The Worlds of Aihrde (Erde), Inzae, their history, game play and more.
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Post by T1Hound »

Where can I find some of the organizations in Aihrde?
Like Greyhawk has the Scarlet Brotherhood, etc.

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Re: Organizations

Post by Rigon »

Codex of Aihrde, 6th Narrative: Guilds and Orders of Aihrde, starting on page 261.

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Re: Organizations

Post by Treebore »

I also wrote up several orders that I use in my Aihrde games. Greyhawk too, for that matter. I can share them with you if you like. 2 are pretty much for primarily Knights and Fighters, 1 is of most benefit to Spell Casters.
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Re: Organizations

Post by InFurno »


I am working on making some guilds / orders for use in the umbrage saga. I'd love to see anything you have worked up, if you are willing to share!


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