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My "Dark Greyhawk" Game
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Author:  nightstorm [ Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:36 am ]
Post subject:  My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Part 1.
So today I ran a game for the one player I have manage to wrangle. Which is ok with me since she is a vetern player. Her character background was totally her creation with some skeleton support givin by me.
The setting is Greyhawk. There's a hugh backstory as to what has been going on in the past four years that I will not go into here.
My friend played a 16 year old girl whose name I cannot remember so I'll call her Ginger. Ginger was raised in a backwoods village cut off from most of the outside world due to the fact that the Green hag witch known as Black Agnus controls the forest with an iron fist. To the people of the forest she is known and worship as "The Dark Mother"
Ginger secretly was schooled in the arcane arts by an old wizard. The old wizard died and unknowed to him before his death, Ginger had learned some..unsavory things. (she's playing a CN necromancer 5th level, from a fan pdf). It seems Ginger has a facination with dead things.So the wizards dies and realizing that her little village and it's little people had nothing more to offer, she set off to find her way in the world-but not before piliging the dead wizard's stuff!
She comes across another old man, this time a knight who is backed up to his dead horse and surrounded by five goblins. It is all he can do to keep them at bay. With a sleep spell there, and a fear spell over here and a dagger in the back, Ginger more or less saves the old man (who did mangage to kill one).
The old knight identified himself as Sir Timmins, a Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom. Ginger told him she thought all of them had died and there were no more Knight Protectors. Sir Timmins said that she was not far off. Of his fellow Knight Protectors, he was one of only 5 left that he knew of. Winded and hurt, Sir Timmins slid down upon his dead horse in exhaustion. Ginger gave the knight a potion that heals. Sir Timmins started to explian what he was doing in the dark woods. he told Ginger that he was on a mission to save three boys from the clutches of the Dark Mother. Ginger thought of this and told Timmins that the Dark Mother was sacred to her people and she most likely would not help. Timmins gave Ginger his version of the Dark Mother saying that she was only a horrible Green Hag that harms the weak and innocent. He also stated that a prophet has told that these three are to become great men one day.After some more conversation Ginger decides to help Sir Timmins. Timmins, being old fashion, at first scolfed at a the idea of a young girl helping him, than realised that the girl in question saved his life and fought off 5 goblins almost single handedly. So he agreed. With that Ginger told Timmins that they will need help fighting the Dark Mother, and with a casting of the spell he animated the horse, and two of the goblins into zombies(one of them was cut in half at the torso by Timmins, had to now be carried around by the other) much to the horror of Timmins who after a lenghty thought realised that he had to still accept her proposal and undead men at arms or not, it was still men at arms. So they went off to find the lair of the Dark Mother.

Author:  nightstorm [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Part 1 continued
So the two found the small temple to The Dark Mother's lair. Ginger overlooked one important question for Sir Timmins- how did he know where it was? So using the zombies at her command - minus the horse, because the horse of course cannot go into a small dungeon. So Ginger released the horse back to the here after much to the relief of Sir Timmins. The first room was the scene of a large battle that was ended by a fire ball that still charred the room. Ginger thought it would be a great idea if some of the soliders would be created as Undead. And so three skeletons joined the ranks.
Futher along they came to a landing that had doors on the left and right. On the right the room was all white with curtiains. In the center of the room was a life size statue of the Dark Mother. In the other room the same thing only reversed in color. Ginger touched niether statue (which was a good thing). Going through the curtains they found that both had passage ways that circle back to a place that habored a burial chamber.
They open the coffin and out jumped a ghoul. Though she tried to turn the ghoul she could not and so they had to destroy it before it could harm.

Author:  nightstorm [ Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

I'll try and post after the game this thursday. Hope everyone finds it intereasting.

Author:  Omote [ Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

I will continue to read. I love Greyhawk, and I do like reading of others adventures. This post intrigues me because I also have been known to run a dark(er) game from time to time. So please feel free to continue.


