was finally able to secure my passage through the tunnels to rejoin the merry band of lack-wits, but had to promise a 1/10th of my findings to the brothers in return.

Finding the rest of my crew was as easy as following my nose. After being in close quarters with the Dwarf brothers, who were complete strangers to the idea of washing, I figured my nose would be fairly anesthetized to foul odors. Leave it to my companions to stumble upon the rankest hovel to make their stay! I soon learned that the miasma was due to a pile of rotting bodies. And more surprising (ha!), not one of them had been slain by my companions. Instead, an injured looking man going by the name of Ben claimed to have been the sole combatant against these mighty odds. Did I mention that his odor was comparable to the pile of rotting corpses? Well, it was, in actuality, worse.

I did not trust this Ben. Despite his highly injured appearance, his movements betrayed a highly skilled and fit killer. Perhaps he had a charm about him? I asked Tahlaer if he noticed any magic about the man. His reply, as expected, was that there was a large aura of strange magic about him. I attempted to make my concerns known, but most of my companions seemed intent on trusting this Ben. Wizzby, at least, seemed to share my suspicions.

In keeping with the norm for our band, it was decided to traipse off into the forest into possible peril to investigate the source of these undead stink pots. I would have preferred to take my chances with sneaking by the maid's father again, but that would require another visit to the cranky dwarf duo. So onward I went, to an old burial ground strewn with the debris of an ancient (or not so ancient?) battle. The mound was in the shape of a raven, built by an ancient (this time for sure) Celtic tribe. I recognized many of the signs and symbols around, though the gaping black maw at the belly of the raven was neither a familiar nor comforting site. Someone had been excavating into the section reserved for the most vile of enemies of this tribe!

After deftly determining that the entrance was trap free, I suggested we investigate, and promptly volunteered for rear guard . . . though I let Wizzby have the
honor of holding the last position in line. While I could easily shoot over his head, he and his badger would serve as decent cover should we be taken by surprise.

As it turned out, it was the ghouls and ghasts that were to be taken by surprise. Despite some fumbling around and accidental flash blindness from the front of the line, Aelonor kept his wits about him and must have managed a direct hit on the group with his holy fire wand. And what a hit it was! He is getting pretty good with that thing. By the time I made it into the now brightly lit (yet still foul smelling!) hollow, all of the enemies were dead, though our little Italian Dwarf felt the need to charge and bury his axe into the face of one of the newly reacquainted with death corpses.

Wizzby, ever the cautious and controlled fellow, bounded up onto the chest to the right of the entrance, and was met with a thundering voice. Tumbling off to safety, though looking very shaken up, Wizzby looked back searching for the source of the voice in vain. Tahlear and I, the only two familiar with the Gaelic tongue, heard the chest erupt with curses on the gnome, threatening to melt his nose, eyes, and ears off!

Trading a knowing look, Tahlear and I began to investigate the chest and other belongings. I could tell he, as I, suspected that this was no more than a shouting box, with no real power behind it. With our skills combined, we made short work of the locks, trick openings, and such of the two chests. I was happy to find the smaller box filled with gold and precious gems. The rest of the group was welcome to the creepy book, and even creepier preserved hand in the larger chest.

As we finished scouring the chamber I absentmindedly assisted in searching to traps on the ridiculous looking spear of obvious Norse origin (Tahlear is welcome to it!), contemplating how I could get those dwarf brothers back for required 1/10th of my now substantial findings. I overhead Tahlear say that the spear had some power to reanimate the dead. Well, that all made sense. Some two-bit wizard with grandiose plans of glory most likely came here to find the spear, raise an army of undead, and conquer the world or something like that. Now he is just a stinking corpse like the rest of them. Well done!

And then it hit me. The answer I had been looking for. I would give the brothers their 10%, but make them choose between taking it in this
fancy box, or taking a bag filled with loose coins of unknown amount. They would obviously choose the box . . . and would be rewarded with incoherent screaming for their entire trip home! After escaping the timely collapse of the excavation (the mysterious Ben made it out in the nick of time), being cursed (this time for real!) to send all undead we came upon back to their graves, and scouring the area of any more clues, I finally got to enact my scheme on the Dwarven brothers.

