Secret of Smuggler's Cove misprint.. anyone else?

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Secret of Smuggler's Cove misprint.. anyone else?

Post by porkuslime »

Hello, as part of the Trolls buy-one get-one sale during the launch of the new online store, I purchased Secret of Smugglers Cove.. This is a very recent re-printing of the module, I guess.. as the copy that I was sent had the interior text of the Slithering Overlord conversion.

My main question is.. did I get "lucky" or has anyone else ordered this module recently and get the same misprinting?

I have sent Steve a note about this printing issue, so this is a question more to the fans..


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Post by Treebore »

I bought it a while ago, so got the proper printing of it. Now I wish I had ordered another copy.

I think that its funny as hell that this happened. Only the Trolls could have done something like that.
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Post by Moorcrys »

Hey Porkus!

I've been reading through the cache I bought from the trolls during their sale, and my copy is the same as yours -- a slithering overlord module with a smuggler's cove cover.


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