Author:  nightstorm [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Glad you like it so far.
So today was game day. My friend's character's name IS Ginger which surpised me because she's so creative she rarley does things like that. So anyway another player joined us. He's playing a Half orc barbarian named Kaarack.

After killing the ghoul, Ginger went through a hallway connected and found a table set up real nice though it had been abandoned for years with cobwebs and such . Bone remains on the table indicated that human was for dinner. Ginger went onward ( with her small undead army in tow) thorugh a hallway to a kitchen where a ghoul was preparing to cook a large half orc that was tied up in a net, with strips of his flesh being stripped off and being eaten by the ghoul as the young necromancer entered. A fight ensured and the ghoul (even with the help of a small fire elemental that jumped out of the cook fire place, was defeated. The 1/2 orc was freed and for freeing him, he promised to help find the three boys before going on his way. The 1/2 orc, just like Sir Timmins, is uneasy around the undead.
So the group went on and found a magically locked door (that the necromancer opened through magic) and found a large natural cavern with a wood bridge crossing over to the other side. Below a black pool of water.
Ginger ordered her undead minions across only to find THAT door also magically locked. Lucky for Ginger she choosed her spells wisely. Unfortuantly unlocking the second door with magic stirred a water elemental from the pool. The large sized elemental tried knocking Ginger off the bridge but failed . Not so for Sir Timmins, who being in his 80's and in full suit of armor sank very fast. Chaos ensured and Ginger doved in for sir timmins. Finding him on the bottom of the pool, she tried to undo his armor only could not so she "gave him air" when asked how she was doing that , the player said ( in her german accent)"how else do you do it? Like in the movies" a shudder went around the table. Cut to her not being able to get the knight out. So the Barbarian first kills the elemental ( with his +2 sword) and dove in after sir timmins. He lived. while down there the barbarian saw a bunch of stuff on the bottom of the pool and went after it all. He found three swords, two shields (one +3) and a decanter of water and a bowel of elemetnal control. The whole party, once over the bridge, decide to spend the night in the next room where they found a pedistal with a large gem on it. The barbarian took it. -- More later.

Author:  nightstorm [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

So the barbarian picks the gem up only to see a face in the gem looking back in horror. Magic! the barbarian yelled as he tossed the gem to a corner of a room. One of Ginger's minions picked the gem up and gave it to it's mistress who, not knowing what to do, poped it into her backpack(The person trapped in the gem is a psion, the charater for the other guy that did not show up to game). At about this time one of Ginger's undead minions disappears. The group goes over to where the skeleton was standing, and the barbarian throws a sword in the direction. Gone Sword. Another sword- again gone. So taking a leap of faith, they all entered and found themselves on another level of the dungeon. They go to room that has two alcoves on each side with black and white statues of the Dark mother as on the first level. But in this room an alter is in the center with dried blood and chains that held the sacrifice down. Though they did not explored it, if they has sacrificed a sentiant being, they would have recieved a wish (once per year).
So that's it until next week .

Author:  Rikitiki [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

I'm with Omote on this: very much intrigued reading how the adventure is going. Thanks for sharing. :)