Oh, they tried to trick me, to be true. They asked for both the box AND the bag. So I dumped the coins into my hand and tossed them the bag. If the boat captain had not made me promise to be fair, I would have done the same with the contents of the box, but I did not want to make him any enemies! The looks on their faces when they grabbed the box and it began shrieking at them were priceless. As they shuffled off, cursing me as they were being cursed by the box, I smiled. They had one more surprise waiting for them. In amongst the treasure I had dropped a few pieces of rotting ghoul flesh. After all, I needed to repay them for the night of foul smells to which they subjected me!

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:54 pm
by Aelonor_the_holy
A cleric's point of view:

After trekking through the forest, each man carrying as heavy a load as possible, while relentless rays beat down from the noontime sun and stacking all of the gathered wood for the fire, the rogue appeared. Just in time.

After a good fire the group decided to go to the Celtic graveyard to find the source of the undead. With Ben leading the pack the team moved at a swift pace, so swift a pace in fact that the dwarf ended up drenched in sweat and physically exhausted from the exertion. This surprised everyone, that Ben, the one with half of a foot, traveled at such a fast pace.

Upon arriving at the burial ground you could see the outline of a raven made in the grounds from the positioning of the burial stones and the form of the ground. In the belly of the raven, there was a excavated hole with a gradual slope descending into the rocky below. According to the dwarf, the excavation appeared two to three weeks old and of poor quality, no fine stone work here.

Descending into the grave, we started with a sneaking dwarf and ended seconds later with the dwarf yelling at the top of his lungs and diving to the side after being seen by a creature lurking in the dark. The grave consisted of four excavated graves each containing a single skeleton in each corner and straight ahead a pile of ghouls that seemed to be sleeping until the dwarf's sudden yell. One of the skeleton's had a spear lined with raven's feathers sticking out of it.

After the wizard casting light upon his sword and illuminating the ghouls, the battle ensued.

The entire battle ended up being a single flame strike cast by the cleric and obliterating two ghouls and leaving the rest laid on the ground burning. The dwarf ran up and decapitated a smoldering pile of ash in style.

After the quick battle, there was much plundering. Two chests were located in the grave, the smaller of the two was easily picked and opened by the rogue containing good doubloons with mixed amongst them some blood stones. The larger chest spoke out to the gnome when he jumped on it earlier in battle that it would melt his eyes amongst other things. After thinking about that trunk for some time and whether or not we should open it we pushed open the top to reveal its contents. It had in it a leather bag, a leather bound book a bone scroll case and nice silk clothes and boots. Each item individually packed into clothing keeping it well protected. The most notable item was the creepy black hand that was on top of the book as if it was reaching up from the inside coming out.

The wizard spent a long while pondering over the spear with the ravens feathers and nordic ruins inscribed upon it.

After some studying we grabbed all we could carry and headed out of that evil place.

Upon leaving, the grave crumbled and uttered out "you are cursed to kill all of the undead in this forest!"

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:37 pm
by Captain_K
Pantheos Adonisia et'Turin but awaits the gripping tale by Orentalio il Drago

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:10 pm
by Captain_K
Check out scarlet crusades posting methods, really kind of cool, detailed, less story like

