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It never goes the way you expect 
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Post It never goes the way you expect
OK, it is the climactic battle between the party and the Red Cap leaders. The party has found out that they have reinhabited the Vargolg.

On the way there they pass the druid at the well. He tells them enough for them to figure out that a Monk is leader of the Red Caps and that he has a cadre of nasty Ogres. Plus about 30 of his "best" are with him.

The party approaches the Vargolg and get in a fight with the cadre of 12 Ogres dressed in plate mail, etc... The Druid once again proves that Entangles in combination with Summon Swarm can take their toll. The fight still manages to be somewhat nasty and two of the party are almost taken down. 4 of the Ogres run away.

So the party is now nervous. They continue on cautiously. They find the doors. No guards. They carefully search the area and check for traps. Nothing. They are very nervous now.

They enter. They walk up to the entrance to the room to their right and look in. Suspecting a trap/ambush using invisibility the Ranger speaks in Goblin asking for "Toe Pick", the "boss" wants him. Nothing. He then throws a couple of insults, nothing. (He has made a spot check roll of 2 and the hidden ambushers made a roll of 14 to keep their mouths shut), they move to the room to the left and repeat (The rolls go much the same way). They go back across to teh second room to their right and repeat (The rolls go much the same for the third time!). Then they go back across to the second room to their left. The Ranger, Lord Sylva Frompkin, notices that even though it looks like a room, the walls are way closer than they should be (he realizes that a "fake" 3 dimensional non-magical screen has been put up to look like the room is empty).

Jaygo, the Runemark Druid, and Faranth the Thief (Thief! Thief! I hate that rogue nonsense!) are back in the doorway between the entry room and this main area. Sylva tells them to come here. Jaygo, being the smart and wise person that she is asks why, suspecting that Sylkva may have found an ambush, an ambush that may include the other three rooms.

So a bit of an argument ensues about "get over here". The leader of the Rad Caps realizes cover has likely been blown so signals the "ambush". The fake screens are cast aside and the party is quickly surrounded by 32 goblins and orcs. This "gnoll" comes charging out at a double move and jumps over and behind the Thief Faranth and the Runemark Druid Jaygo, blocking an easy retreat.

Surprise round over, roll initiative.

The party realizes they are going to die. Jaygo rolled a modified 10 for initiative. The Monk rolled a 12. He attacks, twice (he is 9th level). FRIGGIN MISSES!! Then Jaygo, wisely senses death is imminent, and pulls out a Runestone of Charm Monster, made by the previous Master of the "Mysterious Tower". She invokes it, needing to roll a 9 or better to successfully do so because of the level at which it was made. She rolls a 19 and succeeds!

So the Monk needs to roll an WIS/CHA save, neither of which are his Primes (he had gone all physical), so basically needs a 20 to save. He rolls a 19! Failed!

So the Monk now realizes that he was "mistaken" to attack these people. They aren't the "Company of the Winter Wolf" like he had been expecting!

He calls off the ambush. One of the Orcs had been hurt (down to 1 HP) in the single round of combat (missed every single roll to hit against the PC's!!) So out comes this big brutish Ogre and it quickly becomes obvious that it is a Priest of Thorax. He goes over to the orc, commanding Sir Fromkin and Sir Amter (the Paladin) to get out of the way. They wisely do. The Ogre goes up to the Orc, slapping it and calling it a simpering weakling and heals it (that was its healing "ritual").

Meanwhile the Monks "ex-wife" comes out. A human Illusionist (of 9th level). The party is stunned that she is his ex-wife, so he quickly explains he used to be a human too, just he died and a Druid reincarnated him into a Gnoll.

So some intense role palying ensues. The Illusionist, Cylia, is quickly onto the fact that some type of charm is in effect on her ex-husband. She starts yelling at her exhusband about how he is a weak minded fool and that he is obviously under the charms of Jaygo (the illusionist has no way to dispel it).

Jaygo asks Crym if he always just takes such horrible and undeserving abuse from his ex-wife. He says yes, but not anymore! He attacks his ex-wife with the stated intent of breaking her neck! Normally Cylia wouldn't be worried about such threats, but she realizes Crym is under a charm and his attacks, though misses (Again! Guy can't hit woman worth a darn!) are serious. So it is either his life or hers. She decides to make it his and casts the deadliest spell she has available to her, Phantasmal Killer. He fails and drops dead.

The party quickly realizes she may technically be the new leader, so they attack and kill her for murdering Crym. The Ogre, Krump (I love that name for ogres!), quickly establishes that he is now the "leader" and that things are now going to be done differently in tha name of Thorax! The party says "No! We are the new leaders!" Then promptly attack`and kill the Ogre.

So now the remainder of teh Red Caps are standing around scratching their heads thinking "What the h*ll?!"

The party quickly announces that they are now the new leaders of the Red Caps and that they want everyone to go out to the clearing by the river to have an "oath giving" ceremony. So they go all the way out there with the party talking up all these plans to raid and pillage and how the Red Caps are going to rule eveything from Botkinburg down to Don Eamon, etc...

Once they get to the clearing they tell the 32 goblins and Orcs to kneel down to give oath. They do. Then Jaygo casts Entangle followed up by Summon Swarm and the party easily kills the rest of the Red Caps.

It never goes the way you expect it to.

Since its 20,000 I suggest "Captain Nemo" as his title. Beyond the obvious connection, he is one who sails on his own terms and ignores those he doesn't agree with...confident in his journey and goals.
Sounds obvious to me! -Gm Michael

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*dies laughing*

Sweet Jeebus, but that's awesome! This is where having a backup plan always comes in very handy, but you can never FULLY be prepared for what those silly adventurers will try to do next!

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Sure it comes out exactly as planned. That's what fudging is for.
Heh, seriously, sounds like some fun times. I prefer it when the plans go out of whack... makes it more realistic.

Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:25 pm
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Talk about a hostile takeover.

Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:20 pm
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