Author:  nightstorm [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Thanks everyone. Since I cannot go on with the story at hand, I will go into detail about what came before.
About 25 years ago the demigod Iuz tricked and seduced a high preistess of Pholtus. After the deed had been done, Iuz revealed himself to the Hight Priestess who almost then and there ended her life finding out what she had done. But she did not end her life and The union produced a child named Azazel. Azazel's mohter could not bear the thought of what she had done and 12 years after the child's birth she killed herself. She left the care of Azazel in the hands of an abbot of Pholtian monks who, fearing the child, locked him away in a tower. But the young tiefling was smart and got on his keepers good side and was givin books and writing materials and passed his time away building his body and mind.
Flash foward to weeks before his 18th birthday (the year is the beginning of the Greyhawk Gazziteer). Forces of Iuz attacked the City of Greyhawk in a hope to cripple and control trade in the Flannees. A group of adventures were dispatched to find the son of Iuz in a hope to learn the inside of the palace as he and his mother lived there as hostages for many years before escaping.
The group retieved Azazel only to find out that it had been almost a decade since he had been there but he promised to help. The journey to Drakkon was fraught with adventure and danger including several run ins with Azazel's grandfather Gratz'z, but within the year they made it with a small infiltrating army. A grand battle between the armies of Iuz and various reinforced armies from neighboring kingdoms converged.
A grand battle between Iuz and Azazel (with the help of several artifacts) ensured with what seemed the defeat of Iuz. All seemed right.
Azazel and the group of adventurers divided up the city state to rule until a goverment could be established.
Azazel himself had to leave the plane to destroy the artifacts used to defeat his father (they were evil). He left hoping that his new friends would be able to take care of things while he was gone.
One month later after he had managed to destory the items, Azazel returned to find his friends gone without a trace and the city back in the hands of Iuz's croonies. To make matters worst, since his return to the Prime Plane, Azazel keeps gettin glimpses of his father standing in shadow watching him and laughing.
Another development was that his "grandfahter" Gratz'z killed a minor god of mercy and took his divine mantle. It seemed that the oerth was to see more dark times indeed.

Author:  nightstorm [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

AZAZEL (Castles and Crusades)
16th level Sorcerer(wizard spells) Rogue (class and a half)
Chaotic Neutral Tiefling
Crest: A blue six digit left hand on a orange background.
Role playing Hints
Though you like nothing more than to stir the shit, one would not know
it from looking at you. Always calm and quiet, you sit by while the others argue and bicker all the while you are forming your strategy.
Then and only then speak, making every word important. Nothing is more paramount to you than the hatred for your father. Any chance you have to make waste his plans you take, always educating those who do not understand the situation.

A handsome dark haired man in his twenties of Oeridian stock. He looks human, save for the long tappering elf -like ears, pupiless black eyes and six digit hands and feet.


Author:  nightstorm [ Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

A real bummer this week. My lady friend was hurt and we could not play. That was the bad news. :cry:
The good news is that we ARE playing next week and we'll have THREE players :P
So I thought to tide us all over I would go into the story of D'Arcon, one of the Future founders of Tau. He is one of the three boys held captive that my players are exploring to rescue.

It was the most brutal month of winter in Ogberg when Cassandra stood outside the gate of her father‘s castle, The Lord Marshall , begging for shelter. Cassandra had been thrown out months ago for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. She claimed that a dark shadow visited her in the night and took her virginity against her will. No one believed her. Lord Marshall would have none of it. As he looked down from the castle’s tower at his very pregnant daughter he told her “ Let’s see if the whore has the same stamina out here in the cold that she had in the bedroom.”
On the 4th day, he relented and allowed her in. But by then frostbite and other complications had set in. Cassandra died in childbirth. At the delivery the midwife could have sworn she saw the baby’s shadow was not human but something…else. It lasted but for a second and then was gone.
The Lord Marshall wanted nothing to do with the bastard child but felt that releasing it into the world would do more harm. It was best to keep him at the castle where he could keep an eye on him. He gave the responsibility of raising the child to his chronicler Ashur. Unknown to the Lord Marshall, Ashur was secretly a wizard who ply his wears in secret away from the eyes of the followers of Pholtus.
In the following years Ashur raised the child whose job was to clean the Lord Marshall’s stables. Even at a very early age, Ashur saw a great, powerful darkness that seemed to hang over the child. When D’Arcon was sixteen, Ashur told him the Youngman about his being the Lord Marshall’s grandson and what happen to his mother. D’Arcon became furious and vowed vengeance. The next night at dinner, D’Arcon poisoned the food of the Lord Marshall. Unfortunately while D’Arcon was successful, he was found out and had to flee into the night.
For several years D’Arcon survived using the magic’s that both came naturally to him and that he learned from Ashur. Then in his 18th year he learned of a possible trove of magical items that belonged to the Witch Hag Black Agnes. D’Arcon tried to raid her lair but was caught. Now almost one year later he suffers in a cell on a ward with two other youngmen who are awaiting their fate when the Dark Mother returns.