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:02 pm
by Captain_K
OHR#3 Expanded Spell Memory - All Spell Casters
1) Same CnC PH spells per day and use of tables, with each spell casting PC getting their INT or WIS bonus to each spell level to determine the number of spells "they can cast each day". Ex. A 3rd lvl Druid with a 16 WIS gets one BONUS 1st and 2nd lvl spell they can cast each day; (4) 0th lvl spells, (2+1) 1st, and (1+1) 2nds.
2) All spell casters memorize or pray for more spells than they can cast in a given day. The quantity of spells, of each level, that a spell caster has in memory is 1.5 times (round up) the value noted in the spells per day table for each class. Include the INT or WIS bonus into the number of spells per day to be multiplied by 1.5.
3) These are the spells they "pray for" or memorize from their books and have handy "in memory" until cast from; to the limit of spells per day noted in the table.
4) The PC can cast any of these spells in memory with no limit to repeating a spell in memory - it is not truly "wiped away" when cast, only one spell use of that level in the normal time frame is used. The "slot" or "mana" of the spell was used, not the memory of how to cast that specific spell. So in the example above, the 3rd lvl Druid would have (6) Zero lvl, (5) 1st lvl, and (3) 2nd lvl spell in memory to choose from, but still only be able to cast (4) 0th lvl spells, (3) 1st, and (2) 2nd, but they could be from any of the 6, 5, or 3 spells in memory.
**This gives all casters the same level of "repeatability" without having to multiple memorize a spell. This small change gives more variety without more spells being cast, adding depth and purpose to the casters. Plus the list of spells to choose from is only slightly longer than normal.
5) All PCs need to note the spells they have in memory for the day and keep a tally or count of the number of spells cast in each level against their normal daily maximums, but they do not "cross" off any given spell.
6) Spells in memory stay their until actively changed out through prayer or book study normally associated with regaining daily allotted spells.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:15 pm
by Captain_K
OHR#2 Divine Healing
1) Any level Cleric spell* (or memory slot) can be exchanged for a Cure Wounds "spell" at 1d8/(Cleric spell level). Ex. Any second level spell can be immediately converted to a 2d8 Cure Wounds spell.
2) Any level Druid spell* (or memory slot) can be exchanged for a Cure Wounds "spell" at 1d8/(Druid spell level-1). Ex. Any third level spell can be immediately converted to a 2d8 Cure Wounds spell.
3) Illusionists cannot convert spells to curing.
4) Clerics & Druids add their Wisdom bonus to the total of any cure spell, Illusionists add their intelligence bonus.
* This makes cure spells except Goodberry, Healing Circle, Heal, and Mass Heal no longer required to be memorized. The Druid's Cure Critical Wounds is effectively increased by one level, but so many more are gained this change should not matter.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:22 pm
by Captain_K
OHR#1 Hit Point Recovery
Anytime a PC falls below half their maximum hit points they can recover 1 hp/class level + CON bonus anytime a full rest is taken.
A full rest is typically a full nights rest, but can also be as little as one full hour of rest, recovery, prayer, and/or first aid - CK's call.

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Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:51 pm
by Captain_K
Great stuff from Treebore and Lord Dynel who put it together... print and put into your PH: ... euvers.pdf

Next Monday our goal will be to get to a great starting point for the "Tower of Virtue" setting and then "pause" while our Holy Man travels to far away countries leaving his team to waffle without a moral compass.. what will we do for "monster roasts"? We need to start early/on time to be able to accomplish all our key tasks. To that end, we need to have a fast dinner planned, I suggest something delivery or whatever our Holy Man wants for his last meal.

Second we are rolling up our second PCs.. they need to be around 3rd or 4th level I think (others?). We need to agree on a "rolling" method for stats and possibly a fall back incase the rolls are too low or more unlikely too godlike. I will bring blank sheets for what we need to note face to face then let people fill in the detail on their own using class specific sheets. I recommend one Master Work Item and one minor (under 4,000 GP value) magical item per PC (thoughts?). Bring your character concepts and item ideas (keep them low power but unique) with you for group agreement. I think the same ground rules are needed as before for this set of PCs, both sets of PCs must work together, be able to not kill each other on sight, etc. Stick with the 13 classes in the PH is a good goal. Bring your lap tops, tablets, etc. it might help with the roll ups.

Oh, And I think the Anklebiter will need to make a significant decision that will affect us all...

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:56 am
by Captain_K
See below..

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:01 pm
by Captain_K
All dwarves are Medium not Small, any PC over 90# (equipment not included) is Medium.
Any PC over 4' 8" moves at 30 feet; Elves & 1/2 Elves always move at 30 feet
Any PC over 3' 0" moves at 25 feet
Luck Points are d6 + highest attribute bonus rolled anew each night.
Hero Points are gained at two per level.
Comeliness (COM) is simply rolled as 3D6.
Perception (Perc) is simply rolled 4D6 throw out low dice.
Languages spoken are same for all PCs: Native plus one local "common" +INT bonus + up to 2d3 more (optional)
Literacy of mother tongue likely, all others are up to CK and back story/class
One Second Profession should be part of back story
"Skills" to show non-class specific training (swim, ride, bookkeeping, etc.) with back story 3d2 + max attribute bonus typically

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:53 pm
by Captain_K
Here is the update experience tables

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:11 am
by Captain_K
We are now two teams.
The original team, Apprentices of The Seven, have gained a new member and lost a traveling friend.

A new team has formed, or at least been summoned, by the Elves of Ireland. They will number eight total:
1) A holy woman - a Grey Bow.
2) A Black Cloak - a member of The Guild - Justly Renowned.

