Palace of Shadows

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Palace of Shadows

Post by slimykuotoan »

I found the Black Dragon at the beginning of the adventure way, way too powerful for the party...
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Post by Treebore »


They need to be set up to defeat it by sneaking past.

Or, like I did, give them a scroll of stone to flesh to give them a shot. Which worked in my case.

The Rakshasa wasn't exactly easy either, except they role played and found out from one of the other NPC's that he wasn't what he appeared, made a "lore" check succcessfully and realized what he was and how effective blessed bolts are.
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Post by BASH MAN »

Hmmm. The party I ran through it made it through both those encounters just fine without shortcuts. What did they have in the way of magic items, and how big was the party?

Most of my party members had either +2 weapons or weapons with special properties like flaming or a returning dwarf throwing hammer, or a sylvan blade for extra damage to the beast. I had 6 players during the fight, so it only managed to get a single volley w/ its breath weapon, with most of the party passing their saves, and the one who didn't having enough hp to withstand it till the cleric healed him up. The dragon never got the chance to breath a second volley-- it was killed by then.

The Raksasha was a tough encounter-- and his Spell Resistance really irked the mage-- even though she kept beating it-- but they were able to defeat him without any casualties.

Actually, they ended up working for him, collecting the various keys until they finally realized at the end that he was in fact, a Raksasha.
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Post by Omote »

No doubt. I think that the Goodman C&C modules are a great deal tougher then the TLG mods. That aspect might be a bit of a hold over from the v3.5 material though. *shrugs* Don't know for sure.


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Post by Geleg »

I have not run the module, but did read it carefully. I found the black dragon outside the tower to be a strange -and by strange I mean poor - bit of adventure design. In fact, it dampened my enthusiasm for the module significantly. Were I to run this, I would perform some heavy modifications to give some sort of rationale why the heroes are facing a black dragon before entering the tower - in the end, I'd probably just drop the encounter.

The inside of the tower - with its fun-house style - didn't impress me either. But hey, that's just my opinion. I realize I'm sounding kinda grumpy. So I'll shut up. It sounds as if plenty of others have gotten good mileage out of this adventure.

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