Describton: D'Arcon looks to be a very Dark, handsome man of 18 years of Oridian blood. He seems very human until you see his shadow which betrays his demonic heratige . His demonic looking shadow, while stagnat during the day, starts to walk and meanders on it's own accord at night.


Author:  nightstorm [ Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Tomarrow! that's when the story continues. In the meantime another NPC character from my campaign.


17th level Djinn Wizard
Sambia knows many things for the sands hide many secrets . She knows who started, and ended the Rain of Colorless Fire. She knows where the location of the Lost City of Ak-abu sits. She knows these things and more for she was there, quietly observing. Unending and never changing, she only observes rarely interveining except for reasons known only to her.

Author:  nightstorm [ Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

NOTE: This will be my last post. I went to Drive Thru to buy Monsters and
Treasures of Airdhre. Downloaded it only to find you need ANOTHER program to open it. I'm done. This company does not want my biz. So on to the game.
After having defeated the Cultists, The half orc decided he didnt want to go and and left(the player didnt show up) :roll: The gem that Ginger had stored in her blouse started getting searing hot. Ginger took the gem and threw it to the ground where it exploded and a young half elf Psychic named Edward appeared. After introductions were made Edward decided to continue with the group. The group next went down a hallway that lead to a grisly sight, a large table used to chop up sacrifices into little pieces. Edward started getting visions of what went on. People were sacrifced to the Dark Mother, cut up and thrown down a well. Beyond the scene a door that lead to a circular room with a well in it, like the one in Edwards vision. Sir Timmins, one of Ginger's undead minions and Edward entered the room. The moment they did, Three tentacles came out. One grabbed a hold of Sir Timmons and on on a zombie minon. Ginger stayed outside while Edward used pyrokinisis to burn the creature (an otyugh). A few rounds later and it's Otyugh! It's for dinner! The characters went through many rooms that were for military units (who were all gone at the time). The characters finally came upon the captian's quarters and found a really nice sword (+3) and his journal that detailed all the deprived things he had done for the Dark Mother. They also found a secret room that the captian used to torture young girls from the village. Next they came upon a small room with a large orge that attacked them. With the combined might of one knight protector, one necromancer and a psychic, the monster was defeated (and turned into a undead minion ofcourse) The half elf found a secret door. As they were opening the door, Sir Timmins took Ginger aside and told her" Young lady, though I've only known you for a couple of days and I question your use of corpses, you have shown yourself to be a brave young woman." I'm just sorry I will not be able to go on". At that point the door open and cries for help could be heard. Ginger looked on for a second and turned back around to find Sir Timmins gone. Confused, she went on in to find the three boys-young men really in three seperate cells. By the keys to the cell that were hanging on a wall was a body in armor. It had been ran through with a spear used by the orge. It was Sir Timmins. From the looks of the body he had died about a week ago trying to save the young men.Ginger found a pendent in Timmin's hand. It had a sun and moon face in silver and gold. It was determined to be worth at least 800 gold pieces but Ginger stated that she would keep it always with her. Upon being freed, the young men introduced themselves. Edward stealthy placed his hands, one on Masdela's shoulder and the other on Gallen's shoulder to read them. Edward saw a vision of the future. He was traveling over the Oearth at a great speed until he came upon a hidden valley where three very large statues of the three young men (now older) overlooked the valley which housed a fine glimmering city- a utopia. The vision went further into a great hall where the three now sat as Kings. It was there that the vision ended. Edward told Ginger about his vision, but not they young men.
Thank you for reading . It's been fun.