Team, We all await your short write ups of our pausing point for the Apprentices of The Seven and the public back stories of your new six PCs.

We begin next month with "Sympathy for the Summoned": Each of the seven summoned beings is escorted to a large hall, an elven hall, each escorted by a Hand of the hall's finest in full court regalia - deadly beauty at its finest.

The Elven Prince rises from the high seat and in perfect pitch, timing, and timber informs you all, "You have been summoned to this realm, to our land, to aid the Irish Elves. You will serve as our entry to a realm denied us by an Evil which has blocked our way. Your service is requested with honest hearts and open purse, but it is also compelled by both the divine and the arcane, choose your master as you will, but serve you will."

With this he gracefully seats himself and dismisses you all with but a nod of acknowledgment. You are all escorted from the chamber in a direction different than your approach. Shortly you marching party of seven and 35 escorts are met by four powerful and ancient elves and one quiet, thin grey cloaked female elf who lags behind next to a great shaggy beast.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:57 pm
by Captain_K
You are lined up before the four elders, the young thin woman in a deep grey cloak and her green and brown shaggy hound. Only the hound looks relaxed and pleased, deeply inhaling the scents of your party as you arrive.

The stoutest of the elders steps forward and waves the grey cloaked one forward. He snaps off a short, fast, and low pitched question in an odd dialect of high elvish. (Those of you who speak elvish reply privately and I will tell you what was said.) His question and look to each of you tells him that you all are foreigners, lacking in the required speech. He motions to the young aid and she steps forward, extending her arms from her voluminous cloak to bring forth fine silver chains each with a dangling dew drop pendant. She steps before each of you and places the chain over each head that readily permits (again email me if you chose to decline your rich and beautiful gift). Once the gifts are all passed out, the aid steps back and the four elders step forward.

The tall elder woman speak, "You will be returned to your cells, prepare yourself, eat and be ready for your first drill in 2 hours time. You will be inserted as a group into a situation that is fitting for your future mission, be ready, be prepared for anything, because none can gage what awaits you on the far side of "The Red Arch". Farewell young ones, we will speak again when you return.

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:54 pm
by Rijkaardje

Life for the Blindehöhlen monks is dark and damp. The cave dwelling Blinz (as the locals called them) had forsworn off eyesight in the name of pleasing their lord, Pelzebock. Vision was considered too extravagant, so before becoming a full monk, a Blinzer removed his eyeballs. As membership recruitment was understandably difficult, celibacy had been eliminated from the code of the Blinz.

Young Rijkaard, the child of Schörsch the Untiring, grew up catching rats and vermin for their Friday evening feasts. At the age of 10, Rijk joined the minors in order to mine salt, so as to distract the faithful monks from the fact that they ate rats most of the time

Rijk’s mother died in childbirth, so Rijk grew up asking many questions about her. Schörsch had met Rijk’s mother after he was selfblinded, but before he had adjusted to relying on his other senses. He told Rijk that he was pretty sure she was a beautiful Fresian woman, due to her height, and the gruff language she spoke. He therefore decided to name his son a good Fresian name.

Unfortunately, as Rijkaard leaves the Blinz for the first time, it will be apparent that the Blinz are not an intelligent people. For not only was Rijk’s mother actually an orc, Rijkaard is also actually a girl. However, considering she’s half orc, and not the comeliest of half orcs at that, it might take a while before she figures this out.

Race: Half Orc
Class: Monk
2nd Profession: Miner
Skills: Blind Fighting, Weaponless Combat, Hunting
Languages: Common, Orc (but she thinks it’s Fresian), Goblin, German, Dwarvish,

Undergarments of Courage

2nd Character Backstory

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:03 am
by Ceallian
Backstory for J'hamat:

J’hamat is a human commander in the holy army of Ma’at, serving the Balance. Inducted into the Order of Ma’at as a child, J’hamat has no memory of his birth family. The Order of Ma’at chooses candidates based on an innate sense of justice and strength of character. Undergoing rigorous trials in early childhood, J’hamat was shaped to be in instrument of service to the Balance. Demonstrating leadership in young adulthood, J’hamat’s training was extended to field leadership roles. Mastering both the traditional Khopesh, and the more unusual Mace, J’hamat quickly gained respect in battle from his peers. Rising to the rank of Commander in the holy army of Ma’at, J’hamat has led many small team missions to restore the Balance. J’hamat became a skilled horseman and charioteer, befitting of an Egyptian commander.

