Dietbolds Stats for A 4

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Dietbolds Stats for A 4

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Since they are missing in A4 I thought I would show my version:

Dietbold Heimer, Usurper Baron:

Human, Age 32, Weight 205 pounds, Height 5 feet, 11 inches

Eyes: Brown, Hair: Brown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Is a large man (muscular, but more fat than muscle) dressed normally in royal purple colored clothing of high quality silks, unless in armor. The armor is highly polished and recently made with Heimer's Coat of Arms enameled on the chest plate.

Fighter Lvl: 7 BtH: +7

Specialized: Axe +2 hit/+2 damage

Total to hit with Axe: +12 (+7 to damage)

Armor: Expert Polish Hussar Plate +9 AC

Stats: STR 16*, DEX 14*, CON 12, WIS 10, INT 10*, CHA 11


Hit Points: 56

AC: 22 (Including Axe)

Weapons: Fell Axe, +1 Long Bow (Expert quality, STR adjusted for +2 to damage, total +3), Expert dagger (+1 to Damage), Short Sword.

Other Magic Items: 2 potions of Cure Critical (dedicated to Unklar), Potion of Fly, Ring of Invisibility, Boots of Striding and Springing.

Treasure: Has his Baronial Circlet with him at all times, worth 1,200 GP, made of heavy solid silver with 5 rich blue gold flecked Lapis Lazuli cabachons mounted in a row over the brow.

He also has an emergency stash on him at all times. 50 Platinum pieces and several diamonds (from Diamond Vale/Slag Heap) worth however much you want. I had 4 of them at 500 GP each.

Hope this helps.
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