Author:  nightstorm [ Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Ok now that is all out of the way, to update, we stopped playing and played Changeling the Lost for a very long time.
Now we've stopped playing at all due to schedules (she's doing the San Diego thing, by working three jobs ouch!).
So for the time being, I've posted it on the Obsidian Portal if you would like to look ... og/welcome

Author:  nightstorm [ Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

I have one person who started playing on the Obsidian Portal site. While I will not name him( unless he wants ) I thought I'd share with you the storyline so far. I will leave typos in. Too much work ! Darken highlights is the player's replies

It was bound to happen. One does not put one’s feet up over one’s head and not expect to get stuck.
Especially when you are trying to fit into a sewer Tube half your size. Jorad (or Weasel or THE Weasel) was stuck. To make matters worst, Captain Stroddard and his men were no more than 5 feet away from finding him in his predicament.
“Another month in jail for me” Jorad thought to himself. He had spent so much time behind bars this year he was on a first name basis with the Prison’s rodent population. Of course most of that time was because he choose to be on the inside for information. But now.. now Stroddard and his men were close by.
“Come out Weasel. I know you’re here somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before we find you. Come along
quietly and I promise a week taken off your time.

He had only been in the great Free City of Greyhawk for an hour and already he was catching himself being a tourist. He had become lost twice and had to stop for directions. He had been told by his mentor Enstad “NOT TO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS”. But at last what was he to do? It was getting dark and he had to get to the Sleeping Dragon Inn before sundown. A friend of Enstad’s was going to put him up for the night for free. Erlend turned around the corner and saw four city guards standing around. The Captain was talking to air, as if he knew someone was there but he did not know exactly where. It did not take a great mind to know who they were looking for. From Enstad’s position he could see the man in what looked like a very painful position down the sewer tube.
“Hmm,” Erlend thinks. "This looks interesting. For all I know, that fellow is a terrible criminal. On the other hand, guards rub me the wrong way … "

“Excuse me, Captain!” Erlend shouts. “I’m in desperate need of law enforcement assistance! I’ve just been mugged, and my master will be most displeased if I don’t recover his property!”
What now??” Stroddard Thought to himself. He didn’t need this. It was almost sundown and he hated this Ward at night. A person get his own teeth stolen if you stopped long enough. “Go see what the fuck he wants!” he growled at two of his men. The third stayed with him looking for the Weasel.
The two guards walked up to the fledgling Illustionist with annoyed looks on their faces.

Author:  nightstorm [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

I now have two players. If you would like to join let me know . More to come soon.

Author:  MormonYoYoMan [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

I'm one of the potential players. Just haven't had time to read up on the rules & regulations, nor to create a character. Grandkids and daughter have needed my help a bunch this week because of an upcoming funeral. Then there's these taxes which aren't getting done. *sigh* Maybe I'll be able to be home for a few hours by Thursday...

Author:  nightstorm [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

MormonYoYoMan wrote:
I'm one of the potential players. Just haven't had time to read up on the rules & regulations, nor to create a character. Grandkids and daughter have needed my help a bunch this week because of an upcoming funeral. Then there's these taxes which aren't getting done. *sigh* Maybe I'll be able to be home for a few hours by Thursday...

Understandable! 8-) No need to worry. What are you thinking of playing?

Author:  nightstorm [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Erlend walks closer to the two guards (one being the captain).

“Hey! What’s going on over here? Looking for rats? It’s a shame that city budgets are so poor that they have you law enforcement agents working as pest control too. Seem like you’d have better things to do with your day.”

“This captain looks smarter than the average guard – a bit of a extra ‘push’ is required,” thinks Erlend as he casts his Influence spell on the captain.

The Captain looked up sharply at the young spellcaster, ready to tell him to shut up. But he couldn’t. No, he didn’t want to. This man was someone he could talk to about anything.
“No sir! not rats, but a weasel. A two legged Weasel.” The spell had taken effect.
This is the last time Weasel. Come out NOW!
“I have a short window of time to work this correctly,” thinks Erlend.

“Ah, the Weasel!” Erlend says. "Very good, Captain! I know you were looking for me so you could transfer his custody. I’ll take it from here. Weasel, come with me before this gets any worse … ahem … "

Transfer him?? The Captain looked confused. With all due respect sir, Who are you?