The core of J’hamat’s life is service to Ma’at, the keeper of the Balance. Individuals or groups that bring chaos, or disrupt the Balance must be brought to atone for their actions. J’hamat’s fervor in serving the Balance may extend to slightly unstable mental states at times . . . a fact that he attempts to hide, but is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Race: Human
Class: Paladin
2nd Profession: General (Commander)
Skills: Riding, Direction Sense, Charioteering
Weapon Proficieny: Khopesh, Mace
Languages: Common, Egyptian, Dwarven, Elvish, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Summerian

Re: The Ninth Hour Social Diversion Society

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:57 am
by InFurno
Perseus grew up in the Greek city-state of Alexandria Troas on the Eastern shore of the Aegean Sea. The city was the chief port of North West Asia Minor. His father a merchant, Perseus was exposed to a great deal of goods from every corner of the world. The exotic animals in particular caught his eyes and interest. Many of the animals being transported through Alexandria were to be used for either gladiatorial shows or to be the pets of the rich and powerful in mainland Greece and Italy. One of the most desired animals was the Caspian Tiger, which resided throughout Turkey. Perseus, enamored with the animal (and the great amount of money that could be gained through its trade), began an apprenticeship under a tiger trapper.

After seeing the great abuse being done to the animals, Perseus began to distain his fellow trappers and the work they were doing. Seeing an opportunity late at night, he freed as many animals as he could and ran off with one newborn tiger cub whose mother had been killed earlier that day. Perseus and his Tiger (Duma), wondering through Greece a few years later, came upon a traveling circus that stopped city by city throughout the Mediterranean. Stopping to see the show, Perseus witnessed an amazing array of talented performers. Perseus saw a perfect opportunity, and after impressing the circus owner with how well Duma was trained, was given a spot in the circus show as a tiger tamer, whip and all (although the whip was really just for show).

Seeing his potential, one of the circus’s main performer (Diameties) took Perseus under his wing. His act was an unusual one. He would present an open challenge to anyone in the audience, “ If you can step into the circular ring and touch me with your hand before you are tripped to the ground, you will win a large prize”. Without fail, a volunteer would step into center stage and make a complete fool of themselves. Diameties would move with such fluidity and grace, that it almost seemed as if your eyes were deceiving you. No matter what people tried, he always found a way trick them into leaving themselves vulnerable. In a blink of an eye, they would be face down in the dirt with the laughter of the crowd to add to their embarrassment. After the challenge, Diameties would go on to perform a series of death-defying and breathtaking acrobatic stunts which surely left the challenger feeling slightly better about themselves.

In the spare time between shows, Diameties would teach Perseus how to control one’s own mind and body (and the minds of others). Through these lessons, Perseus was able to add his own twist to his show performance and quickly was becoming known throughout the area.

Race: Human
Items: Belt of Strength, Master Chain Whip

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Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:51 pm
by Captain_K
Do we kill the back story write ups? Only do this if we want... we should discuss what to use this for...

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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:59 am
by Captain_K
What surprise can the CK offer his PCs to finally post again??? Let's see what the Horn of Fate has in store for the PC who posts that last games...

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Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:43 pm
by Captain_K
New CK Dude, Here is my table:

2) THE big WIFF normal damage -1.
3) Almost WIFFED maximum normal damage, but please add +1 damage for each of your VICTIM'S levels/HD.
4) A spectacular strike, even your victim is impressed, max normal damage +4, plus victim stunned d3 rounds.
5) Perfect shot/hit to a sensitive area of your choice, 2x damage, stunned for 2d2 rounds, all allies within 30’ of the wounded party delay one round while cringing in sympathetic pain.
6) A might blow, roll damage twice, take a second free swing (must roll to hit).
7) Major blow to the/a leg (or equivalent), roll one extra dice of damage, and assume max damage on your normal damage; Victim moves at 1/2 normal rate.
8) A blow so great your weapon has embedded/entangled itself in your victim for 2x max possible damage (no cumulative with other multipliers). You, or your victim, must make a STR check to remove weapon (which does half normal weapon damage upon removal).
9) A truly inspiring attack, normal double damage but all your allies within 30’ receive a +1 to hit and +2 to damage if their attacks are successful for the next round.
10) Normal damage, but the wound causes significant internal bleeding, the victim takes the same damage each round until dead. Magical healing, greater than the damage each round, immediately stops the bleeding, mundane healing requires a roll with a penalty equal to the damage/round.
11) Blow to the face (or equivalent), roll two extra damage dice, PLUS victim cannot see for 3d2 rounds until the blood/goo/etc. stops flowing
12) Almost Mortally Wounded, Roll three extra dice of damage (4 dice total), and add +1 damage per each of your levels, OR the victim is down to its last hit point (whichever is LESS).