“Oh, you know my master, the Grand Inquisitor! He’s to interrogate this fiend immediately about that sensitive political matter … I’m sure you were informed!”
The spell was still working, but it all seemed too much for Stroddard. He became somewhat befuddled for a moment. “Oh ..umm.. of course. Of Course I was informed!” He was trying to save face. How could he have forgotten? Weasel. Stroddard turned from the Illusionist and started yelling out to the unseen thief.
By this time the one lovingly named Weasel had gotten himself straighten out and was about to head back up the pipe when a gurgling sound, one so loud that all present could hear, started to flow through the pipes. “Oh that cannot be good..” Weasel started to say to himself as a stream of highly pressurized sewage spilled out, and in the process expelled the thief to the Captain’s feet.
In a look of disgust, all present had to turn their noise as the smell was over bearing. For a moment a strange silence came over everyone present until Stroddard said "Yes. Well I guess we should go out and see what happen to that assault. Good luck my good sir. And tell the Grand Inquisitor about how I helped. The two quickly ran off. The Thief was on the ground coughing. It had seemed that some sewer water had gone up his noise.

Author:  MormonYoYoMan [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

nightstorm wrote:
What are you thinking of playing?

Uh-oh. I need to think?

Author:  nightstorm [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:22 am ]
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“You’re welcome,” says Erlend to the smelly Weasel, and then thinks about going back to his own business. “Where’s that inn, again?” he wonders aloud.
Jorad was still weak and could not get up. He looked up at Erlend who until now had not fully seen the thief. While his face could be considered by some to be handsome, his body was stunted. Not fully a
short person, there was still evidence of it. His arms and legs seem shorter then they should be and his chest seemed barreled. Certainly something that must have happened before the thief even left his mother’s womb. Lady Istus certainly did not favored him.

“Why? Why did you help me?” asked Jorad.

“Hmm? Oh, you’re still here? I just don’t like city guards – or bullies
of any kind for that matter. Say, I could use some directions … "

“Directions? you say?? why of course I can give directions! The man bowed before Erlend and said " My name is Jorad at your service." What is it I might help you find young sir?

Erlend smiled. “Just call me Erland – none of that ‘sir’ stuff. I’m looking for the Sleeping Dragon Inn.”

“Well Erlend you’re very close. It’s out on the main street. Go south and you’ll see it on the left. And if I can be of anymore help you let me know.Well good day”. And with that the short man turned and started walking away.

“Thanks, good man. Stay out of trouble – and the sewers.” Erlend headed toward the inn.

Erlend saw the inn in no time. Not that it would be hard to miss. If the The Dragon’s out side was any indication on what was inside it was going to be a wild night. There were at least 8 people outside just hanging around. Two sailors were to the right. Both drunk, one trying to get his friend’s rotten tooth out of his head. To the left, two other seamen haggering over the cost of a whore. It seemed it was not so much the idea of paying they were having trouble with, but it seemed they wanted a two for one special. Just then the swinging doors burst open and a very large half someething-orc maybe threw a large guy out who landed just at Erlend’s feet. His chin resting the ground and his posterior the air.

Author:  nightstorm [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

The Sleeping Dragon Inn


(yes. From the Net and "enhanced")

Author:  nightstorm [ Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Once inside. Erlend pauses and takes a slow, careful look around to get a handle on his surroundings

The sights were a little too much for a country boy to see. Every table was full with sailors, Swords for
Hire, Gamblers, Elves and other races he’d never seen before and …ladies of the evening. Though it would seem that the ones here had been at their trade for a very long time .
Across the room he saw a bar with a bar keeper behind it serving drinks. The noise in the place was deafening. It looked like there was a back room to the place and stairs lead up. Somewhere in all the noise Erlend heard someone saying over and over again “you’ve got to be kidding me”.
Just then, in front of him, at a table full of men and one woman playing a game of cards.The woman ( very
good looking wearing scale) bolted up, and with the blunt of her now with drawn sword, back sided the man in front of her so hard he fell back to the ground.
“Cheat me again and I make you a gilding Marukk! Laughter roared in the tavern and everything was back to normal.

Author:  nightstorm [ Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

Erlend took a deep breath and tredge across the room aiming for the bar. It took awhile to get the Bar Keep’s attention. The Bar Keep, a mountain of a man who had to weigh no less then 380lbs,came up and in a ruff voice ask “Yea what do you want” Erlend ordered an ale and said “My name is Erlend,a Student of
Enstad. I..” He did not finished the sentence for The Bar Keep interrupted him saying “So you’re the kid!
yea I was wondering when you were going to show up.” At that moment the man siting to Erlend’s left slumped over, his head landing on the bar in a drunken stupor.
“Ah damn it! I told you not to put your head on the bar” The Bar Keep said in a fit of anger. With one hand he lifted the man’s head up and pushed him off the bar making him land on the floor. The man was so drunk he didn’t even wake up.
“Yea the name’s Smele” The Bar Keep said as he wiped this greasy hand on his apron and extended it. I got your room upstairs. Now it’s a busy week (he motioned a bar Maid to take his place as he started walking toward the stairs with a set of keys) so I have to give you room One. It’s right up the foot of the stairs. You’re going to be sharing it with a group of soldiers." He stopped and looked the young mage in the eye and said " I don’t want no trouble and if you break anything you’ve bought it! Understand
“Indeed, sir – KeepingOutOfTrouble is my middle name.” Erlend takes the key, thanks the barkeep, and heads upstairs to check out the room and hopefully get a bed before they’re all taken …
Coming upon the top of the stairs, it was not hard to tell which one was number one. The sound of talking
came from the door as if a large group of men were talking behind it. Erlend could not make out what language it was or what was being said. The talking stopped for a moment and then laughter sprung out. A small, careful smile escaped Erlend’s lips. "Everything must be all right for there the be laughter " he told himself.
Erlend enters with his key – it’s as much his room as anyone else’s, after all!

As Erlend open the door, the room was filled with 6 Baklunish soldiers. One was being held upside down by two others who were shaking him to make the monies he had fall out. All but the upside down man was laughing. The room smelled foul, being a small space for 6 huge men. At first no one noticed Erlend. But when they did, the room became silent. Even the upside down man seemed to have forgotten his predicament
turning his gaze on the new stranger.

Author:  nightstorm [ Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

“Hmm,” thinks Erlend. "The Baklunish and we Suloise don’t always get along so well, thanks to the old wars. Personally, I’m not one to hold grudges over obsolete feuds, but I’d better tread carefully anyway, just in case they aren’t so enlightened … "
Erlend casts a cool gaze over the lot. "Which one of you is the leader? Hopefully not Mister Upside-Down there … "

One of the men, The biggest of them, started shouting something. The started talking among themselves.
All of them it seemed was speaking Baklunish and nothing else. The man being held up was put down and the large one came over and started yelling in Erlend’s face.

“All right,” thinks Erlend: "This is going to require a more direct approach … "

Erlend yells, “Your ancestors may have destroyed the Suel Imperium with the Rain of Colorless Fire, but I have a fire of my own, and not one void of color!” Erlend fires his Color Spray spell over the heads of Baklunish, being careful not to hit any of them, and waits to see how they react before speaking again.

The small room lit up with the light of the spell as if a hundred lanterns were lit at once. The men fell back to the far corner of the room, none of them saying a word. They looked at each other for a moment and then drew their swords and started to charge the Spellcaster. Erlend was certain it was not going to look good when he heard a feminine voice speaking Baklunish behind him. The men stopped, looking over Erlend’s shoulder. Turning around to see who it was, Erlend saw the woman downstairs at the poker table.
“What do you want here Suel dog?”

“No more than to what I am entitled – a bed and some relative peace in which to sleep.” Erlend then relaxes his posture and smiles slightly. “And if there’s any adventure to be found nearby, I wouldn’t turn down a lead.