Fumbles (2d6):
2) THE big WIFF; you critical yourself with your own weapon, roll on the critical table for damage.
3) Almost THE big WIFF, normal damage to yourself.
4) A spectacular miss, even your victim is impressed with your ineptitude, victim laughs so hard he's affectively stunned for d2 rounds & so are you.
5) A mighty blow that was blocked or otherwise stopped. Your weapon, if non-magical, breaks and becomes so much scrap (fist, teeth or claws are broken). If magical in any way, roll again on this table. Roll the same result again and you’ll break even a magical weapon!
6) Weapon strikes hard point (shield or defending weapon), jars attacking weapon and numbs hand/jaw for d2 rounds (-2 to hit -4 damage).
7) You over extend, your round is lost and -4 to hit next round.
8) A "blow" so great your weapon flies off into the distance 2d12 feet in a random direction (unknown to you), harming no one, and landing where Murphy smiles. No weapon in hand? Fall on your back.
9) You are so lucky; you fumble your weapon while falling flat on your face (prone), but end up striking your opponent with it for normal damage.
10) A terrible miss, any friend in the area/range receives normal damage from "friendly fire/damage".
11) You fumble your weapon and drop it between you and your opponent within d4 feet from you. Natural weapon use results strained foot/paw/hand/jaw – d3 rounds to function again but at -1 to damage and -1 to hit.
12) A great miss, weapon becomes imbedded or tangled in the surrounding terrain; you need a STR check to free the weapon.

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Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:50 am
by Captain_K
Post use is just about dead, so this will be my last post... we need to pick a night in Nov or lay off until Dec.. Your call. But I would like one HW assignment, draw your PC in as much detail as you like, stick figures work fine with ALL items included... special exp pts to "best in show", least encumbered and most encumbered.

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Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:26 am
by Captain_K
Monday night Dec 1st is our group gathering at The Eagle's Roost Boarding House. Fast start right after our shifts in the salt mines, food to be planned and delivered by The Swimming Furry Foote.

Sadly, the Saturday Dec 13th game must find a new night... JD of The Black Cloaks is on a covert mission to extract information from Northern members of the elite LAX Squad, he's bringing our only Cleric with him so their loss could result in a TPK :shock: .

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Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:37 pm
by Captain_K
Listen up Bub. I may not say much, I may not look like much to you tall folk, but where I come from respect is due. I run one of the finest pawn shops in the hills as well as line up the best boxers in the pits. My Brother Black Cloaks are hired by the best for only the toughest jobs. My great grandfather started The Black. My Uncles still run it.. those who are still out in the open.. I aim to be the top man, so sit back and watch if you like, but don't get in my way.


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Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:41 pm
by Captain_K
Sprite's Journal, Entry Date 989 CE, 3rd day of the Month of Golden Leaves: I have been assigned to help a team of what appears to be random foreigners to help break the magical blockage of our lands to the Bog Lands. It appears my tainted elven blood is finally good for something! I have been raised all these years to be a Grey Cloak like my mother. I have risen quickly, but been permitted no honors and no worth due to my tainted blood and youth. Now I will have my chance to prove my worth to my Leigh and the doubters in our sect. I know I am young and inexperienced compared to my fellow Cloaks.. by 100s of years, but I know I can do this, especially with Cerbe at my side. I hope these foreigners prove worthy of the risk we take. Can I lay down my life for them? Will they do the same for me or my brother and sister Elves? Why would they, they are not elves, not even by half? Time to go meet them and find out.

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Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:10 am
by Captain_K
I am Death's Messenger. I am His Enforcer. I am Arawan's Indebted Servant. Since my death, He is my life.

Raven of Woods - Priest of Arawan