“You’re the one that was going to be staying here?: She asked in complete contempt. “I should have the Bar Keep’s hide.”
She sat in a chair by the door and said something in Baklunish to the men. A look of disgust went around the room. Than she said something else and one of the men gave her the money they had collected from their comrade. The warrior woman got up out the the chair and yelled at the guy for about 3 min all the while holding the money up to him. She pocketed the money and that seemed to be that.
“You’re over in that bed” she said pointing to the smallest bed in the room. “And you better stay in it at night”.

Erlend nods curtly and heads to bed to get a good night’s sleep (he hopes … )

Night time was not all the smooth among the Bulklunish men. The sound of snoring was deafening. Layed out on their beds in drunken stupor,it was a sorry sight. It was late in the night and just when Erlend thought he was going to doze off, he heard something at the window. Acting as if he were asleep, he watched as someone started opening the window.

Author:  nightstorm [ Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:08 pm ]
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Some notes: I've been in the hospital on and off so the postings have been off.
Also, the parts in bold black are passages that players right. Most of the time I'll put it up
as is and sometimes I'll rewrite what they posted into the general story.

The man (woman?) landed softly without making any sound what so ever. It was hard to make out the person in the dark, but they seemed to be wearing an all cotton outfit. The face was covered and only the eyes could be seen. The figure walked over to the Female captain (who Erlend realized he still did not know the name of) and pulled something most likely a dagger out.
Erlend cast his light spell on the intruder, hoping to blind him/her for a moment and waking the others. He shielded his own eyes and utter the command word loudly to wake the others.
Utter chaos erupted as the spell went off. The men awoke all startled. The intruder seem only distracted for a second. The Captain awoke but her blanket was trapping her sword arm. With her other hand which was free,grabbed the intruders throat but she was struggling to keep him at bay.
Erlend missed the intruder as he tried to grapple him/her. With great ease the intruder did a strange fighting mode Erlend had never seen before. With thier heal of the left palm, the attacker hit her in the chin and in one fast action went back and with the elbow hit Elrend in the face.“Hmm, better stick to my strengths,” thought Erlend. He cast a Charm spell on the intruder who was instantly taken by the spell,giving the men the split second they needed to knock him to the ground.(OOC: he failed the saving throw)Erlend heard bone snapping. The man (one knew now due to the cries of pain)struggled but was no match. The pulled him up to his feet and the Captain, now fully out of bed came up and pulled the mask off of the intruder. At about the same time one of the men lit a lantern to shed light on the subject. It was a man, dressed in red monks robes. He was Suel. This only got the men angry as one of them gestured over to Erlend while yelling in his language.
“Great! Erlend thought to himself. I’m going to get blamed for this and I’m quickly running out of spells”. He waited to see what happen next.
“Who are you? And why did you tried to kill me?” The Captain yelled at the intruder.
Erlend knew the outfit even thought he’d never seen anyone wearing one before.
He had heard the story being Suel himself, of Suel who banded together in racial
unity forming something called “The Scarlet Brotherhood”.
“Shut up !” The Captain yelled. The wizard here saved my life.
“I know of these Suel, the Scarlet Brotherhood,” says Erlend. “They stand for everything I do not. I would certainly like to know why they instigated this attack, and what message we can send them in return.”

“The Scarlet Brotherhood?” The Captain answered in surprise. Are you Certain?
“If that’s true, than I should behead you right hear and now” the Captain said while
holding the intruder by the hair and putting her blade to his throat.
“Who sent you? Who wants me dead?” She yelled at him. But the Intruder would not talk.
“Can you Speak Suel?” The Captain asked Erlend.

Author:  nightstorm [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My "Dark Greyhawk" Game

ok for some reason I was locked out for three days from the site. I think I need to stop posting this game. It is becoming too much to do. SO if you would like to follow it, you will have to follow it on the Obsidian Portal in the Adventure Log section here:

Also, I'm in another game on Sundays. It's a AD&D game. It is here also under the DM's Adventure Log:

Hope you like. PLEASE let me know what you think.

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